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“You’re tired of hearing about it? Imagine how exhausting it is to live it!”

On top of being right on, the montage is a work of art.  You can tell that he’s very proud of his staff.  And you can understand why Fox News is hitting back at Jon Stewart of late.

This Dissent article makes the case that a boycott shut down Glen Beck.

I find it dubious, but if it’s true – is that something for the left to take pride in?  I don’t like boycotts aimed at free speech, but that’s the civil libertarian in me.  The First Amendment to me isn’t just Constitutional Law.  Yes, I know it only applies to government.  But it also represents an ethos – that you fight bad words and ideas with words and ideas of your own and that broad discourse is inherently progressive.

Just my thinking.  For what it’s worth.

Rolling Stone reports that his office is bomb proof to protect him from Muslims and gays.

Inside his blast-resistant office at Fox News headquarters, Ailes keeps a monitor on his desk that allows him to view any activity outside his closed door. Once, after observing a dark-skinned man in what Ailes perceived to be Muslim garb, he put Fox News on lockdown. “What the hell!” Ailes shouted. “This guy could be bombing me!” The suspected terrorist turned out to be a janitor. “Roger tore up the whole floor,” recalls a source close to Ailes. “He has a personal paranoia about people who are Muslim – which is consistent with the ideology of his network.”

A fascinating read.  The last sentence of the article may very well be the epitaph of Republican moderation.

A Florida school banned red and green. It was reported on TV, so it has to be true.

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Oh, and to date Fox News has yet to air a retraction. They did post an “update” in which they quote the principal as denying that there is such a policy, and blamed parents for not checking with the principal before Fox ran their story nationwide.

The Village Voice adds this:

County officials shot that story down, but who cares? Fox updated, but as we wrote this, Gateway Pundit (“Florida School Bans Christmas… And Christmas Colors”) hadn’t. Neither had Blue Collar Philosophy (“since Liberalism is a religion and those who believe in it cannot tolerate the one religion that exposes it, namely, Christianity”), nor Weasel Zippers (“it’s come to this”), nor this guy, nor this one, etc.

Full Metal Patriot did update: “After receiving a predictable backlash from angry parents, the Seminole County Public Schools district has issued the following retraction correction… This may have been a case of the school and district doing an abrupt about-face or it may have been an individual teacher taking her authority a bit too far.” Or it may have been bullshit, a possibility Full Metal Patriot did not consider.

Addendum: Another edict from the Fox News Central Committee has been leaked which instructed reporters to skew any discussion of climate change.

Leaked emails reveal (gasp!) that Fox News is partisan!

Digby suggests that some Fox employee may have been inspired by Wikileaks.

Now everyone has known forever that Bill Sammon is a rightwing hack of epic proportions. But the Network has defended Sammon as a straight reporter and the Villagers have had fits if anyone suggested otherwise. So this just proves something that was already obvious. What’s interesting about it is that FOX employees have had enough and are leaking the secrets.

Apparently Sammon defended his memo in an interview, saying that he was simply looking for accuracy in the terminology.  This is very similar to the old revelations about Fox’s insistence on using the phrase “homicide bomber” arguing that suicide is somehow heroic.

It took all of five minutes for Fox to rise to a pitch over the Brooklyn Bridge shutdown, complete with a Taliban-attack narrative, only to dismiss it as if it hadn’t happened.  No real news service jumped the gun.  Incidentally, the “related story” Pakistani Taliban narrative turned out to be false as well.

You think they were disappointed?

This Onion piece is funny, but what’s even funnier is the people who took it seriously.

And this is Jon Stewarts seminal skewering of the “non-opinion zone” of Fox News, aired last night.  At his best!

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As I (and probably a slew of others) predicted, Sarah Palin lands a job with Fox News.  Fox is sort of the Hollywood Squares of conservative politics that way.

Meanwhile, a book on Palin which had been comissioned from NBC reporter Matthew Berger has been dropped by the would-be publisher because “the marketplace changed.”  Palin had sold 300,000 books in a single week.  So when they say the marketplace had changed, are they talking Palin market saturation, or citing popularity which would make any books critical of her in any way unprofitable or even bad PR?

Addendum: TPM has compiled her greatest hits on Fox News.

Second addendum: Ooops.  Looks like she’s quit already.

Hume’s advice was delivered on his Fox News program.   It is a striking event on several levels, particularly as Fox is trying to convince everybody that it is a bonafide news organization.   I may have something to say about it later.


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