I finally got around to listening to this.  The point has been made before in a million different ways, but Trevor Noah is particularly eloquent.

Redheaded Blackbelt has extensive coverage of yesterday’s events.  Apparently another demonstrator is set for today at 3:00.

There were a few intense moments, including a red jeep being driven over two demonstrators.  No buildings burned or anything.  Only verbal arguments between police and demonstrators that I can see.  No reported arrests.  Basically the group wandered up and down 4th and 5th streets blocking traffic resulting in some frustrated as well as supportive drivers.

I’m not sure what the goal is other than to express the anger of those demonstrating.  I’ve never been a fan of demonstrations which impact/punish working people as opposed to the powerful who could actually make a difference.  On the other hand, the demonstrations are getting coverage.  But it seems like we’re having more debates about demonstration violence, looting, and arson than police brutality and racism.

It also appears that provocateurs are involved – reminiscent of the Cointelpro years.

“Getting illegal substances into the United States has become much more difficult, too.
“Five days ago was the last time we brought something across the border. Just three kilos,” said a smuggler from Mexicali, speaking to blogdelnarco, a platform covering Mexican organized crime. “We have arrangements with border police and our smugglers know which borders posts to use. But now, many crossing have surprisingly been shut. That makes our business much more risky.”
Now, many who call for “the Wall” argue that it’s necessary to stop drug trafficking. But if this article is accurate, the vast majority of drugs, if not all, are funneled through the legal checkpoints and the drivers obviously have visas if not US residential status. In other words they did it “the right way.”
So the people crossing over away from the checkpoints are basically just people looking for a safer and better life. It’s not criminals who are being caught in “zero tolerance.”

I’m not saying that we shouldn’t reopen.  But there will be a price to pay.

But expect the numbers of deaths to leave the front page.

Unless there’s something I don’t know about – which is possible – Sheriff Honsal misspoke yesterday with regard to eviction filings.  According to the standing Judicial Council order no unlawful detainer filings may be filed until 90 days following the lifting of the shelter-in-place order, meaning most likely September.  It should be noted that there is significant pressure on the Judicial Council to modify that order.

However, the Judicial Council has no jurisdiction over writs which were obtained prior to the order.  If the Board of Supervisors allows, and the Sheriff changes his policy, those writs may be enforced.  But the Board of Supervisors has no say over what can be filed with the Courts.

My good friend Jennifer Shaw will join me to discuss Tara Reade; MeToo; how we should treat those who allege they have been sexually harassed or assaulted; how the accused should handle the accusation; and the complexities when accusations arise during a political campaign.  We will take calls.  7:00 p.m. as usual.



HIPAA is intended to protect patient privacy, not present an excuse for public officials to evade questions.

Redwood Blackbelt has the sad details.

From Redheaded Blackbelt:

The source of this outbreak involving three people has been determined to have happened at an inland Mendocino County church where a live stream church service with singing occurred on Mother’s Day. All three of the new cases (the 14th Mendocino County case and the two new Lake County cases) where at the venue during the live stream and two of the individuals participated in the live stream event with singing at the church. Mendocino and Lake County Public Health are working together to reach any other individuals who are contacts of these three new cases, including anyone who participated in the live stream church service with singing.

What’s really frustrating is that there was plenty of information out there as to why it was a bad idea, including this story from Mt. Vernon in Washington State – complete with church choir and death.

But keep right on protesting for the right to kill your grandparents.


Some excerpts from this TPM Article “Two Coasts. One Virus.

In an interview, California Health and Human Services Secretary Dr. Mark Ghaly said it was critical to allow Northern California counties to rely on their own experts, act with a degree of autonomy and thus perhaps pave the way for the state to expand on what they had done. And three days after San Francisco and its neighboring counties were closed, Newsom, on March 19, imposed the same restrictions on the rest of California.

Breed, it turns out, had sent de Blasio a copy of her detailed shelter-in-place order. She thought New York might benefit from it.

New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo, however, reacted to de Blasio’s idea for closing down New York City with derision. It was dangerous, he said, and served only to scare people. Language mattered, Cuomo said, and “shelter-in-place” sounded like it was a response to a nuclear apocalypse.”


As of May 15, there were nearly 350,000 COVID-19 cases in New York and more than 27,500 deaths, nearly a third of the nation’s total. The corresponding numbers in California: just under 75,000 cases and slightly more than 3,000 deaths. In New York City, the country’s most populous and densest, there had been just under 20,000 deaths; in San Francisco, the country’s second densest and 13th most populous, there had been 35.

California did good!  For now.  It’s what happens when you listen to experts and don’t let politics interfere.  Cuomo should be praised for the way he rallied once the tragedy was underway, but he was pretty much all Trump in the beginning.

Meanwhile, we’re almost to 90,000 deaths nationwide – as officially reported.


June 2020