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I’m in Episode 5 and I’m kind of losing interest.  I want more Doug Fir interview.

But anyway, former Sheriff Downey was interviewed and says, speaking of the vigilante action, that hearsay is not the basis for probable cause.

I just want to makes sure everyone knows that the statement is completely false.  Hearsay can be the basis for probable cause.  It’s inadmissible at trial (barring an exception and there are numerous exceptions), but it can be the basis for probable cause.  Especially if there is additional evidence, such as, oh I don’t know – the suspect led people to a grave?

I don’t know what the Sheriff’s game was, but I can understand why people concluded extreme incompetence, extreme indifference, or both.  I say this as someone who does not see the eight vigilantes as heroes.

I’ll have more to say when I’m done watching, but I found the first couple of episodes more interesting.  Right now it’s watching like a typical television crime docudrama.


Woman’s march canceled by white organizers because too many marchers have been white.

This is why the left loses “so Goddam f—ing always.”

Addendum:  We’ve made national news.  Apparently someone at Fox thinks Eureka is in Los Angeles.

At the Clarke Plaza thanks to NextGen Eureka!

Definitely the County’s very onerous requirements for cannabis cultivation selects for the monster grows while killing off the small farmers is taking its toll, as well as the perennial glut of pot on the markets.  But hopefully the businesses and community will survive the “transition” into whatever comes next.  The draconian enforcement which is imposing “fines” in the amounts of tens of thousands many small growers don’t have is also hurting.

I almost yearn for the days when the Board of Supervisors were obsessed with property rights.  Almost.

Anyway, Kym writes excellently about the collateral damage in the present incarnation of the pot wars.

Addendum:  Apologies – I should have checked the by-line.  The author is  .

Maybe it’s wishful thinking, but will Chief Justice Roberts become the next Justice Blackmun?  There is a tendency for SCOTUS justices to move to the left over the years.  They aren’t reliant upon political support as they’ve reached the top and can remain there for life if they want – and they are daily exposed to intelligent thought and high levels of discourse.  Blackmun, Brennan, Souter, O’Connor, and even to a limited degree Scalia who did move away from the perennial cop position on search and seizure are all examples.

I don’t know the name of the photographer

Hoopa woman 1926

LoCo has the details.

Since the campaign is in the past I can now air a show about the Sanctuary Movement consistent with station rules – so tonight I will have Renee Saucedo and Elizabeth Phillips of Centro del Pueblo talk about the campaign, the results, what it all means for Humboldt County, and we can build on top of this win. Tonight at 7:00 on KHSU.


Why do progressives always feel the need to apologize?  Although her apology does kind of remind me of Gore Vidal’s “apology” after that famous debate during the Chicago riots when he called William Buckley a “crypto-Nazi.”  He would later say that he only intended to say “crypto-fascist.”

Did you ever see the clip?  It’s priceless.  Buckley completely lost it.  I think it resulted in a law suit.

I just left the court building about a half hour ago and it was packed re the rezone issue! Apparently the BOS spent all morning discussing two parcels and much of the crowd left before public comment. But when I finished with my court appearance upstairs and came downstairs, the comment line extended out into the lobby.
The pitch forks are out!


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