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There are a couple of threads on it already.  I don’t know why local producers insist on bringing these guys around, but when you gotta hate I guess you gotta hate.

Yeah, I know.  Capleton is so “spiritual.”  And it’s racist to hold him accountable for his lyrics.  We just don’t understand what it’s like in Jamaica.  Yada, yada, yada….

Mitch brought it up at the Herald.  Apparently the concert is still happening, but at a secret venue.  Whatever.

Earlier thread.

And a very provocative comic from Joel Mielke.  It’s all about free speech, right?  No whining!

Family Fun Fair:

Free Activities and Entertainment Booths!
Games and Rides!
Healthy Living Informational Booths
Food and Drink Booths Benefit Local Education Groups

The Walk in the Park:

Two Walk Times: 11:30am and 4pm
This 2¼ mile scenic walk is rated “easy” and beautiful!

REGISTRATION: $10-25 or $40 for a Family Pass
Local Schools will be walking for Pledges.
Register in advance or at the event

Details here.

Chet Atkins – the Night Atlanta Burned.  Hadn’t heard this piece in years.

Here’s a video composed (with some help) by my good friend Douglas George, who lives in Eureka.  He is an amateur physicist with a theory that all of matter is composed of tiny units of the absence of space.  Nothing.  Each unit of mass is essentially a black hole.  He elaborates on the theory in more detail at his website.  The theory may actually be tempting to professional physicists as it eliminates the paradoxes within the event horizon, and potentially explains the Hubble-discovered evidence of the acceleration of the expansion of the universe.  To put the Cavitation Theory of matter in logical terms, everything we experience as something is nothing, and what we experience as nothing is actually the fabric, or at least as such when interacting with matter – conglomerations of little pieces of nothing.  Yes, there are certainly holes in his theory….

Supervisor Clif Clendenen will join me to discuss the latest developments in the General Plan Update.  Call-in format as usual.  7:00 p.m.

It’s all happening at Lost Coast Outpost.  To avoid confusion, go to the bottom and read up.  I didn’t realize I was reading it backwards for a few minutes and it was reading like the movie Memento.

Is Sundberg breaking from the conservative majority?  He says that he is not interested in scuttling the plan in its entirety.  He did just barely win the last election against an environmental activist, and since then his district has lost Blue Lake.  He can’t afford to be cavalier about it.

In case you missed it, last week’s NCJ cover article was all about bars in the far reaches of the county. Some good stories about Sohum’s bars – everything from swaztikas and dying for the Tea Party to pole dancing.

Not afraid of the PAC money.  Not afraid of the suppression efforts.  The moment Romney opened his mouth last night, he lost the race.  Obama wins by three percentage points and by about 70 to 80 electoral college points.

It’s not so much the Obama post-convention bounce, but the lack of a bounce for Romney which was reminiscent of Kerry in 04.

And then there is the photo of Romney leaving his presser last night, smirking like he’d just laid off a whole factory.

Yeah, I know there are almost two months to the election. Debates. Lots of ads. I’m calling it now.

The Humboldt Sentinel reports on a very contentious special meeting of the Board of Supervisors, and it looks like the new conservative majority is ready to scrap the whole plan and start over.  So far no coverage from the TS or any of the other media blogs.

Addendum:  Coverage from the NCJ.

Jen Kalt interviewed on the subject.

And the Times Standard.

Second addendum:  Hank comments on the majority’s concern that the document is too big and difficult to read.

I forget who sent me this quote, but I’ve had it taped near my desk for 15 years or so.  After a couple of experiences, I started giving it to clients before their testimonies.  It’s really about telling the truth, but even more than that about ensuring the triar of fact that you’re human and with a conscience.

I don’t often post about my work in any respect, but this passage has even more meaning to me during an election season.  I take it as an ethical stand, but I wonder if Herbst is right.

“He should have boldly admitted to certain ideas now termed subversive, but were only honestly enlightened and leftish.  Instead he took to pure a stand, denied too much, admitted nothing.  A jury isn’t made up of lawyers.  They sense the truth.  You suspect a man who denies everything and is a pinnacle of proper conduct.  Admitting smaller things would have validated major denials.  Any novelist could have told them that.”  

– Josephine Herbst on the Alger Hiss trial


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