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He will probably be the mainstream party standard-bearer. He has plenty of time now that McCarthy ousted him from the Intelligence Committee. Also comes a day after Pompeo accused him (without citing evidence) of leaking classified information.

The Democrats are pissed at Katie Porter for not waiting on Feinstein. Feinstein says she won’t decide until next year, which is basically a retirement announcement.

At this point I’m leaning towards Porter.

It always has been Ukraine, but in any case this is a fascinating recording. The voice tone and the pauses are pretty intense. Obviously he had to be evasive about how far they’ve retreated as I’m sure he anticipated the possibility that the Ukrainians would intercept the call. I don’t know why he didn’t just say that. But she’s incredulous as what her husband is telling her isn’t consistent with the programming.

Debt ceiling politics, Biden’s sloppy handling of the documents and the controversy, and gas stoves become the latest topic of culture wars. Also I make a new House majority impeachment prediction.

And Matt has told me I need to stop saying “anyway” at the end of segments.

From the Sisters:

Call for Drag, Leather, Faerie, Crone, Kink, Spiritual, Witch, Magic Making, Queer, Queer Allied, & Performance Community Members for Non-Judgment Day.

This is your call to queer Communion. Your Eureka Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence are ringing our church bells for diversity affirming sermoning against judgment.

Please congregate by 10a on Sunday 1/22/23 at Town Hall in Ferndale.

Please consider: if you want to share a message (bring a sign to hold, prepare a 5 minutes or shorter sermon, prayer, or statement), wear shoes for wet grass & have a personal chair if needed. If you are a musician who can play “I Fell Into a Burning Ring of Fire”, please bring your portable instrument. Wear your regalia, manifestation, onesie, ball gown, or whatever feels good when you roll out of bed. Bring everyone who needs the spirit with you.

This is an excerpt from the “I have been over the mountaintop” speech you never hear. As the post-war Taft law outlawed sympathy strikes, King called for boycotts of Coca-Cola and other companies in support of the Memphis garbage workers strike. Many people believe that his killing wasn’t random – that he was killed because he was becoming dangerous to economic powers that be. THIS was radical stuff! Had he lived, MLK would be known today as America’s most famous socialist labor leader.

Here’s the old Democracy Now piece on King’s labor legacy.

And this is a favorite of mine. Harry Belafonte subbed for Johnny Carson on the Tonight Show and had King on just a few months before he was killed. King introduces the concept of intersectionalism several decades before the term was even coined.

Katie Porter declared yesterday. Barbara Lee has informally announced.

Both are great candidates. I lean towards Porter in terms of effectiveness, but Lee’s politics are closer to mine. But Porter made the first move despite the fact that Feinstein hasn’t announced her overdue retirement, and I respect that. Hard choice.

Ro Khanna has also suggested interest, but if Bernie doesn’t run for President he’s also possible as the progressive standard bearer should Biden not run. Another potential candidate is Adam Schiff. Also Eric Garcetti, although he’s currently a candidate for ambassador to India.

And then there is Gavin Newsom.

Feinstein is 89, and not a “young 89.” There are some serious questions about her fitness. Plus, she is way to conservative for today’s California.

This article suggests that it’s bad for Democrats if there is a “free-for-all.” But expanded choices are not bad for Democracy. And if even half of these Democrats run, I think even if Republicans coalesce around a single candidate, I think it will come down to two Democrats in the fall election as Democratic candidates drop out. But if not, the winning Democrat will easily defeat the Republican.

I wonder if Fox News hosts will stop inviting Pete Buttigieg to their shows. He rings their clock whenever they try to get cute with him. To his credit this guy actually acknowledges, in a way, the slap down.


January 2023