Not as hip and all, but a lot of fun.

From Jentri Anders

TBT–good ole days at Beginnings. VFD discusses how to proceed with training on the new old fire engine we just bought from Fortuna VFD. In the middle, me gesturing, Bill Andrews, Merrill Myers’ back, Forest far left and I can’t recognize anybody else. 10 minutes later we were taking turns driving that 18 gear sucker up and down Beginnings driveway. I did it, but only while earnestly praying I would never be called upon to do so at a fire.


Ryan Burns of the Lost Coast Outpost will join me to discuss the cast and characters of the Presidential race in the wake of two Republican campaign debates and as the first Democratic Party debate approaches.  We’ll talk about each of the candidates and their policy positions – to the extent that they can be ascertained.  If you’re someone who views the race as “politics as usual” and don’t like “horserace” play-by-play analysis – this might not be the show for you, though we do intend to approach the subject from a vantage point which differs from most press coverage and analysis.

7:00 p.m. this Thursday on KHSU’s Thursday Night Talk.

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Thursday Night Talk on KHSU​ tonight – I’ll be discussing anti-climate change policies in the form of carbon fee and dividend with John Schaefer of the Citizens Climate Lobby at 7:00 tonight.

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You Lie

I really don’t care which Republican gets the nomination, but Fiorina is being credited by some for “winning” the debate CarlyWednesday night.  But she lied through her teeth in slandering Planned Parenthood.

So why is the mainstream press covering up for her?

This is really horrible.  Just let them in.  Deal with the problems as best we can, accept that there will be huge problems, but let them in.

Bob Froehlich and I will discuss/debate the value of faith as a means to truth and understanding as opposed to reason, and whether they are mutually exclusive.  Listeners will be encouraged to call in to address the following question:   “What specific things do you currently have faith in, and what evidence would it take to change that faith, or is your faith completely unshakable?”

Thursday evening at 7:00 p.m. on KMUD.



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