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I attended a NorCAN conference at Bear River today – the topic being about change and bias in the non-profit communities.  They presented the following demographics with the “community” demographics being generated by the 2010 census and the schools demographic breakdown provided by the California Department of Education for the school year 2014-15.  I believe it’s all based on family self-reporting, so it’s hard to know how ethnically hybrid individuals are counted.  Most likely they are reported as P.O.C. when one portion of ancestry  is white, but there’s no way to be sure of that.  Also the percentages do not total 100 because not everybody reports on the ethnicity question.

Point is, the white population is aging, and the community is changing.  We need more career opportunities to keep any kids here obviously, but I wonder if the growth of P.O.C. populations is based on gentrification refugees from the Bay Area.

I don’t have the figures for Sohum, but I will post them when I do.

Eureka Demographics

Race/ethnicity                   Community        Schools

White                                    80%                        51%

Native Americans             4%                          5%

Latino/Hispanic                 12%                        19%

Asian/Pacific                      5%                          11%

African American             2%                          3%


Smith River Demographics

Race/ethnicity                   Community        Schools

White                                    61%                        31%

Native Americans             7%                          14%

Latino/Hispanic                 34%                        52%

Asian/Pacific                      1%                          1%

African American             0%                          1%


Lolita Demographics

Race/ethnicity                   Community        Schools

White                                    82%                        13%

Native Americans             2%                          42%

Latino/Hispanic                 15%                        38%

Asian/Pacific                      1%                          0%

African American             2%                          0%


Fortuna Demographics

Race/ethnicity                   Community        Schools

White                                    81%                        56%

Native Americans             4%                          3%

Latino/Hispanic                 17%                        35%

Asian/Pacific                      1%                          1%

African American             1%                          1%


Klamath-Trinity Demographics

Race/ethnicity                   Schools

White                                    10%

Native Americans             81%

Latino/Hispanic                 5%

Asian/Pacific                      0%

African American             1%






A man in a Hitler uniform shoots at people.

Montalvo told press that there was no clear motive to the attacks. A clear connection with terrorism or alt-right extremism could not be drawn either.

Ummm, you don’t think the Hitler uniform provides a clue?  It’s like something from Saturday Night Live.

He managed to not be totally bat-guano crazy as some of the Republican debates. But HRC kept her composure. She didn’t really address the trade issue well, but other than that, I think she pretty much mopped the floor with him. But that’s by my debate standards. I don’t know what all the voters in Ohio saw.

1.       Monday, Sept. 26 Presidential Debate from  6-8 p.m.

2.       Tuesday, Sept. 27 Democracy Now! Extra hour for Presidential Candidates not in the debates from 9-11 a.m.

3.       Tuesday, October 4th Vice Presidential Debate  from  6-8 p.m.

4.       Wednesday, Oct 5th from 7 – 8 pm<<<< Eureka City Council, Ward 4 <<<<from KEET

5.       Thursday, Oct 6th from 7 – 8 pm <<<Arcata City Council <<<<from KEET

6.       Sunday, Oct. 9th Presidential Debate   6-8 p.m.

7.       Wednesday, Oct 12th from 7 – 8 pm Measure V<<<from KEET

8.       Wednesday, October 19th Presidential Debate 6-8 p.m.

Rachel Maddow at her best.

So I’ve binge-watched the 6th season of Walking Dead. It had been so long I actually forgot some of the characters, but I’m caught up. So, who did Neegan kill? It can’t be one of the minor characters or that would be anti-climactic. Thinking back over the possible clues of the season and Negan’s comment before dealing the killing blow – I’m thinking Michonne.

I don’t think it’s Glenn, even though he’s the one Negan executes in the graphic novel.  That would just be boring.

Killing of Daryl would start a riot.

Negan spent too much time screwing with Rick’s mind about Carl and beside I don’t think they want to go there just yet.

Here’s my case for it being Michone.  In that last episode they kept flashing to the first person view of the light coming through the bullet holes where the four were being held prisoner.  The last scene is from the first person view.  The four are Glenn, Mishone, Darryl and Rosita.  Rosita is too minor.  She’ll die at some point probably, and it won’t be that big of a deal.  Darryl is too popular – the series kills off  a lot of people but they don’t seem to have the courage of Game of Thrones.  Darryl is a staple.  Glenn – again, why go to all the trouble just to follow the graphic novel story which they’ve already veered from. and they already, lamely, played with the audience re his death earlier in the season when he hid under the dumpster and for reasons unknown the zombies eventually gave up and walked away.  So that leaves Michonne.

Michonne and Rick have just come together in love (wasn’t all that convinced of the chemistry).  The story line is switching from chaos rule to tyranny rule.  Again.  So Rick has to be beaten down.  Again.  I expect the first half of the next season will be about living under the tyranny, until Rick finds himself again after the blow of losing Michonne, and then war in the second half.

Meanwhile, I also predict that Dwight will turn to the good side.  We already know it’s in him from the way the character was introduced, and if he’s just a standard bad guy now then why the detailed recurrences?  He’s just boring otherwise.

And yes, this is much more compelling than the Clinton/Trump debate which I suspect will be boring because Clinton is an uninspiring wonk and Trump knows he has to control himself and look like a statesman now that he has to win more than Republicans.  So, maybe I’ll finish sense8….

Sen Elizabeth Warren – Yes!!!!  I’m glad she didn’t run for President.  I’m glad she’s not Clinton’s VP candidate.  She’s right where we need her the most! Check out the video below.  Best two minutes of politics you’ll see all year.
I mean you fire thousands of lower level employees and nobody putting the quota pressures on them?  Eight accounts per customer because “eight is great” – I kid you not, that was the internal corporate slogan.
It’s fraud, and they’re doing over and over again, and these f——s should be in jail!

Let me back up.  It was recently discovered that for years Wells Fargo had been systematically defrauding thousands of depositors by creating phony accounts and charging hidden fees for them. The scam was uncovered & ended only because of the existence of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (Elizabeth Warren’s brainchild)–which, naturally, the Congressional Republicans want to eliminate. Wells Fargo paid a fine and fired thousands of low-level employees who participated in this scam. But (surprise!) no Wells Fargo executives have been held accountable or paid any penalties.

You don’t get thousands of 12 dollar per hour employees coincidentally doing the same thing unless it’s due, at minimum, to a culture which allows it, and more likely with some implicit or explicit direction from the top – or did they just do a remarkably bad job of hiring over the past two decades?

The account “technicians” should not be salespeople.  They should not be evaluated based on how much in fees they can generate, but in the quality of their services to customers.  Watching that guy listen to her with smug indignation – it brings out the vulgar Leninism in me!  I can see why some people just want to bring out the guillotines!
Remember the Chinese student who blocked the line of tanks during the protest/massacre at Tiananmen Square?  Similar image as a child my daughter’s age tries to stand down 11,000 anti-LGBT protesters in Tijuana.
It’s almost unfair in a way.  These 11 thousand organized and organized well in conjunction with similarly large rallies all over the country to show that the much smaller contingent of LGBT in Mexico City are fringe to their culture.  They probably received a lot of local coverage, and national, and probably this boy’s singular action made it as a side note, if that.
But then this image became international.  It made the rounds and transformed the story.  He and his stand are the story.  The 11 thousand reduced to part of his story.  The 11 thousand of course including hundreds who are suppressing or in denial of their own LGBT state of being.  Including children his age who will probably stand with him within another 10 or 20 years.
For all their numbers, the 11,000 will fall to the progressive forces of history, generated by relentless organizing and testimonials, with jump starts generated by images such as this. The photo is “viral.”  The 11 thousand organized in order to generate a transformative image which is already inflicting changes in nervous systems within Mexico and without.
It’s kind of unfair.  These people are marching with heart in what they believe.  But they are wrong and he is right.  And therefor, ultimately, he is more powerful than all of them.
From the article:

Said Rodriguez to Generacion: “At first I thought the child was only playing.”

But Rodriguez interviewed the child later, who said, “I have an uncle who is gay and I hate the hatred.”


There are two competing propositions this fall.  Proposition 62 will abolish the death penalty with some caveats about life without parole sentences and force convicts to make money and give it to victims.  Proposition 66 would streamline the appeals process to bring perps to the chopping block earlier and would also require that the convicts make money for the victims’ families.

Here’s a cheat sheet.

I have invited both campaigns to have representatives discuss these propositions with me on All Things Reconsidered Thursday night at 7:00 p.m.


I doubt it, but this NY Times article does make the case that this was a really bad time to be sidelined.

Her problem is that she is obsessed with her privacy, whether or not there is actual corruption, while running for an office where you can expect none.  She should be holding press conferences where she just lets the reporters ask question after question.  I’m sure she has enough pat answers for difficult questions.

And Trump’s campaign has brilliantly chosen to make its play for the middle with the childcare subsidy proposal.  If his supporters would stop beating people up, the media might actually be able to “normalize” him before October.

I’m still predicting the blow-out as the polls show movement up and down for Clinton but Trump’s numbers remain the low 40s and sometimes even in the upper 30s.  But the image of HRC stumbling has to lower confidence of the middle of the road voters for whom policy is less of a concern than character, and they look for impression of strength as well as substance.

Still, Trump’s caution right now is also justified, because if they portray her as weak and play up the issue, all she has to do is come off as robust and strong at the debate and she won’t look back in the polls.  Trump’s surrogates aren’t doing him any favors by spreading the conspiracy theories.

Still, she’s a woman and American politics (nor any politics just about anywhere) are not fair to women.  She has to make the extra effort to seem strong.  And that video on Sunday really doesn’t help.  And pneumonia – it kills people!  Recovery could be weeks away.

This blogger asks, “How is she even still alive?”

Oddly enough, Trump is claiming a “right to privacy” as to his own health.  He’s a man.  He can pull that off.


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