Trump is under investigation for violations of the Espionage Act.

Maybe it’s not so funny.

What are you doing?

And you who are liking his post and supporting this – you’re not doing him any favors.

Last week. He argued that the war in Ukraine could only win with the surrender of Crimea and Donetsk to Russia. I’ve invited him to a future All Things Reconsidered show where we will discuss the issue in more detail. We’ll see if this week’s events impact his analysis.

For anyone fretting over the political backlash of the FBI doing its job in retrieving 10 boxes of classified documents someone refused to return a year and a half after absconding with them, Trae Crowder pretty much sums up my thoughts, but in articulate professional comedian fashion.

Huge explosion on a Russian military base in Crimea. When you’re a country partially occupying another country and you’ve been telling your colonists that they’re completely safe, do you sell this as an accident by your incompetent military or an attack by an opponent you’ve been reporting as losing? So far they’ve opted for the former. Clearly, the explosion itself isn’t from any warhead that originated from Ukraine’s military. They have been working on long range air-to-surface missiles, but even those won’t have this kind of payload from what I’ve read. So they had to hit something. So a Russian screw-up seems more likely. But even that isn’t going to generate confidence in occupying residents, and maybe a country in which you are occupying which is fighting you just isn’t a place to relax on a beach. I mean it’s way south not all that far north of Sevastopol – I’m pretty sure even out of range of HIMARS, so if this was a Ukrainian attack it was probably intended for psychological reason unless there was something of real interest. Still, I would think there would be more immediately important targets much closer to the front. So it was probably an Russian accident.

However, this WILL rattle Russian citizen nerves, and many will try to leave. But many tried before when the war began and again when the assault on Kyiv failed and were blocked by the Russian military. Russia has threatened to retaliate against any strikes on Crimea, but retaliate how? By invading Ukraine?

The other reason I think this was an accident – Ukraine is so far dead silent on it. If it was them, they would want the Russian citizens in Crimea, and the world, to know.


Update: There are claims from some experts that it was in fact a Ukrainian missile strike.


Further update: This guy breaks it down – concludes multiple long range missile attacks, probably developed by Ukraine.

It’s all about Hunter Biden and Hillary Clinton.

Like just under 10 percent interest at the moment. And it looks like it’s pretty easy to do.

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It’s not what it should have been, but with 48 Democrats in the Senate, a win is a win.


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