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A restraining order against a newspaper for trying to get a statement from the subject of a story?

The North Coast Journal received a letter to that effect – threatening a restraining order if they make any further attempts to contact Rob Arkley.

That would, if granted, set a very strange precedent – and a bad one for freedom of the press.

Even more amazing than the hubris is what must have been the assumption that the newspaper would comply.  Maybe he was hoping they wouldn’t publish anymore stories about him?  Since by journalistic ethics, they are bound to offer him the opportunity to comment, it would effectively make the publication of these stories unethical – technically speaking.


Politics in Humboldt County.  You gotta love it!

To discuss the emails between Rob Arkley and certain BOS members.  7:00 p.m. this evening on KMUD (91.1 in the southland, 88.3 up north).

Hank has posted a new batch of emails between Rob and Mark Lovelace.  As Hank describes, it reads very much like a blog flame war, and in fact he sounds very much like a few of the anonymous posters here – complete with demands for Mark to waste his time to “prove” items of minutiae.  Mark did make an overture at one point, which Rob received well.

Hopefully, by tonight, Hank will have posted the remainder of the County’s production in response to Hank’s public records request.

Not quite as lively as his tussle with Mark Lovelace, but I think Rob Arkley is, by now, sorry he started the sunshine law email request war.  I try to remain objective about these exchanges, but I think unlike the exchange with Mark where there was a bit of anger on both sides (but more vitriol coming from Rob A.), Jimmy looks very reasonable in this exchange, and, I’m sorry, Rob A. looks a bit nutty.  It reminds me of some posts and emails I’ve received from certain individuals around here, and I really think it’s incumbent of allies of these people to call them on it, and demand that they grow up; because these emails and the those which were directed at Mark are out of line for a public leader of Rob Arkley’s stature. I don’t agree with Rob on many issues, but he has contributed much to the community and is entitled to a certain amount of respect which I think he is denied in the blogs and elsewhere.  But if he keeps up with the rants, he will lose the respect he has earned.  He should not be treating elected officials with this amount of disrespect.  If you can’t respect the office holder, at least respect the office.

We know Rob A. has temper issues.  We learned this after Larry Glass was elected.  But we thought these were impulsive aberrations.  Now he’s starting to define himself accordingly.  He needs to stop and stop it now.  He owes Jimmy Smith, Mark Lovelace, and the public an apology.  And Hank Sims as well.  Plus, he hasn’t done Judy Hodgeson any favors.  In light of recent events at the North Coast Journal, this really doesn’t look good.  And this is only going to inflame an already very polarized community filled with “unholy alliances” and people “just asking questions.”

Thank you for the performing arts center Mr. Arkley.  And the Bill the Chimp statue.  And the $12,000 to oppose an undemocratic recall effort against Paul Gallegos.  And numerous other gifts.  But this latest round of tantrums is not cute, endearing, responsible, nor productive.

Addendum:  Hank Sims has agreed to join me on All Things Reconsidered on Thursday night to discuss this matter and others of local interest.  7:00 p.m. on KMUD. It’s a call-in show.

I just haven’t had the time to follow up on the story, but after a couple of years of doldrums the Marina Center project has heated up in recent weeks.  Heraldo has covered it extensively.  Last night the Eureka City Council met to discuss approval of the EIR.  It looks like Heraldo, Tom Seaborn, and others were there to “live blog” it.  I’m trying to picture this meeting with so much clicking of laptop keyboards in the audience.

3-2 vote in the end.

Times Standard coverage

It’s back in the news, with a clean-up plan, and looking to heat up quickly.  I haven’t been following the story recently, but Heraldo’s got some posts and a growing contentious thread on the topic.  I’ll get caught up on it, oh, when… I don’t know when I’ll have time to get caught up on it.

Bonnie Neely is now a Democrat, according to Rob Arkley before the Republican women, courtesy of Old Glory Radio.  Seems like it’s overdue.  With Virginia Bass planning to run against her from the Republican side, the timing is probably appropriate.

Rob Arkley says some colorful things in the video.  Cheney is “awesome.”  Enjoy.

Thanks to Heraldo for posting the video.

Addendum: In listening again I noticed he’s bragging about residing in Louisiana so he can avoid taxes here.  I guess he’s been taking some lessons from Leona Helmsley.  Either he didn’t check with his publicist, or he needs a new one.

Dan Faulk will be sitting in for David Cobb on Thursday Night Talk tonight at 7:30.  They’ll be talking about the economic crisis, but I wonder if some local issues will come up, especially after the last Board of Supervisors meeting where Supervisor Mark Lovelace reported that he had met with Arkley’s Humboldt Economic and Land Plan (HELP) to discuss the General Plan.

Has he been on KHSU before?  Could be lively.  Unfortunately, I’ll be out of range.

Now that Estelle is heading up HumCPR, I’m wondering how the group will interface with HELP.

Addendum: Heraldo has a summary and discussion of the Thursday night interview.  No mention of the Marina Center.  Apparently Schwarzenegger and Arkley aren’t on good terms anymore.

From the Times Standard:

The California Attorney General’s Office said today it has officially declined to pursue charges against local businessman Rob Arkley stemming from Eureka City Councilman Larry Glass’ allegations that Arkley assaulted him on Sept. 5.

”There was insufficient evidence to bring charges and, of course, we treated the matter seriously and looked meticulously through all the information provided to us,” said Deputy Press Secretary Abraham Arredondo.

Glass filed a police report shortly after the incident alleging Arkley shoved him at a reception for the California Coastal Commission at Old Town’s Avalon restaurant, said he had him followed and threatened to destroy him if the councilman didn’t vote for his project.

Arkley’s spokespeople have denied there was any physical contact between Arkley and Glass, and characterized Arkley’s role in the incident as that of a concerned parent.

That’s that.

These words came out of Peter Collins‘ mouth almost as soon as I turned on KGOE upon leaving court this evening. Collins will be airing a live show from the Eureka Theater on Friday, November 30 at 3:00 to 7:00 p.m. Tickets are $10.00 a piece and can be bought at The Works or Color Impressions. More info at KGOE’s website.

Collins is one of the more interesting radio talk show hosts. Whereas some of his Air America colleagues (Collins is independently syndicated not AA, like Ed Schulz and Stephanie Miller – the latter on whom I have an enormous crush) try to match the shrill style of right wing radio, Collins is an old school soft spoken liberal.

While surfing up his name I came across another local blog I didn’t know about which reported on a Collins visit to Humboldt a year ago.

It’s in the hands of the Attorney General.


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