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Or she would have lost.

Yes, I know the article is a year old.

Didn’t the “real” inauguration take place yesterday? Have the Democrats been arrested pending military tribunals and executions?

I’m not seeing any reports in the fake news!

I have no problem taking his earlier stuff out of the curriculum. I’m surprised it was in there this long. But in his later years he produced some very progressive stuff. The Lorax of course is pro-environment. Butter Battle Book advocated nuclear disarmament. Horton Hears a Who is about the power of the little people raising a voice. Horton Hatches the Egg is about love which transcends fixed social roles. Yertle the Turtle is about fascism and how it can be overthrown by the people at the bottom. Green Eggs and Ham about leaving our cultural comfort zones. The Grinch is anti-materiaist. I could come up with more examples. Let’s just take into consideration that people are complicated and that people evolve.

As for the six earlier books, I haven’t read them. I have one at home which I’ll read tonight. But if there is no objection to the stories themselves, couldn’t they reintroduce them with better drawings? Just a thought.

Here’s a great video from SNL circa 1984.

Either there’s nothing to it, or Antifa has infiltrated the FBI which is covering up for them.

That this migrant children’s detention center isn’t as bad as those under Trump is no measure of bragging. These kids should be put into foster care pending whatever processes will decide their fate.

Let. Them. Out.

Republicans have a problem right now, and I’m not taking in popcorn because this is much more than a partisan thing. They have a bona fide authoritarian mass movement in their ranks and it’s a very dangerous time.

A couple of skirmishes in the war:

Portman vs. RonJon

Cheney vs. McCarthy

The rest of us really do have a stake in it.

Really interesting interview on Amanpour and Company last evening of Kurt Burdella who left the Republican Party in 2017 and recently resigned as advisor to the Lincoln Projects over the Weaver harassment issues. He faults Trump for the rise in violence against Asians and much more.

This means I can get back into the gym! Looking forward to it.


March 2021