He’s gone on tweet rants before, but this is looking like a nervous breakdown.


I had the pleasure of attending the kickoff event for the campaign to elect Lathe Gill to the position of Superior Court Judge, where I watched the second performance of  The Tenth Muse about events in an 18th Century Mexican monastery taking place a couple of decades after the death of nun, playwright, poet, scientist, composer, and intellectual Sor Juana Inés de la Cruz and explores her continued influence despite church suppression of her works. It’s one of the best stage performances I’ve seen since moving to Humboldt County. It will play at the North Coast Repertoire Theater until April 7. Please try not to miss it!

I took the photo (without flash) during the prologue as people were filing into the seats. A minute or two later we were asked to put away our phones, but I asked after the performance and was told there would be no objection to my posting the one blurry photo.


I’ll be on air solo tonight, talking about the June election and maybe some thoughts about November. It’s a quiet political season locally – but I think the Supervisor races are going to heat up. There are five statewide ballot initiatives. And of course the statewide and federal office primaries. Join me at 7.


He’s very magnanimous.

After hearing about the Tillerson firing, my first response was, “What did he do to piss Putin off?”

And then I came to work and this headline came up.

Update:  Talk about a s—show!  Lol!

Second update:  Damn!  What the Hell is happening in the White House???


In January Kym reported that the North Coast Peoples Alliance had endorsed Stephen Sungnome Madrone in his challenge to Ryan Sundberg who currently Fifth District Supervisor’s seat.  That is a key endorsement, but not a surprising one.  The big news for me is in the second paragraph where Kym reports that Madrone received an endorsement from the Hoopa Tribe, which is huge and potentially a game changer.   I had heard about the endorsement, but I did not want to post it until I had some confirmation.

This morning a friend on Facebook posted of yet another Tribal endorsement for Madrone.   If I can get some confirmation, I will specify, but it seems like the crucial supervisor races are the local media’s best kept secret right now.

I expect that the race will heat up soon as June is getting much closer.   You all do realize there’s an election in just under three months?

Update:  A friend contacted me to say that she heard that the Hoopa Tribe had rescinded it’s endorsement, or that there had been confusion as to whether the Council was actually endorsing to begin with.  I will try to confirm one way or another.  I can’t find any reference online other than Kym’s post and some Facebook posts.  If any reporters out there have any information, reporting on this news and the election itself might be a good idea, considering that the election is only weeks away.

Second update:  Okay, Kym’s been on it.  In January she also reported the Central Labor Council’s endorsements for Madrone as well as Mary Ann Lyons for the 4th District race, and Lathe Gill for Judge (he has been campaigning at a number of events, but how does one campaign for Judge?  You can’t make any promises.).

I heard that a local union held a forum over the past few days at which several candidates attended.  I don’t know if endorsements were decided upon and I don’t know the union.


But maybe she’s just really dumb!

Addendum:  Gotta love the Borowitz Report!

In the aftermath of last year’s horrifically late fire season, forest managers Yana Valachovic and Dave Kahan will discuss   Fire hardened homes and defensible space – how to promote homestead wildfire resilience on the next Thursday Night Talk at 7:00.


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No EIR needed for that one.

Kym Kemp has the story of a lawsuit just filed on behalf of Stillwell, with former GSD Board President as co-counsel for the Plaintiff.  I’m going to avoid comment for reasons I’m not going to get into, but Herb is right that lawsuits do drag out in Humboldt County because we really need more judges.  And I think we are the only county in the state with a population over 100,000 which does not have online access to case information.

A scan of the complaint is available through the link.

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