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Interesting story – much like Virginia.

Whether he was guilty or innocent had nothing to do with his immigration status. I happen to agree with the jury based upon my readings of the story. There was no evidence of a motive for murder. It was criminal negligence at best, and yeah, if I had just unwittingly shot off a gun I might instinctively throw it into the water. In any case, under the law he’s innocent and that San Francisco is a sanctuary city had nothing to do with the woman’s tragic death. That this case was exploited by haters only adds to the tragedy.

Full story.

Addendum:  Some facts you probably don’t know about the case – from a conservative source!

It took place in the Arcata Plaza.  The North Coast Journal has her story.

Sorry the photos are blurry.  I haven’t figured out my phone camera.

Update:  Here’s a link to the gofundme campaign.

And LoCo took much better photos.

Mary Ann Lyons has a Facebook page.

She has a union endorsement –  United Food and Clothing Workers- UFCW 5.

And she has a meet and greet this Saturday at 5:00 p.m. at Pali Yoga in Eureka, 117 F Street, Eureka.  I assume that’s where she’ll announce.

I found this old NCJ article about her work with the 08 Obama campaign.  I don’t know her well, but I think that’s where I met her.  The photo was taken by Bob Doran and made a part of that article.

John Chiv posted about her candidacy last month.

No other media or blog coverage that I’ve found.

Looks like we have three smart women running.  Should be an interesting race to watch.



I feel so sorry for the men who had to stand there listening to it.

northtown books

With the President going all in to argue that his tax increase for the middle class is more important than protecting children from adult sexual predators, I would say that despite the recent polls that Moore retains the advantage based upon the stats and voting history described in this article.  Jones is up against entrenched patriarchy, particularly in evangelical culture where pursuit of young women for their “sexual purity” is even praised and defended with Biblical references.   The article does chart a winning path for Jones, but leaves out even another possibility – namely that some evangelical women will vote privately and quietly on behalf of their children.  This article suggests some movement in that direction.

Meanwhile, even more evidence to corroborate the claims of the nine victims.

Can Jones thread the needle?  Maybe.

Recycled Youth production, looks good!



Yes, there will be an appeal.  I was expecting the ruling, but it’s still great news!

If you were to ask for my second favorite cuisine I would be hard pressed to come up with an answer.  I love so many cuisines across the planet.  But my first choice would probably be Chinese dim sum.  I was introduced to it as a child when my parents took me to the Asia Gardens on Pacific Ave. in Chinatown – huge ball room where the women would come around with carts and we would point at what we wanted.  Everything was fresh out of the kitchen and it went quickly.  I love everything, but my two favorite items are the sticky rice steamed like tamales in the big leaves and the Chinese broccoli with oyster sauce.  I tend to avoid the fried items, though the taro rolls are really special.  I love all the items this guy eats, and the curried beef pastries, and the melon cakes, and chicken feet!  On my first visit they served duck feet, but now they’re hard to find.

Alas, I haven’t been to the Asia Gardens in years – now New Asia Gardens – the change of ownership/management/recipes led to a decline in quality from my point of view.

According to this video this restaurant is the oldest dim sum place in the U.S.

I also enjoy the Good Luck Bakery on Clement – “China Town West” as the Richmond District neighborhood is often called.


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