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McGuire is proposing legislation. LoCo covers. LoCo covers.

So will Trump just give up California entirely the next time around?

Is there a federal primacy argument?

I mean really!

Apparently some Republicans are in a panic.

“Republicans took the first steps to repeal the Affordable Care Act last week using a process known as reconciliation, which only requires a simple majority vote to pass in the Senate. But Republicans know that they will need Democratic support to replace Obamacare.

“They want to be able to claim this is part of a good faith negotiation, but it’s simply not.They have no idea what comes next so they want some bipartisan cover for their nonsense behavior,” Schatz said.

He also said Republicans were looking for Democratic cooperation so that they can share the blame.”

Don’t tell me elections don’t make a difference!  This would not have happened if McCain or Romney had been elected.  In fact, it may not have happened if Clinton had won in 2008!

Now let’s hope he pardons Peltier!

Thanks especially to NAACP President Liz Smith and Chief Andy Mills for putting together a unified event which involved a broad cross-section of community in participation.  I hope this becomes a permanent thing, and maybe spreads to other cities and places.  I was coming from out of town, dropped my kids off at the march shortly after it left the police station, then met everyone at the end.  I managed to take a few shots as the march came in to the Adorni Center.  Sorry about the glare of the sun.


Why did so many rural working class voters sit out the election or vote for Donald Trump? Coal country anti-poverty activist Nic Smith will join Eric Kirk to discuss the problem of classism in the American progressive movements with emphasis on the stigmatization of Appalachian coal country working class people.

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I’ve been out of the media loop so I don’t know what’s in it.  I did see the Buzzfeed dump.  But Trump’s antics this morning have me curious!

This guy did the inaugural announcing for free through 11 Presidents before Trump decided to fire him and replace him with a Trump sycophant.  Seriously, politics aside, what an asshole!  The guy’s wife of 65 years had just died a few weeks ago and he was focusing on doing a really good job for Trump, and then he was fired.  By email!

More about the remarkable man tossed aside as disposable.

Slate makes a compelling case.

It’s not that “A More Perfect Union” was insincere. Far from it. That speech captures the essence of Obama’s beliefs and his rhetorical posture, which centers itself on the essential unity of all Americans, on our common hopes and aspirations. It reflects his “unyielding faith in the decency and generosity of the American people” and his faith in the institutions of the United States. And while the speech didn’t foreshadow any of the events of the next eight years, it offered a guide to how Obama would generally approach controversy and tackle obstacles: with generosity, political ecumenicism, and good faith.

It’s a civilized approach for a civilized time. But now, unfortunately, is not a civilized time. As Obama leaves office, he confronts a new president who seeks to cast him aside as an almost monstrous imposition on a so-called “real America.” Who stoked racial, religious, and misogynistic hatred to win power, who represents a profound threat to our liberal, pluralist democracy, a harbinger of authoritarian nationalism. In this precarious moment, Obama’s approach isn’t enough.


Indeed, you can feel the inadequacy in how Obama has approached the transition to Trump, treating him as a normal political figure with the same basic respect for process and norms. In his final press conference of 2016, Obama stressed that he would continue “cooperation” with the president-elect, and that concerns over hacking should be a “bipartisan issue,” which he hopes will be a focus in the Trump White House. “My hope is that the president-elect is going to similarly be concerned with making sure that we don’t have potential foreign influence in our election process,” Obama said. It’s true some of this is strategic, a deliberate attempt to normalize Trump and impress on him the constraints of the office. But that, in turn, reflects Obama’s belief in institutions and process, despite the real chance those institutions and processes will fail to constrain Trump’s will to power.




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