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Just wanted to share an excellent short video.   That he once pushed child porn (involving Brooke Shields) isn’t forgivable, nor some of the accounts of his treatment of the women in his mansion – assuming their accounts are true, and they seem to ring true.

But I remember some of the interviews of the 1970s which I read with my friends as we got into one of my friend’s father’s stash in his garage.  I remember the interview with Carter where he admitted “lust in his heart.”  I remember G. Gorton Liddy confessing that he would have killed columnist Jack Anderson if it would have kept Nixon in office.  I remember articles about the Weathermen, Watergate, the Vietnam War, and other issues from a take much of the rest of the media avoided.

Basically, the boobs drew me in, and the magazine delivered some early political education.  And social.  The magazine helped popularize Jazz, Beat poetry, and what was then considered gourmet coffee.

But, he made an industry which reduced sex to a commodity and it was not friendly to women.  He didn’t invent rape culture, but he certainly exploited it.


So how to evaluate?  Well, check out what Barbara Ehrenreich as to say (she had a great chapter about Playboy way back in Hearts of Men).

She can identify as she wants.  Her prerogative.


“Just be grateful we’re only taking a knee.”

I’ll post more links as I come across them.  Redwood Pride as risen out of the ashes of Humboldt Pride which kind of fell apart for reasons which would resonate with anyone who has been involved in any kind of left progressive organizing over the past four decades.  It came together nicely today though.  I took this at 8th and… oh, I think it’s L?  Right near the Creamery.

Chuck Grassley (who said yesterday that it doesn’t matter what’s in the ACA repeal bill as long as it repeals ACA – the guy effing wrote the ACA!) wants the FBI to explain why it didn’t warn Trump about his own advisors’ involvement with Russia.

That is so rich!  I mean seriously, what can SNL add?!

Kind of reminds me of OJ Simpson hiring an investigator to find out who killed his wife.

“Awful but lawful” the law prof on TV said.

All Things Reconsidered tonight with Bob Froelich. We will have an Antifa activist named Jennifer who will discuss Antifa as a concept and the intricacies of the politics of protest, tonight at 7:00 p.m. This topic was inspired by the last show when my first two callers asked, “What’s Antifa?”


SB 54 passed and is expected to be signed into law. We have to take a close look at it. There were some last minute changes to allow for more cooperation with ICE based on criminal records and allowing for interviews of inmates and such. We will redraft the proposed Sanctuary ordinance to eliminate redundancy, but I would like to close up these exceptions. There’s really no need for ICE to be involved in criminal investigations. They aren’t even trained for it.

Still, this is excellent news!



told me about it last night. It’s on West Street a few blocks from Zane Middle School, where probably about a fourth to a third of the school is Latino.

I mean, really? Did a grown-up put this thing up?


Is this a good thing?  Forget his motivations – he may have a completely whacked, self-serving, and/or insidious intentions.  Or maybe Kelly and others have made him realize that his legacy will be crap if he doesn’t actually accomplish something.

For conservatives – what if he doesn’t build the wall?  What if he deports fewer people than Obama?  What if Obamacare is never overturned, and moves closer to single payer?  Would any of those things be deal breakers for your support?


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