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It is an opinion piece.  I’ve only skimmed it, and don’t have any comments just yet.

The discussion is scheduled for Monday.

I may have some comments later, after I’ve had the opportunity to read it carefully.  But I wanted to post the link since the crucial discussion is only days away.

Addendum:  I did read it and posted some comments within the thread.

Pretty funny performances.

This may be too much to ask, but if anyone has the time to actually read the article and critique it, without the usual “it’s all a corporate conspiracy to take over the world” and rote rhetorical responses, I would appreciate thoughtful input.

If your response is simply to argue that Cornell University is the pawn and Mark Lynas the lackey of corporate interests or something, you needn’t bother.  And don’t link me to an anti-GMO site, or some video documentary you saw.  I’m looking for substance in specific response to this article.  Preferably science.

Time to call out the anti-GMO conspiracy theory – Mark Lynas (former anti-GMO activist)

I intend to read up on the topic this summer.  Will a firm opinion come out of it?  I can’t say.


It’s not military-oriented, but it is part of the holiday’s history – and much of the celebration of the holiday is around the subject of freedom.  This was an expression of that freedom.  I really miss Frank’s communications with me whenever I did a radio show about left history.

This is on display at Bolerium Books.  This is the caption on their Facebook Page:

Memorial Day, 1969… A call to tear down the fences around People’s Park in Berkeley. This issue of Outcry! unfolds into a Frank Cieciorka poster celebrating the creation of the park from a trash-strewn lot. Text on other side encourages the residents of Berkeley to pour into the streets on the holiday and remove the barricades that had been put up around the park by police.

UC Berkeley Radical Student Union. Outcry! from occupied Berkeley. (Number 2). [1969]. 4p., tabloid format on newsprint, folds out completely to make 23×32 inch poster captioned “Let a thousand parks bloom.” (#134008) $25.00

Frank Cieciorka

‘March Against Monsanto’ in Eureka, THIS SATURDAY, May 25.

FOR THE MARCH~~~Please meet at the corner of 2nd St. & I St. at promptly 11am in Eureka and be ready to March to the Court House on 5th and I St.
Please bring signs, costumes & positive vibes. Invite your friends and family too. This is a non-violent protest.
MARCH COLORS ARE BLACK & RED~ Please wear black and red!!

For more information contact event coordinators Isis Austin or Jesse Maynard.

On May 25, activists around the world will unite to March Against Monsanto!

Worldwide events here!>>

Mission statement:

In case you don’t know, this is a WORLDWIDE PROTEST against Monsanto and other GMO promoting corporations. As of now it is happening in 55 countries. And in the USA simultaneously (11AM PDT).
Below are ‘passive carpooling’ meeting places for people in outlying areas of Humboldt county. There are places where people can meet others and arrange rides together. Pass it on if you know someone who may be able to benefit from the info.

Carpooling from Southern Humboldt:
9 – 9:30AM – Garberville, park near and meet on Sprowel Creek Road, on the freeway overpass.
9 – 9:30AM – Redway – park near, and meet on sidewalk in front of Post Office, on Redwood Drive.
9:30AM – Miranda – Park and meet across from the freeway northbound onramp
10:15AM – Fortuna – Meet on 12th Street, in front of the high school.
Carpooling from Northern Humboldt:
9 – 9:30AM – Willow Creek – Meet in front of the playground
10 – 10:15AM – Trinidad – Meet on street by the Beachcomber, on Trinity Road.
10:15 – Blue Lake – Perigot Park, by skate park, on S. Railroad Ave.
10:15 – McKinleyville – location TBD
Trinidad to Eureka, North to South Saturday line link:
Willow Creek to Arcata (then change to above N-S line) link:
From Scotia, Fortuna, etc, to Eureka link:
No Saturday bus from Southern Humboldt
From the organizers.
There are a couple changes to ‘park and meet’ locations:

CHANGE OF LOCATION: Willow Creek- Park on street, meet in front of Riversong Market.

McKINLEYVILLE LOCATION: (Was a ‘TBD’) Meet near Azalea Hall by Pierson Park

ADD LOCATION: Arcata – in front of playground Healthsport Parking lot.

OUR MESSAGE IN GENERAL: Please respect private property; park in public areas.

At least according to Paris Review.

Pretty cool!

We can all just get along!


7:00 p.m.   We will discuss the issues of his press statement:

Mythbusters Challenged by Who Bombed Judi Bari?
Cast member & bomb-maker Retired FBI Agent Frank Doyle–found liable in $4.4 million federal lawsuit for lying about bomb in Judi Bari’s car–is now proposed subject of a Myth to bust

 Website for upcoming Bay Area screenings, trailer:

Mythbusters is being challenged to bust a myth about one of its own cast, bomb-maker Frank Doyle, who along with other law enforcement officers, lost a $4.4 million federal lawsuit court for lying and violating the U.S. Constitution around the 1990 Oakland bombing of Earth First! activists Judi Bari and Darryl Cherney (Bari v. Doyle C-91 1057CW). A press conference will be held on Thursday, May 23 at Mythbusters’ M5 Industries, 1268 Missouri, San Francisco to challenge Mythbusters to confirm or bust a chilling statement that Doyle presumably made at the scene of the bombing that has a mythology of its own:

Cherney produced a feature documentary with Director Mary Liz Thomson, Who Bombed Judi Bari? that will screen five times in the Bay Area May 20-25 around the 23rd anniversary of the bombing and the Official Judi Bari Day in Oakland.  The film asserts that Frank Doyle can be heard on the FBI’s own bomb scene footage saying,  “This is it, go to it. This is the Final Exam. Right here.” Doyle denied–under oath–making the statement. The statement is important to the case because Doyle taught a bomb school on Louisiana-Pacific Lumber Company property near Eureka just 30 days before the bombing. One of Doyle’s students, who testified that the insides of cars were blown up with pipe bombs at bomb school, was also present with Doyle at the bombing of the inside of Judi Bari’s car.  In essence, Doyle created the very unusual crime scene at bomb school that he would take charge of 30 days later in Oakland.

Cherney penned a letter that was received on May 8 by both Mythbusters attorney Joel Behr of Beverly Hills and its star Jamie Hyneman in San Francisco that states, “Mythbusters may have accidently shot a cannonball through the home and car of a Bay area resident, but Frank Doyle deliberately blew a hole through the civil rights of two American citizens.”

Cherney wrote, “We challenge Mythbusters to confirm or bust a long-held assertion that Frank Doyle can be heard on FBI video footage taken at the scene of the car bombing, chuckling and making the chilling statement, ‘This is the final exam.’  We know that Doyle, de facto, at minimum covered up the tracks of someone who tried to assassinate one of the most prominent, rising environmental stars in our nation’s history.”

Why try to bust this myth and why now? “It’s the 23rd anniversary of the bombing and it’s time to solve this case,” Cherney said. The production company of Who Bombed Judi Bari? is offering a $50,000 reward for information leading to the arrest, conviction and incarceration of the bomber. Recently, Cherney won a court order requiring the FBI to preserve bombing evidence for testing, after the FBI announced it planned to destroy it. The evidence is now with a Bay area forensic laboratory in an attempt to identify the bomber through fingerprint or DNA analysis. “Nothing screams FBI cover-up louder than the fact that it tried to destroy the critical evidence it never even properly examined,” said case attorney Ben Rosenfeld.

The letter to Mythbusters continues: “So two of the principle adversaries of Earth First!-LP and the FBI-coordinated an event where the insides of cars were blown up with pipe bombs, thirty days before the bombing of the inside of Judi Bari’s car…. To thicken the plot, an additional bomb went off two weeks after bomb school at an L-P sawmill in Cloverdale, CA.  This bomb was manufactured by the same individual(s) who bombed Judi Bari’s car, as revealed in a letter taking credit for both bombs….

“Mythbusters is uniquely situated to utilize available technologies and expertise to compare the voice on the recording, which we have provided, to exemplars of Mr. Doyle’s voice, including from at least a dozen appearances he has made on the show…. Evidence shows that the FBI was aware on the scene that the car bomb was triggered by a motion detection device and was filled with nails for shrapnel effect, making it ludicrously impossible to think we were carrying the device, especially under the driver’s seat. Is Doyle protecting the identity of the bomber(s), and if so, why?… In these days of increased awareness of domestic terrorism, we should vigilantly leave no stone unturned.”

Did you know that if you spray vinegar straight up into the air it will destroy the chem trails?  But you have to do it before the wind blows the chems away!


And here’s the science!

Legalize my Mom


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