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Along with cuts to education and other essential services, we’ve got to find every penny we can to support bloated military budgets, tax cuts for the one percent and a pointless wall.

Of much more importance than his giving Barr the power to declassify documents sans context – that all will backfire.  But this will kill people.

Including Mista Maja P.  Will he ever be invited to a Mateel event?  Or will that alienate other artists they want to attract?

Update:  Cancelled

And once again the LGBTQ community is forced to have to attempt to educate the clueless.

Maybe Sizzla can be pressured to follow Buju Banton’s lead.

And here’s one of his more charming performances.

From Queer Humboldt:


To: The Mateel Community Center Board of Directors & Staff

Re: Sizzla at Reggae on the River

It is with deep disappointment that we write this letter from the Board of Queer Humboldt, Humboldt County’s resource for the queer community.

We learned of the Mateel Community Center’s choice of having Sizzla at Reggae on the River yesterday.  

Queer Humboldt has been helping businesses in Humboldt County learn about performers that are in the Murder Music genre ( since 2010.  We’ve helped educate promoters, venues, and booking agents about the worldwide concerns over a small group of performers that call for the death of gays and lesbians.  This area of concern came up in 2009 and 2010 with local scheduled performances of Capleton, Bounty Killer and Buju Banton.  We helped inform our local community of the issues of performers calling for the brutal killing of gay people.  Once people understood the significance of Murder Music, three local concerts by Murder Music performers were cancelled by the venues. Worldwide, there have been multiple calls to action to help prevent the support of any person that would incite violence against any one group of people.

Some local history: Current articles:

Why would the Mateel Community Center sponsor a performer that is known worldwide and banned from music festivals around the world because of his calls for murdering gay people? (

The Mateel Community Center Board already knows about the controversy surrounding Sizzla from last year’s Board decision to cancel his appearance from public outcry.  The Mateel needs to stop supporting performers that earn money off lyrics that call for the killing of gays.  

In February 2010, Queer Humboldt sponsored a community presentation with Q&A on Murder Music.  The Mateel management was invited but did not attend our community meeting.  We followed up by emailing the Mateel the information so that the organization would be up to date with the Murder Music performance issue. The information provided covered Murder Music performers like Sizzla and others. 

We are shocked that the Mateel Community Center Board has chosen again to have the Mateel host Sizzla, an artist that has been previously banned from entering the United States.  What does that say about the values of the Mateel Community Center?

We doubt that the Mateel Community Center would hire a racist performer who calls for the death of African Americans. Why should the call for killing of gays be any different?

Humboldt County has been a progressive place that rejects hate.  The County voted 60% against Proposition 8, the anti-gay marriage amendment on the statewide ballot in November, 2008.  Historically, Humboldt County has been a progressive place to live.  The Mateel Community Center Board has positioned the Mateel Community Center as not only accepting, but actively inviting performers that are on a worldwide watch list for calling for the murder of gays.

It is appalling that the entire Mateel Community Center Board thought it was a good idea to invite Sizzla to perform and following through in the face of these facts to make his performance happen.

We hope the Board of the Mateel Community Center will re-think their actions, update their policies, procedures and bylaws for vetting performance artists to avoid bringing Murder Music artists to Humboldt, and support artists whose values do not contradict those of our vibrant community.


Todd Larsen, Founder

Michael Weiss, Founder

Queer Humboldt


And a factsheet:

Sizzla Fact Sheet





Redheaded Blackbelt has the story.  

Already lots of racism in the comments.

I was a freshman in High School when it happened, and we were all still celebrating the victory over Proposition 6 (the “Briggs Initiative”) which would have barred anyone who advocated for homosexuality as a right from teaching in California.  For a while it looked like it was going to pass, but the efforts of Milk in driving into conservative communities to introduce himself not only defeated the the measure, but did much to move society away from closet culture.   Unfortunately he and the most progressive Mayor the City has ever seen were killed by the last truly conservative politician to be elected in San Francisco.   Below is a poster for a tribute play which was performed sometime in the late 1990s.  (correction – early 80s as Jane Dornacker died in 1986).



It’s not just that Trump lost his bid to quash the subpoena, but that he was even denied a stay to file an appeal.  We’ll see if the appellate court grants the stay.

This is probably the most significant legal battle between branches of government since FDR tried to add Justices in order to stack SCOTUS.  If Trump does win, it will weigh the Executive Branch heavier than the Legislative as a matter of law, although Congress has done much to weaken its own power by giving it over to the Executive on a number of fronts – including war making.  This is very dangerous, and the Judge was appalled that Trump’s attorneys wouldn’t even commit to agreement that the Watergate investigation was lawful even though the tapes were ordered released by SCOTUS by 8-0 decision.

Attorneys told TPM that Mehta’s decision constituted a “thorough rebuttal” of the President’s argument — one that provides a framing device for oversight-related cases to come in the Trump era.

Rather than issuing a narrow ruling, Mehta directed his opinion toward the broad, constitutional concerns that Trump’s arguments implicate. He wrote that it’s “simply not fathomable” that Congress can have the ability to impeach without the power to investigate, and contended that an “ambitious legislative agenda” could emerge from House Democrats’ investigations of alleged presidential corruption.

Former federal prosecutor Elie Honig told TPM that the opinion suggested Mehta was interested in part in framing arguments to come. 

“Judge Mehta was aware that he was issuing the first ruling in a long series,” Honig said. “I guarantee you that in every subpoena battle that lies ahead, Congress will be citing Judge Mehta’s opinion.” 

Mehta also issued his decision quite quickly — the ruling came down just six days after a hearing on the matter — which indicates that the judge perceived Trump’s arguments to be a delay tactic, not just a good faith argument about Congressional authority.

“It suggests that this judge is not going to participate in stall tactics,” former U.S. attorney for the Eastern District of Michigan Barbara McQuade told TPM. 

Caveat though – the polled were a tough crowd for everybody!

Teresa Davey is now the third potential candidate.  Thanks to Redheaded Blackbelt for the information.

So far, all three candidates are from the Sohum hills (though Davey is on the north end of the Second District hills).  Will somebody from Fortuna step up or will they just leave the race to the hippies?

Point of clarification – there is no “splitting the vote” in BOS elections.  Nobody gets elected in the primary unless somebody collects more than half of the votes cast, so either the front runner has enough votes to win or he or she doesn’t.  It doesn’t matter how the rest of the votes are split.  And of course, if nobody gets over 50 percent, then there is a runoff between the top two vote-getters in November.  One caveat is that due to a quirk in the law anyone can run in the run-off as a write-in, even if they didn’t participate in the primary, as Johanna Rodoni did in 2008.

In past elections Estelle has done well in the northern portion of the District having built solid relationships with the Chamber crowd in and around Fortuna.  I think they saw her as the best chance to defeat Cliff Clendenen in 2012 as she was pretty much guaranteed a win in Sohum, all she had to do was win big in the conservative areas such as Hydesville and Rio Dell, and do respectably against the favorite son in Fortuna, and she pulled it off and hasn’t looked back.  But since 2008 nobody from the northern part of the Second District has run.  Will Estelle’s coalition hold?  Is she their person?  Or will someone in Fortuna step up?  Fortuna isn’t as conservative as it was a decade ago.  Will a Fortuna progressive run?  I think Estelle’s biggest worry is a more conservative run which could duplicate the 2008 results if one of her progressive opponents does well in changing Fortuna.

And maybe I’m being presumptuous.  Is Davey progressive?  What does that even mean these days?  Nathan Wise is definitely progressive.

Anyway, yes, it’s that time again.  Although it’s much earlier than it used to be.  When a group of Second District progressives drafted Clif Clendenen in 2007, it was nearly fall before he declared.  Actually, I think his kick-off was in December.

Calls for impeachment.  

I’m sure we’ll hear all about how he isn’t a “real Republican” from people who’ve never heard of him until today.

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