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It was pretty much a partisan vote – two Democrats against.

Reality is setting in on Republicans.  They can’t just continue whining about the process – from what the reports say they offered very little on alternative procedures during the floor debate.  They mostly just ranted against impeachment in general.  But now some Republicans are trying to figure out how they’re going to address the substance of the hearings, and they’re getting little leadership from the White House.

The latest is…. to quote LoCo: “Who knows?”

Basically, the hearings will be conducted by the ranking members of each Party in the committee (Schiff and Nunes) and committee staff.  Nobody else will be allowed to ask questions.  So no grandstanding speeches in lieu of substantive questions (unless Nunes just wants to rant like Steve Jordan the whole time, but that would look really bad).

And no questions into the identity of the whistleblowers as Republicans have reportedly attempted in the closed hearings.

Republicans wanted this.  Careful what you wish for!

Trump made the mistake of wandering outside of his campaign rally bubbles and got massively booed.  Fox & Friends, like a state propaganda medium, edited them out.

Here’s a Rolling Stone News account of the event.

Here’s the entire footage.  The painted smiles on Trump and his entourage tell the story.

I don’t know much about her politics really.  But her resignation and the predatory politics which generated it are really unfortunate.

I did go to see her photographs.  Where most people apparently see sexual deviance and immorality I see a beautiful young woman who loves the way she wants to love and has or had a good time at it.  I saw a woman who deliberately made herself vulnerable to two people she loved and got burned by at least one of them.

Yes, it’s an ethics violation to have a love relationship with an aid, but many have done that and been caught, censured maybe, with careers intact unless the voters decided otherwise.  And maybe her decision to break up with the woman was cold and/or callous, but that’s really between them.  This was her private life, and she imposed nothing on any adult which deprived her partners of consent.   I don’t know all of the details of the relationship, and I don’t care about them.

But she represented a competitive district and I guess a naked shot of her with a bong is too much for her voters to metabolize.  I mean, who uses a bong anymore?

I’m sure the political operatives who took her down are proud of themselves.

Pelosi to hold a vote to “formalize” the process later in the week.

It’s not legally necessary. The Republicans didn’t do that with their inquiries against Obama (none of which generated meaningful evidence).

We know she has the evidence, we’ve seen it.  It’s indisputable. The Republicans have done nothing to dispute the substance of the case. They’ve only whined about the process. Now, they will have to go on record and choose whether to please the crazy base or do their job.

Now apparently Pelosi has the votes.

Meanwhile, lost in the Friday afternoon news dump, a key Democratic win re the Mueller notes.

I took this last night on my way down to Santa Rosa.

I got to the Geyserville exits and saw this eerie glow coming over the hills from the east. I got off the freeway to take this. There were CHP everywhere preventing any eastward travel. As I continued south, the view of the fire became even more intense. This video doesn’t even begin to capture the real thing.

The mandatory evacuation zone has moved from Healdsburg and Windsor all the way out to the ocean to Bodega Bay. If my parents still lived in Guerneville, we would be evacuating right now. So far, Santa Rosa isn’t even in the evacuation zone, but I’m not sure I’ll be getting to sleep tonight.

Driving back to Santa Rosa from Daly City today, I saw the most jammed southbound traffic I’ve ever seen. Bumper to bumper from Cotati to the Golden Gate Bridge. Technically speaking, many of them are refugees.  Northbound, there was very light traffic.  This was the first time I’ve driven 101 in years where there was no slow-down due to a logjam between Novato and Petaluma.

Quote of the day from a social media poster: “If corporations are people, then PG&E is the most successful serial killer in California history.”

Despite the stunt by House members storming the secured hearing the other day – which only underscored the Republican fear of the situation – most of the Republicans are not yet really going to bat for him.  They’re spooked!

From TPM:

Here are the nine GOP senators who have not signed on to Sen. Lindsey Graham’s tepid resolution condemning the impeachment process in the House:

Lamar Alexander (TN)*
Susan Collins (ME)
Mike Enzi (WY)
Cory Gardner (CO)
Johnny Isakson (GA)*
Lisa Murkowski (AK)
Rob Portman (OH)
Mitt Romney (UT)
Dan Sullivan (AK)

*not seeking re-election

I caught the last half of this Frontline episode on KEET the other night. If you’ve been politically active you know much of the story, but not all of it.  It pretty much tells the story of how immigration became the litmus test for the Republican Party and how the right wingers muscled Trump when he attempted to deviate from a hard line.

The episode is entitled “Zero Tolerance.”  It begins with Trump reciting the bizarre snake parable and then trails back to Romney’s loss in 2012 and into the primary defeat of Eric Cantor, which pretty much spooked all of the Republicans and they have been too afraid of their base to pursue any kind of meaningful bipartisan immigration reform.  And why DACA will never be revived while Republicans hold the Presidency.   Arguably, it is more emotional for the right wing than abortion at this point.

Most of the people interviewed are right wingers in the know.  What they say is amazing – complete lack of self-awareness and what it sounds like to a normal human being.  Lots of interview clips of our favorite hippie.

You can watch the episode online here.

Fires when almost November – the new normal.


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