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Addendum:  And the Magnificent Seven.

And I always thought this was an odd one to come from the Clash.

And lastly, more recently Mick Jones’ daughter helps him through his  midlife crisis.

Lauren Jones (who also goes by the name “Tallulah Japanese”) has her own band called Clay Machine Gun with a song bearing the charming title of “Kick that Bitch in the Cunt.”  I can’t find a video clip.

Am I getting old?

Yesterday my kids had music classes at HSU in the morning and indoor soccer in Samoa in the afternoon.  In between we stopped in to Petes New York Style Pizza (the best restaurant pizza I’ve had in Humboldt County!) for lunch.  They have like five televisions with sports on and they had the Georgetown/Duke game on several of them.  We were waiting for our meal when Obama came onto the screen with the commentators to do some play-by-play.  I couldn’t hear the conversation over the background noise and the kids playing Fussball, but it looked like the commentators were having a good time.  At one point towards the end they started laughing hard, and I was curious as to what it was about.  So this morning I found the clip on Youtube.  When asked about his being left handed and favoring it in play, he responded that he’d been to the Republican caucus meeting yesterday to prove that he could go to his right, but admitted that his left was much stronger.  Here it is:

Georgetown clobbered Duke.

Obama’s a genuine fan.  Biden not so much apparently.

From the Mateel:

With two successful and hilarious Mateel performances under their belt, The Just Another Hangover Tour will return to Redway on Friday, February 5th as part of the Mateel Comedy Cabaret series. Showcasing professional, Seattle-based comedians Heneghen, Scot Shields, Mike Corning, and Jeremy Whitman, the event guarantees a night of uproarious laughter and advance tickets will be offered due to heightened interest in this show.

I missed yesterday’s event at Osprey, but today there’s a big CR sign across the street, the grass is being mowed, and something’s going on inside.

Here is yesterday’s press statement:

CR to establish new Southern Humboldt Instructional Site,

classes to be offered starting in fall 2010 in Garberville

SHUSD transfers deed to Garberville School site to college

College of the Redwoods has taken over possession of the historic Garberville School from the Southern Humboldt Unified School District (SHUSD) and will begin offering classes there starting in fall 2010.

“We believe that having a permanent site in Garberville will be a huge plus for the residents of Southern Humboldt and the CR District in general,” said CR President Jeff Marsee. “One of CR’s main priorities is providing better access to education for the communities the college serves.”

CR’s new Southern Humboldt Instructional Site, which includes three acres, was recently purchased from the SHUSD for $200,000. The CR Board of Trustees at its January meeting approved a plan to remodel the four classrooms in the building for a cost of up to $1 million. The renovation proposal came from the firm of JAG Architects, headed by John Ash.

The plan will provide four classrooms (two regular lecture rooms, one computer classroom and a conference/distance education space), a small computer laboratory, staff office space and a kitchen lounge for students and employees.  The building was built in 1939 and is excellent shape, according to Ash.

“The response from the Southern Humboldt community to this new site has been overwhelmingly enthusiastic,” said George Truett, the Southern Humboldt representative on the CR Board of Trustees. “We’re expecting significant student interest for fall 2010.”

The building and acreage, as well as the renovations, will be paid for out of Measure Q bond money. The residents of Southern Humboldt, it has been shown, will contribute about $2.5 million over time in property taxes to pay for the Measure Q bonds, a property tax measure passed by the voters of the CR District in November 2004.

Currently, approximately 175 Southern Humboldt residents take classes at the CR Eureka campus, a more than one-hour drive for many of them. Compared to other areas of the CR District and the state, the percentage of Southern Humboldt residents taking classes is low – just 29 per 1,000 residents. The state and CR District average is 67 per 1,000 residents.

“A new longstanding educational collaboration between our two educational institutions has begun,” said SHUSD Superintendent Michael McAllister. “The ongoing learning partnerships that have been established between Southern Humboldt Unified School District and the communities of Southern Humboldt County, and the College of the Redwoods will now be greatly facilitated through this transfer of school facilities.  Our students and community members will now have greater opportunities to achieve their goals of obtaining a higher education in a local community setting.”

High school students can concurrently enroll in CR courses and complete some of their course requirements before they enter college or career training programs – a significant financial saving to students and their families. College-bound students and residents will receive localized student services for financial aid, academic and career counseling, tutoring, as well as math and English assessment testing for placement in appropriate college courses. All students and residents will have access to CR’s electronic library services.

There will be many opportunities for economic partnerships and job training for the Southern Humboldt community with the permanent instructional site, Marsee added. These include:

Ø  Opportunities to partner with Southern Humboldt Community Hospital District and Redwoods Rural Health Center.

Ø  Enhancing local economic development by assisting new and established businesses in training employees.

Ø  Providing an entry-point to CR’s agriculture and forestry program, which features the sustainable organic farm at Shively.

Ø  Contributing to  local retail businesses such as restaurants, grocery stores, and coffee shops by bringing more foot traffic.

Paul DeMark

College of the Redwoods

Director, Communications and Marketing

Here’s one clip from the GOP retreat where he points out that the health care bills are centrist to the core.  The meeting was a gutsy move on his part, and maybe it paid off.  If you click twice on the video it will take you to the youtube page where you will find more clips from the event.  There were some pretty contentious moments.

Here’s one of those moments.

Here are some written highlights if you don’t have high speed access.

Calculated Risk, Paul Krugman, and the Republicans are trying to find bad news in the 5.7 percent increase in the size of the economy last quarter.  Certainly much of the growth is in restocking, but that’s restocking that did not take place a year ago, and restocking is good because it means that businesses are anticipating selling what they’re restocking.  And the restocking only applies to 3.4 percent, which means there was 2.3 percent growth beyond that.  And yes, much of it is the result of the stimulus and cash for clunkers programs, and yes, the rate of increase will probably drop this quarter.  But there’s only so much bad news you can find in a 5.7 increase following two years of recession.  Things are looking up.

If only Obama wasn’t caving to Republican ideology and planning to actually take money out of the economy with ill-advised discretionary spending freezes, I’d be very optimistic about an end to the recession this year.

Addendum: It looks like the expansion may have been global.

Listening to the highlights of the Prop 8 trial on my way home today something occurred to me.  I was thinking about the bumper sticker which reads, “if the people lead, eventually the leaders will follow.”

Do you think that applies to universal marriage rights?  For that matter, did it really apply to the older civil rights struggles in the south?

Maybe progressives ought to reconsider their negative view of the “great mover” theory of history.

In an email being sent to fund raise for the Tea Partiers, this photo is being used.  I’ll let you decide whether it’s racist.

I mean, it wouldn’t matter if he wasn’t black.  They would use this image for any Democratic President, right?

Due to infighting, legal fights over the copyright to “tea party,” and other problems, it looks like the planned Tea Party Convention is coming apart at the seams.

I only heard clips on the radio, and I’ve only just turned on the idiot box to hear the blather, but apparently his speech was well received.

I did see a clip where Obama listed the tax cuts he signed into law last year, and the Republicans were still sitting on their hands with sour looks (McCain was the worst!).  He cracked a joke, “I thought that would earn some applause from you,” and a few of them clapped.

McCain’s on Larry King right now whining about the lack of bipartisanship from Obama.  And I mean whining.  High pitched.

Did anybody watch it?  Yeah, yeah, I know.  It’s all talk.  Doesn’t mean anything.  Blah, blah.  But it’s good political theater, and it does actually means something to a lot of people.

I’d like to see this moment of the speech.  From a TPM poster:

Maybe it’s just because I’m a poli sci major turned lawyer, but that moment when he turned to the Supremes and took them directly to task for Dred Scott II the Citizens United opinion, and then watching the majority look completely taken aback as the other branch of government stood up, looked at them and cheered actually stunned me a bit.

McCain did force a compliment out of his mouth for Obama.  Kind of mandatory since it was McCain’s law which was slapped down.  The old McCain’s that is, but McCain’s nevertheless.

Apparently Alito wasn’t happy.

Chris Matthews delivered an odd comment:  “I forgot he was black tonight.”

And Joe what’s-his-name’s 15 minutes are over.  He obviously took his medication.  No wackoid outbursts tonight.

Addendum: It does appear that the speech did Obama and the Democrats some good.

Second addendum: Mike Thompson commenting on the speech doesn’t really say where he falls on health care at this point, except to say that Obama needs to show “leadership” on the issue.  And he is backing Obama’s call for discretionary spending freezes, which is absolutely amateurish and detrimental policy in a recession where even most conservative economists will tell you that deficit spending is actually necessary to stimulate the economy.  Granted 25 billion a year isn’t that big on the scale of things, but it could make a difference for tens of thousands looking for work.  And exempting military spending from the strategy is even more detrimental as we have seen some of the worst graft, pork, and unaccounted for money in that area than all the others put together.  Anybody remember that 10 billion or whatever which simply disappeared in Iraq a few years ago?  We could use that money right now.

Third addendum: Nate Silver analyzes some numbers in the speech.  Not the ones you’re thinking of.  I hope he’s getting paid for his time!  The graph tallying the buzz words of various SOTUs is a mere sample.

This was emailed to me. I don’t have any more information, and I don’t have time to dig for it right now.

I’ve had the pleasure of interviewing him a couple of times.  Loved his Peoples History in high school and early on in college, though I was a little less impressed later on.  But he was always thoughtful and quite often very original in his thinking.

More later.

The photo comes from his Wikipedia entry, which has already been updated.


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