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Because they know you won’t believe some “random guy on the Internet!”

Quote below the Metabunk posting:

“I like how you made those “books” look so real, Mr. Random Guy on the Internet…if that is your real name!”

More detailed information at the Metabunk site.

Photo of truck spotted in Fairbanks, Alaska – taken by Leon Unruh.

Trump Palin

Sanders RallyFor my political experience, it’s the Rainbow Coalition/Jesse Jackson run all over again with a couple of key differences.  First, Bernie Sanders is much more careful about what he says (so far no “hymietown” equivalent) and unlike Jackson, whom I voted for twice, I actually think Sanders would make a good President.  And he’s already handled a very difficult situation with grace and competence, perhaps even turning it to his advantage as Black Lives Matter turned its attention to another candidate who may not have handled it as well.

Sanders is drawing crowds early.  Huge crowds in places like Los Angeles, which is notorious for low political event turnouts.  But for some punditry, it’s not such a big deal.

Like Jackson, and to some degree Obama, Sanders represents a movement as much as a candidacy.  He made that point in a speech in Iowa recently, in which he admitted that he would be limited in his ability to change things as President. And his open embracing of the label “socialist” appears to have transcended much of the stigma, as he is outpolling every Republican candidate at this point, including Trump.  And while he remains well behind Clinton in national polls, he has passed her in New Hampshire, where the first primary will take place.  Washington based pundits are downplaying that because it was the first CNN poll of NH which excluded Elizabeth Warren and he claims the bulk of his support.  Not sure what that mitigates for Clinton – all it says to me is that Sanders was ahead all the time.

Meanwhile, younger pundits are looking at the campaign a bit differently from the usual suspects of Washington pol blab.

He is scandal free, prompting some telling satire.  He reportedly has never personally attacked another candidate on anything other than policy, and respects his opponents.

He won’t play into media trivialities.  Ana Marie Cox is one of my favorite reporters (she was the original Wonkette) and I understand why she asked the question (probably should have worded it differently), but I really love Sanders’s response.

The mainstream pundits may be right.  He may benefit early on from enthusiastic support of the disaffected left, and his potential may cap – just as I suspect Trump’s will tap with the right wing counterparts.  But Sanders has the respect of just about everybody – he’s likable and focused on policy discussion over theatrics.  As we are still “recovering” from a systemic crash 7 years old his real policy discussions may resonate with people beyond the left ghetto.  As one businesswoman who supported his first Senate candidacy way back in 2006 responded when asked about his socialism:  “I don’t care what his religion is.”  He will elevate and focus the debates.  He has real proposals long overdue from single payer health care to to free college tuition.  He is the first major candidate to raise class issues in a meaningful way in a long time (with the dubious exception of John Edwards in 2008, the last serious candidate to raise class issues was Mondale, and that didn’t go very well in a boom stretch in a country which loves leaders who encourage us to feel comfortable with our prejudices.  We rarely appreciate leaders who challenge us.  Sanders is one of those leaders.

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TrumpI actually thought he stopped being funny when he proposed an electrified wall at the border and declared the 14th Amendment “unconstitutional.”  As the Rolling Stone reports, he is even less funny now.

“So two yahoos from Southie in my hometown of Boston severely beat up a Hispanic homeless guy earlier this week. While being arrested, one of the brothers reportedly told police that “Donald Trump was right, all of these illegals need to be deported.”

When reporters confronted Trump, he hadn’t yet heard about the incident. At first, he said, “That would be a shame.” But right after, he went on:

“I will say, the people that are following me are very passionate. They love this country. They want this country to be great again. But they are very passionate. I will say that.”

This is the moment when Donald Trump officially stopped being funny.”

I still think his appeal is limited.  He’s ahead of all the other Republicans because none of them is particularly interesting and so they all have single digit support.  I do think eventually a plurality of Republican voters will coalesce around one of the candidates, probably Jeb Bush or Scott Walker, and overwhelm the 25 to 30 percent backing Trump.  But in the meantime, he’s got the forum and that’s a whole lot of stupid to be thrown around for the next few months.

Garberville Sects

Supervisor Mark Lovelace won’t be running for reelection.  Personally, I think he’s burned out on the ideological intransigence of the Board Majority and its supporters.  Lost Coast Outpost has the story.

Mike Wilson is out of the starting gate, already with an impressive list of endorsers.  The election is a long way off, but I would say he’s the favorite – if he gets any opposition.

I’ll have more to say about this later.

I wonder who will run for Mike’s current seat on the Harbor Commission.

I’ll have Dave Meserve with me to discuss it.  7:00 p.m. as always.


From John Shelter regarding the questionable use of equipment to clean up the marsh.  I

“Well I hope I did this right. This past Friday was our last day out at the marsh. An area that we overseen from 2009 to 2011 just before it really got crazy. “Really at one point we really had some support”. Then again from 2013 to present with only the mall supporting the program financially. This video was shot Friday while we were inspecting areas where the city of eureka decided to clean using their method. New Directions was created to address many issues such employment, housing and most of all the environmental impact that homelessness and poverty create. Leaving a bigger environmental foot print in the name of cleaning up just does not cut it.”

Generally speaking, to run a bulldozer through such a sensitive wetlands requires some sort of environmental review, if not a full on EIR.  Eureka City Manager Greg Sparks really must participate in a public discussion if he intends this to become regular policy.  He needs to seek scientific input.  There is no shortage of expertise locally.  He needs to avail himself of it.  This was a really bad decision.

I would encourage those of you who care about this issue to contact him and cc your communication to the Eureka City Council.

From the City website:

Greg Sparks, City Manager email
Christine Tyson, Executive Assistant email

The City Manager’s office is located at:     Eureka City Hall
531 K Street-Room 208
                                                            Eureka, CA 95501-1146

The office is open Monday through Friday, from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM, Closed Noon to 1:00 PM.

Telephone: (707) 441-4144

Fax: (707) 441-4138

For those who can’t be there.

Also, this was taken over the festival by drone – credit George Krieger.

Lots more of his and other photos on the ROTR Facebook page.

Reggae from a Drone

When a rich white guy is inconvenienced.


Addendum:  Sorry, I didn’t notice the date on this article.  Not sure why it was sent to me today.


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