I grabbed this off of Humboldt Herald.

[From the McKinleyville Press, Oct. 27, 2010]

We, the undersigned environmental scientists, engineers, geologists, biologists, and planners, strongly support Patrick Cleary for 5th District Supervisor.

We have all seen the damage to our watersheds that has caused declines in natural resources such as salmon as well as degraded water quality. The impacts on our community and economy are well documented. We also know that the continued use of our rivers, bays, oceans, and other natural resources is not without conflict.

This is why it is so important that we elect a supervisor that not only understands the complex issues facing us but also has the experience and ability to create and be part of the solution.

Patrick Cleary, through his dedication and hard work on the numerous local businesses, non-profits, and community groups, has demonstrated time and again his ability to bring people together for positive outcomes that are good for people and the environment.


Patrick has shown he has what it takes to improve our environment and our quality of life by obtaining funding for numerous projects such as eel grass preservation in Humboldt Bay, financing for Rio Dell’s wastewater treatment plant to protect water quality, and assisting our organic farmers grow their businesses.

November 2nd, we must choose a person with a clear understanding about the importance of healthy ecosystems and watersheds to our common culture, health, and economy.

For us the choice is clear.

Please vote for Patrick Cleary for 5th District Supervisor.

Jeff Anderson, Professional EngineerMark Andre, Forester
Ethan Bell, Aquatic Ecologist
Don Bremm, Fisheries Biologist
Jeffrey Dunk, Ecologist
Annie Eicher, Botanist
Rocco Fiori, Engineering Geologist
Sam Flanagan, Geologist
Danny Hagans, Earth Scientist
Dennis Halligan, Fisheries Biologist
Eileen Hemphill-Haley, PhD
Mark Hemphill-Haley, PhD
Jennifer Kalt, Botanist
Sharon Kramer, PhD
Steve Kramer, Fish and Wildlife Biologist
Gordon Leppig, Environmental Scientist
Julie Neander, Resource Specialist
Steve Salzman, Professional Engineer
Jay Stallman, Geologist/Geomorphologist
Bill Weaver, PhD
Sheri Woo, Professional Engineer

[Additional list of endorsements]