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They would foot the bill for this guy to tour the US.  This guy blows out of the water several stereotypes at once.  Progressives should be talking to this guy.  Democrats too.  Because of the neglect, we have lost many of these people.  This guy is young, and with fight and spirit.  This guy picked up a few books along his journey, and he thinks.  He can’t afford college, but he takes the time to think.  Listen to the results.

If we survive as a species it will be largely due to the efforts of people like Nic Smith, who are in a unique position at this point in history to change the narrative.
He’s a Waffle House waiter, training for the grill when he will go from $2.35 minimum wage plus tips to $9.60 per hour with no tips.  And yet he knows more about society and politics than many people with advanced degrees.

Right outside the station!  Suicide attack maybe?

North Coast News is like a block away and they were right on it.

Update:  Not quite as initially reported, but still very scary!  LoCo has the update.

It begins.  From The Nation.

Trump is flouting not only his self-imposed rules against conflicts of interests but also one of the cruxes of his presidential campaign. “There is a fundamental conflict in the transition team between the promises that the president-elect made on the campaign trail, and the excitement that he generated among ordinary voters who felt very strongly that Washington was no longer answering to them, but was instead answering to big special interests,” Senator Sheldon Whitehouse told reporters Friday. “This array of big special-interest operatives and lobbyists who are now engaged in this transition in these exact places where their conflict of interest is most acute.”

These transition landing teams are not ceremonial positions, either. These operators are serving vitally important roles. “All this matters because these people will be selecting people to staff the new agencies, and set[ting] the early trajectory,” said Robert Weissman, president of Public Citizen.

If he’s going to pack his transition team with corporate interests, Trump could at least provide some transparency into what they are doing. In 2008, Barack Obama created a website that disclosed every meeting his transition team had with three or more non–transition team members, regardless of the topic of the meeting, provided it didn’t deal with national security or sensitive personnel decisions. The website also posted every document it received from an outside interest, and Obama voluntarily exposed the transition team’s internal documents to the Freedom of Information Act, even though transition teams are essentially non-governmental outfits and not subject to FOIA by law.

I expect legislation which will water down the Freedom of Information Act considerably.

Update:  Amazing, and he’s not even President yet.  He’s going to make a killing!


“It’s fair to say that we may have had some influence.”



In response to that map being spread around with the caption “Remind me which pipeline is a danger to water” or something like that – here’s a map of all of the major pipeline oil accidents over the past 16 years – probably limited to those which required Superfund reporting. I believe there have been over 3000 reported leaks in the lower 48 states since 2010, but I’m not finding my source on that at the moment.

The fact of the matter is that it’s only “safer” if you calculate spills/accidents as ratio to total volume of oil transported.  The fact that so much more oil is sent in a short amount of time means that the danger is actually greater.

Julia Minton adds:

California easily loses 10% of its water supply simply to leaks in distribution infrastructure. And while the water board is working to reduce that, it’s still considered an acceptable lose. I’ve heard new jersey loses as much as 30%.

I wonder what is considered acceptable leak lose when distributing oil?


And my friend Mark Walker:

Tempting as it is, you can’t compare rail and pipeline accident rates in a meaningful way. Rail accidents are more frequent, but their consequences are usually quicky contained, and environmentally limited. Pipeline accidents are less given the volume(although more common as far as absolute numbers go) but release far more crude (like 187 times more).
From 2004-2012 rail incidents released 2,269 barrels of crude, while pipeline incidents released 424,000 barrels (pp.133-134 below).



Fortunately, it’s only Indiana tax payer money that went into a bribe.  What happened to the blustering threats of import taxes against corporations who were planning to move to Mexico?  And the only reason Trump could pull it off is because Pence remains governor until the hostage money is delivered.

According to Bernie less than half of the jobs have actually been saved.

Of course, he’s already handed the Treasury to Goldman Sachs (GS stocks soared yesterday).  Remember when he attacked Cruz and Clinton for their ties to GS?

Good thing he’s not a politician.


Kym reports.

Update:  It’s open.

Whatever your opinions on the Dakota Access Pipeline, this image from Standing Rock is really intense.  Reminiscent of the Tank Guy image from China circa 1989.

From this Facebook page.


No clear cut answers, just questions.

Meanwhile, “Heil Trump.”  No, that’s not sarcasm.

It just got really nasty there.


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