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Hoodline reports.

I had to wonder. I mean, even with the gentrification there’s just no way a Folsom Street venue can afford to be associated with “murder music.”

There’s some push-back in Sonoma County as well.

I thought this had to be a joke, but yes, apparently Donald Trump is taking foreign policy advice from Michelle Bachman.

I don’t even know what to say.

Beginning with the Johnson/Goldwater blowout of 1964.  From the 60s through the 80s there were huge shifts back and forth, whereas since 2000, and maybe arguably since 1992, certain patterns have fallen into place.

Modern politics have become known as the “post-ideological” era, but these maps may indicate the opposite.  They point to a solidification of ideology along cultural divides which correlate with geographical patterns.  Some years ago someone noted that the election results, particularly of 2000 and 2004, correlate to the free state/slavery breakdown prior to the Civil War.  But demographics and cultural divides have shifted enough since then to conclude coincidence.  Some of the reddest states used to be bastions of union and socialist activity.  And California used to be almost a sure win for Republicans – the decline of military industry and ascent of high tech industry along with the growth of non-white voting blocs having reversed that pattern for the foreseeable future.

I think the map will look much the same in November, with the possible additions of Georgia and Arizona to the blue side, and curiously it’s conceivable that Iowa will go for Trump – for some reason he’s doing better in polling there than in Ohio, Florida, Virginia, and North Carolina.

The last caller on my show suggested that he has.  By some accounts he said “I love you” or something to the women protesting in the pit during his performance when they unfurled a Pride flag.  Others have a different account.  It’s inaudible on the video.

So a friend of mine who prefers not to be named sent me the following videos.  The first was filmed in 2014.


The following was posted in 2013 when he talked about burning gay men to the cheers of this crowd, wherever it was.


The incident at the Sting concert also happened in 2013.

This article trumpets Sizzla’s “triumph over the homosexual community.”  As Todd said on the show, Reggae on the River was the kick-off for his tour.

In September, he’s going to play at Folsom Street, in San Francisco.  I’m not sure if the owners of that venue know what they’ve taken on.

I don’t know.  Has he found some sort of humility in 2016?  I guess we’ll find out as the media catches up to the news of the tour.

CNN interview, and these lines don’t even capture the awkwardness of it.

“You guys are down,” Keilar began.

“Says who?” Cohen interjected

“Polls…most of them…all of them?” Keilar went on.

Awkward pause

“Says who?”

“I… just told you.  I just answered your question.  Polls.  All of them.”

“Which polls?”

“All of them.”

The exchange is remarkable, and telling.

Sure.  The Fivethirtyeight people discuss it.  Things can happen, such as… a major successful terror attack.

I think when you’re incorporating that into an election scenario, you’re scraping the bottom of the barrel.

He’s been consistently down by 6 or 7 points since the end of the DNC.  Has anyone come back from such an August deficit to win?  Yes, Bush, Sr. in 1988, but the deficit was before his convention, not after both conventions had finished.

Trump’s rebooting himself.  Again.  But he always reverts.  Everybody keeps talking about all the “mistakes” he’s made since the conventions, but these aren’t mistakes.  It’s the same thing he’s been doing.  Bringing Ailes in is a good indication of what one of the discussion participants said – the Trump campaign is in a bubble which assumes that the angry 35 percent who support him unconditionally represent the majority.  It’s a big constituency to build on, but so far in a year of campaigning he hasn’t managed to build on it.

Sure, a terror attack could happen.  Or a cataclysmic economic downturn, might help him.  Or a Wikileaks distribution which reveals Clinton as a closeted axe-murderer – maybe.  Or he may release a mind-controlling gas from his private jet which causes all his critics to “bow down” before him as his  protégé Omarosa Manigault suggests.

But they’re even in Georgia and Arizona, and Clinton is ahead by more than 10 points in polls for states which together add up to well over the requisite 270 electoral college votes.

So yeah, “anything can happen.”  But it probably won’t.

He made a play for the black vote in Milwaukee yesterday.  Maybe he can have Sizzla tour with him.

I don’t think so, but I’m putting this up for you to decide.  The BLM portion comes about four minutes in.  I’m cynical.  Personally, I think the whole “peace/love” themes of Reggae are mostly about marketing anyway.  But I’m cynical.

But even if he means it – maybe it’s even worse because it makes him a hypocrite.

You decide for yourself.

Talking Points Memo reports.  I guess that means his name will appear twice?

The American Independent Party was the segregationist front for George Wallace’s campaign in 1968.  Since then it had pretty much been taken over by the John Birch Society – much like the Peace and Freedom Party is now essentially a front for the post-Trotskyist Workers World Party.

The party has long been a source of confusion for registering voters as some thought they were registering as “independent,” rather than the intended “decline to state.”  It fooled the Communist scholar Herbert Aptheker who found himself on a right wing crazy mailing list, getting literature about how the Equal Rights Amendment defied nature, and how the Soviet Union was deliberately ruining our economy by pretending to built up arms so that we would respond in kind – kind of ironic given that Caspar Weinberger in the Reagan administration has pretty much confessed to manufacturing the “Soviet military superiority” theme in order to justify Reagan’s dramatic increases in military spending in what would become a game of nuclear chicken.

Anyway, they have always been there as the right wing alternative for those who believe that the Republican Party is too liberal.  For instance, they believed that Reagan had become “an idiot tool of the Kremlin” when he was negotiating with Gorbachev.

For the first time, they have nominated the Republican nominee as their own.  Says a lot… well, about a lot.


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