Chuck Rogers and I will say goodbye to the slogan “no collusion,” as we discuss the government shut down, the imagined border crisis, the Watergate sequel in Senate confirmation, the right wing obsession with Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, and Hamberders.  Tonight on All Things Reconsidered on KMUD at 7:00.



No more no collusion.


That’s her plan.

I’ve been thinking about various progressive causes to push in Humboldt County in light of the growing progressive majority of voters. You’ve probably read or heard the news that PG&E is declaring bankruptcy to elude damage claims from victims of their alleged negligence causing fires. Remember the “rolling blackouts” of a decade and a half ago? The blackouts didn’t happen in the areas governed by MUD’s, and they actually had surpluses of power which they sold to the three major private companies. The Sacramento MUD in particular performed well, even after giving up their nuclear power plant (granted, being next to the Sacramento River gives you hydro options other communities don’t have).

Maybe it’s time we considered replacing local PG&E with a county-wide MUD (I did read up and it appears that the term “municipal” does not limit such a project to the cities).

I intend to contact this organization about the possibility. Unfortunately, PG&E throws a lot of money into these fights – even liberal San Francisco has turned down the opportunity in three ballot measure attempts. But that was years ago. Maybe times have changed.



Somehow I missed it before.

Anyway, the “controversy” seems to have died down.  I hope they are not actually requiring County workers to sign anything.  We did not ask for that in the Measure.

There is car-pooling to Crescent City from Eureka.  Let me know if you need a ride.



Thursday Night Talk crossover tonight as Julia Minton and Bob Froehlich of Thinking Clearly on KMUD join me to discuss the importance of critical thinking and civil dialog as public discourse continues to polarize. They will discuss what they’ve learned in producing their show and where the show is headed. Tonight at 7:00.


And we’re in a new phase of the game.

And this, but it’s too late.

All about Humboldt County Politics.

Matthew Owen is, as most of you know, a fixture in local politics who has been writing guest columns for LoCo, but is striking out on his own.

Sure you’ll complain about it, but you’ll go over there to read it won’t you?

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