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I haven’t been in there for awhile. I’m not a mall kind of person. But when I first moved here I marveled at two characteristics of the mall that distinguished it from others. One was the choice of background music – classic rock over Musak. The second was the unusual proportion of locally owned businesses (no, franchises don’t count).

Just drove by the mall this morning. You’ve got Sears, Borders, Pier 1, Hometown Buffet, etc. – certainly no locally owned business showcased for the drivers on Broadway. Are there any locally owned businesses left?

The Fort Bragg Advocate has a story on Mendo coast fishermen trying to squeeze some money in a market where they sell fish on the dock to distributors for about a dollar a pound then the same fish shows up in the grocery store for over 10 times that amount. The groundfish fleet is trying to maintain some solidarity to rectify the situation.

Prices have been flat for 10 years despite rising costs in everything else, said Tommy Ancona, owner of Tommy’s Marine in Fort Bragg and president of the Fisherman’s Marketing Association.

The association represents many of the 157 boats that fish the West Coast. Ancona said 140 boats are now tied up and not fishing, some of which are not association members but are willing to forego fishing to remedy the rates.

There are only a half dozen companies that buy groundfish, including Fort Bragg based Caito Fisheries. Ancona said more than half the market is controlled by Pacific Choice Seafood of Eureka, which maintains buying stations all over the West Coast, including Fort Bragg. He said there are seven boats in Noyo Harbor now tied up, as part of the price effort that started March 1.

Unlike salmon or bass, groundfish (cod, sole, snapper, etc.) are caught all year with some breaks between two-month seasons. I’m one of those weirdos who actually prefers the taste of ling cod to salmon, but apparently it’s not that much of a better deal for the consumer anyway.

I seem to remember a similar huge middleman take issue with milk a few years back. Can anybody explain the economics involved?

Ling cod photo from Hood, Sport, & Dive.

Thanks again to Cristina Bauss for the heads-up! According to the Lodi News he was caught in Mexico.

David Brian Bernal II, 27, was arrested Wednesday afternoon in the coastal resort city of Puerto Vallarta, where he had apparently fled after the Feb. 20 shooting of Jennifer Alyson Bushnell, 29, of Redway in Humbolt County.

“I’m shaking,” her mother, Angie Bushnell, said shortly after learning the news. “I just want him to be convicted and put away for the rest of his life.”

Bernal was booked into the jail in French Camp at 3:38 a.m. on a $5 million murder warrant, according to jail records. He is being held without bail and is scheduled to be arraigned in court Tuesday afternoon.

Gee though. In all the movies, if you made it to Mexico you were home free. Remember Thelma and Louise? And what was a “white pride” kind of guy going to do down there?

In any case, he’s caught. A local family breathes just a little bit easier.

I have to wonder how his mother’s feeling. She was the one who initially called the police.

Anybody remember the diesel spill show on KMUD that resulted in so much screeching? Depending on the level of contamination, the diesel spill could result in more legal trouble than the pot bust, although a thousand plants is no small matter.

The Times Standard has the story, as does the Eureka Reporter.

Sohum really does have to come to terms with the potential impact of diesel leakages and spillages on the rivers, whether marijuana related or not. What I’ve encountered is a defensiveness, and silence from local environmental organizations apparently concerned about jeopardizing funding. They don’t say that it isn’t a problem. They simply don’t discuss it at all.

It’s part of what Rondel Snodgrass once called the “mill town mentality” about the local industry.

Paul G.’s sat on the Cheri Moore case too long, it’s as simple as that. I’ve already commented. Heraldo, another Gallegos supporter, has commented. Rose, not a Gallegos supporter, has commented. The Times-Standard has commented. And Hank S. has commented.

Hank managed to get a response to inquiry.

We sought answers in an e-mail to Gallegos last week. We didn’t hear back until after deadline. Here’s his response, in toto: “All I can tell you is that we are evaluating the evidence that we have and will render an opinion on it as soon as we are able to.”

We can speculate. Perhaps he’s found something, but having faced a recall over a quick decision early in his first term, he may be a bit gun shy. Or maybe he hasn’t found anything and doesn’t know how to break it to some of his base (didn’t stop him with the David Chain matter, but maybe he’s concerned about the cumulative impact). Or maybe there are some loose ends he’s been unable to tie together. In any case, he owes an explanation as there are some disturbing unanswered questions.


Speaking of Hank S., I got to hear some of his KHUM show tonight – between frying turkey burgers and the screams of plastic light-saber wielding kids. When I turned the radio on at about the bottom half of the hour, I could hear a discussion between somebody on the Arcata City Council and a representative of HELP discussing development issues, but I was too late into the conversation and too distracted to make sense of it. Then John Driscoll came on to talk about the PALCO bankruptcy case.

Tomorrow morning the Times-Standard is making available the court proceeding to the public at their HQ. The proceeding is another mini-trial, this time about whether some of the creditors can foreclose against PL land. I guess there has to be a determination that it’s all “one asset,” and once that’s determined apparently PL land can only be foreclosed upon if the value of the asset exceeds the total debt. I don’t know much about bankruptcy law, but why do I doubt that the same rule applies to the common homeowner when the debt exceeds the value of his or her assets? Something’s missing obviously, but I’ll leave it to the attorneys and judge to figure it out.

Still no decision on venue.

Forest Defender has an online petition set up to save the Mattole Forest.

Click on the comparative graphic to enlarge. You can’t complain about the source of information.

Show: Cousin Marc’s B-day Celebration
Date: 04/01/07
Where: Mateel Community Center
Price: FREE

Cousin Marc’s party will be an all day affair from noon to midnight. Looks like some good music. I’m told the beer will be free.

You know you want to be there!

From the Arcata Eye:

CITY HALL–The Committee on Democracy and Corporations (CDC) wants to implement an Arcata-specific version of Measure T, a county-wide version of which passed last June. To this end, the advisory committee is having a public study session with the Arcata City Council on April 17 to discuss why they think this would be a good idea.

The committee plans on presenting models from other communities that they say would strengthen Arcata’s democracy.


Also on the table is a revised Formula Retail Ordinance, which puts restrictions on the type and number of “chain” restaurants that can set up shop in Arcata. The committee plans an educational forum scheduled for Wednesday, April 4 from 7 to 8:30 pm in the Community Center Senior Room.


In response to a request from the City Council, the proposed Formula Retail Ordinance seeks to preserve a healthy and competitive environment for local, independent businesses through limits on new formula retail establishments.

No existing businesses would be closed by the ordinance, but new formula retail businesses would be unable to locate in Arcata until an existing formula retail business closed its doors.

The resulting cap on formula retail would be similar to the existing cap on formula restaurants, a successful effort that has supported local eateries and spurred similar actions in other communities nationwide.


Formed in 2000, the Committee was created as the final step to implementing “Measure F: The Arcata Advisory Initiative on Democracy and Corporations,” a ballot initiative passed by the citizens of Arcata in 1998.

Somebody wanted to remind me of the one of the more famous Biblical passages. It was sent without explanation. Could it apply to the Iraq war? The Reggae war? Blogging abuses?

I report, you decide.

“You have heard that it was said, “You shall love your neighbor
and hate your enemy.” But I say to you, love your enemies and
pray for those who persecute you, so that you may be children of
your Father in heaven; for he makes his sun rise on the evil and
on the good, and sends rain on the righteous and on the

– Matthew 5:43-45

That’s of course Jesus C. speaking – for the benefit of my fellow heathens. Certainly words to live by in any case.

Captain Buhne recently noted that Paul Gallegos has managed to stay out of the headlines for quite some time now. Seemed like he graced the front page on a daily basis last summer and fall. Obviously most of the Gallegos hate brigade which used to fill the local blogs, this one included, with comments you’d expect about a convicted child molester, finally became resigned to the fact that they’re stuck with him another four years absent yet another recall attempt. Even Rose’s blog has been quiet.

I noted in Buhne’s comments section that some decision about the Moore case was long overdue. The Times Standard seems to have taken my cue. Paul does owe the public an explanation for the length of this process. What is he waiting for? Are there more leads to follow up?

As for the hate brigade, coffee break’s over! Pickins may be slim, but you’ve got work to do!

Anybody who needs a refresher on the issue click here.

Update: There! Maybe that title will wake some of them up. Man! No wonder they’ve lost three elections in a row.