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Here is their election news page, which includes their endorsements – all for the progressives except that they support the conservative for Eureka Mayor.

I grabbed this off of Humboldt Herald.

[From the McKinleyville Press, Oct. 27, 2010]

We, the undersigned environmental scientists, engineers, geologists, biologists, and planners, strongly support Patrick Cleary for 5th District Supervisor.

We have all seen the damage to our watersheds that has caused declines in natural resources such as salmon as well as degraded water quality. The impacts on our community and economy are well documented. We also know that the continued use of our rivers, bays, oceans, and other natural resources is not without conflict.

This is why it is so important that we elect a supervisor that not only understands the complex issues facing us but also has the experience and ability to create and be part of the solution.

Patrick Cleary, through his dedication and hard work on the numerous local businesses, non-profits, and community groups, has demonstrated time and again his ability to bring people together for positive outcomes that are good for people and the environment.


Patrick has shown he has what it takes to improve our environment and our quality of life by obtaining funding for numerous projects such as eel grass preservation in Humboldt Bay, financing for Rio Dell’s wastewater treatment plant to protect water quality, and assisting our organic farmers grow their businesses.

November 2nd, we must choose a person with a clear understanding about the importance of healthy ecosystems and watersheds to our common culture, health, and economy.

For us the choice is clear.

Please vote for Patrick Cleary for 5th District Supervisor.

Jeff Anderson, Professional EngineerMark Andre, Forester
Ethan Bell, Aquatic Ecologist
Don Bremm, Fisheries Biologist
Jeffrey Dunk, Ecologist
Annie Eicher, Botanist
Rocco Fiori, Engineering Geologist
Sam Flanagan, Geologist
Danny Hagans, Earth Scientist
Dennis Halligan, Fisheries Biologist
Eileen Hemphill-Haley, PhD
Mark Hemphill-Haley, PhD
Jennifer Kalt, Botanist
Sharon Kramer, PhD
Steve Kramer, Fish and Wildlife Biologist
Gordon Leppig, Environmental Scientist
Julie Neander, Resource Specialist
Steve Salzman, Professional Engineer
Jay Stallman, Geologist/Geomorphologist
Bill Weaver, PhD
Sheri Woo, Professional Engineer

[Additional list of endorsements]

Brown must be feeling confident to be coming to a rural corner of the state on the home stretch.  Hopefully no false rumors about press bans this time.

I hope he’s going to try to boost some local progressive candidates.  Could make a difference in any photo finish on Tuesday.

From the Humboldt Democrats:

Join Jerry Brown at the Samoa Cookhouse Sunday morning

Huge rally will be open to the public

Eureka – The Humboldt County Democratic Central Committee is excited to announce that the next governor of California, Jerry Brown, will begin his final campaign swing in Humboldt County. Brown and his campaign will be at the Samoa Cookhouse this Sunday morning, Oct. 31, for a Get Out the Vote Rally, from 8 to 10 a.m.

The main event will be held inside the Cookhouse’s banquet room, which has seating for 175 people. The Humboldt County Democratic Central Committee and the Central Labor Council of Del Norte and Humboldt counties have asked the Brown campaign to not reserve all the seats in the room, so that there will be about 75 seats available for the general public on a first come-first serve basis Sunday morning. This will be strictly controlled via a number system. Line-cutting will not be tolerated.

The Cookhouse’s main dining room will serve as an overflow room. This room will accommodate another 150 people. It is right next to the banquet room where Jerry will be. It will be wired for sound and we will have at least three TVs in the room so the overflow crowd can watch and hear the action that is going right in the next room. The Humboldt County Democratic Central Committee is hosting Cookhouse biscuits and coffee in the overflow room, and for those outside participating in the rally.

At the same time, the Central Labor Council will stage a large rally for Jerry Brown in the Cookhouse parking lot, which will also be wired for sound so participants can hear Jerry speak. The Central Committee and the Brown campaign will supply Jerry Brown rally signs to anybody who wishes to join in.

In addition, those who want to participate in the Democratic Central Committee’s Get Out The Vote campaign on Saturday have an opportunity to get a reserved seat inside the banquet room with Jerry. This will require six hours of work on Saturday, and this opportunity is limited to 30 people.

For more information, please call the Humboldt County Democratic Central Committee office at 707 445-3366.

Starting at 8:00.  All of the local punditry, including myself, will be on at various points blabbering away just like they do on CNN.  It will be simulcast with Humboldt Access, which I guess means I should comb my hair.  Terry’s putting together quite a show to kick off the fund drive.

I’m sitting in for Ed Denson.  Kevin Hoover will join me for the first half.  We’ll talk local election races.


As I described once before, a friend of mine was once asked to remove a button with the Polish Solidarity Union logo when entering a polling place.  You aren’t supposed to wear anything witin a hundred feet which can even be loosely described as electioneering.  So why is Linda McMahan, CEO of the World Wrestling, uh, I don’t know what the “E” stands for, allowed to distribute free WWE paraphernalia at polling places on election day?

Will the oil companies be giving out free gallons of gasoline to defeat Prop 23?

And of course there’s Prop 19!

Reporta has the links, and some of the questions (and answers) are actually fairly interesting.

Addendum: Some highlights.  For some reason they covered the Eureka City Council races but not the mayor’s race?

Aside from Gallegos, it looks like the progressives blew them off.

And Allison Jackson carries a copy of the Constitution in her purse!  That’s good to know.

Johanna is fiscally conservative and philosophically moderate, which I think means she favors Kierkegard and Kant over Hegel and Heidegger.

Paul G. doesn’t believe God needs government support.  Would he take Jesus off the welfare rolls?

CNN’s newest numbers.  Note the differences between “likely voters” and registered voters.  They’re calling it the “enthusiasm gap,” but quite frankly if you don’t vote because you’re “discouraged” or whatever, then…, well, you know the cliche.

A woman once told me that if I didn’t vote I lose my whining privileges.  I have voted in every election since turning 18.  I highly value my whining privileges.



Meg Whitman (R)     44   38
Jerry Brown (D)     51   56

Barbara Boxer (D)   50   53
Carly Fiorina (R)   45   37


J. Hickenlooper (D) 51   51
Dan Maes (R)        10   11
Tom Tancredo (C)    37   34

Michael Bennett (D) 46   49
Ken Buck (R)        47   44


Rand Paul (R)       50   46
Jack Conway (D)     43   44


Harry Reid (D)      45   43
Sharron Angle (R)   49   39


Dan Onorato (D)     45   48
Tom Corbett (R)     52   46

Joe Sestak (D)      45   47
Pat Toomey (R)      49   43

He doesn’t like the way we’re bound to vote on Tuesday.  He’s not going to give us any more of his money.

Vodpod videos no longer available.


From Ed:

Voting for California Supreme Court and Appellate judges is somewhat an exercise in futility. Absent some massive campaign against them they usually get elected or reelected. Nevertheless thanks to some excellent research by my assistant we have been able to create a list of recommendations. A word about method: I was going to skip the judges, but my assistant (who prefers not to be named) went online and found a very well researched conservative guide to the judges with a good deal of factual information about them. After that it was simple, take their “NO’ recommendations and vote “YES”. THeir “YES” recomendations were a bit trickier and in one or two cases we agreed with them.

My criteria were fairly simple (as were theirs). I prefer “activist judges” (they prefer “strict constructionalists” on constitutional issues, and we both prefered well qualified judges. But what a treature trove of information. One judge was on Obama’s short list for the US Supreme court, that’s a “YES.” Another quit the boy scouts because they were anti-gay. That’s a “YES” . One wears jeans when he can. That a “Whaaaa?” One voted to allow Oakland to seize vehicles during certain crime raids (seize John’s cars when soliticting hookers?) That’s a “NO”. So you see where I’m at.

Here’s the recommendations.

1. Vote YES for every judge not on the list below.

2. Vote NO for

Wasn’t that simple?

ED Denson

PS Eric I’m sending this to you in case you care to post it. I haven’t got a bit list of people to get it but I noticed you didn’t make recommendations in the judicial field, however judicial your recommendations were.


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