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Chavez Event

As always, I will post pretty much any campaign announcements I receive, without regard to my personal preferences.  Just email them to me.


From the Kerrigan campaign:


The Kerrigan for Supervisor campaign will open its new office headquarters to the public for a Grand Opening Party this Friday(March 28th) at 6:00 PM!

This will be an opportunity for supporters to hear from the Kerrigan for Supervisor campaign, and learn about volunteer opportunities. Chris will be there to speak with guests about how we can move Humboldt County forward together!

Don’t miss this great opportunity to meet Chris and your fellow supporters! Refreshments will be provided.

Please RSVP to Mitra at <> or by calling 707-442-2220.

DATE: Friday, March 28
TIME: 6:00 – 9:00 PM
LOCATION: 427 F Street, Suite 213, above the Sewell Gallery in Old Town Eureka.

Today’s Times-Standard explains the huge difference in the Board of Supervisors candidates’ fundraising. Incumbent Virginia Bass’s official disclosure brags about her war chest:

“…Bass has raised a total of $17.926 since Jan. 1, but she already had a beginning cash balance of $59.035.”

It’s going to take a LOT of effort to match Bass and the big-moneyed interests who want to keep her in power.

That’s where YOU come in. We need supporters like you to help Chris Kerrigan get elected and move Humboldt County forward.

The third in the series of four interviews with the DA candidates on KHSU – 7:00 p.m. tonight.  Will be a call-in format as usual.

I’ve already interviewed Elan Firpo and Arnie Klein.  You can listen to those interviews and last week’s candidate forum at the Arcata Community Center on the KHSU archives.  I will be interviewing Maggie Fleming on April 24.

I was in Sohum on Tuesday evening and didn’t see any D.A. candidate signs anywhere.  They’ve plastered Eureka.  Usually by now there would be Paul Gallegos signs all over the place in Sohum where he has always been very popular, even to ignore the endorsements of local leaders for other candidates (Estelle, for example, voted for a Democratic Party Central Committee endorsement of Allison Jackson – Sohum overwhelmingly voted for her, but didn’t follow her example).  But as of yet none of the new candidates has claimed the Sohum candidate mantle.  Sohum has been a factor in close elections before.  Will it adopt a candidate this time?

It does seem that the Gallegos model of priorities is now fixed – the mantra of all four candidates being, “Go after the cartel mega-grows, leave the ‘mom & pop’ grows alone when possible.”  Paul G. has apparently altered the political landscape on that issue.  Permanently.

So are there other issues of particular importance to Sohum?  Half the callers in my Arnie Klein interview were from Sohum.  What are your questions?  Post them here, and if you can’t call in tonight I’ll ask them for you.



Well, to quote the Austrian Emperor in Amadeus:  “There it is.”Eco News Cover  You can click on it to enlarge.

Sharon Latour

Thursday, March 20 at 12:00 pm at the Courthouse in Eureka.


As your Fifth District Supervisor I will be a careful steward of Humboldt County. I will work hard everyday to protect our quality of life and the quality of life for generations to come. I have the integrity to stand up for our vision. But standing up for our vision is not enough. It will take diligent teamwork and experienced leadership to make that vision real. I have the experience and skills need to move us forward into a better future.

Please come join me as we officially launch the campaign!

As we’ve discussed before, it’s not indicative of the voting populace in general, but let’s see who does best with the blogosphere.

Times Standard poll.

The Rational HippieMy guest on All Things Reconsidered will be Saul of Hearts, a self-described “hippie,” writers, yoga teacher, and musician who authored a Slate article with the above title.  I am not bringing him on as a genetic science expert or anything like that – just an educated and thoughtful man who has put some effort into the issue and drawn conclusions which are not currently shared by most others of his cultural demographic.  I asked him to join us precisely because he shares the values of most of the listenership, and speaks its language.  My hope is to have a fruitful discussion from which we can all learn.

Date is March 20, time is 7:00 p.m., and please call in to participate.

As homework, you might want to read his article.

I expect the discussion to be lively, but also respectful.  I mean, I know that we’ll probably hear from the Illuminati conspiracy theory set and all, but I also know that there are some very intelligent and knowledgeable listeners who are very committed to the eradication of GMO’s, and I’m hoping they will call in as well.

The image is the cover from his latest book, the e-version of which can be obtained free until tomorrow (Saturday, March 15)!

Last week I interviewed Elan Firpo on KHSU, and you can listen to it on the archives.

Tonight I’m interviewing Arnie Klein.

On March 27 I will interview Allan Dollison.  Maggie Fleming will join me on April 24.

KHSU will also be hosting a DA candidates forum on March 20.

All shows at 7:00 p.m.  All will be available on the archives until the election.

Addendum:  Archives link

As always, I am an equal opportunity campaign announcement poster.  Any candidate for local office who wants something posted should send it to me.

On Friday, March 7th, Humboldt County 4th generation native Chris Kerrigan will be announcing his intention to run for the 4th district Board of Supervisors seat on the front stairs of the Humboldt County Elections office. Chris Kerrigan and his campaign staff will be holding a press announcement ceremony at 12:15pm. 

We need supporters such as yourselves to accompany us at this event! The more supporters we have, the better. This is an important moment for Chris’s campaign. It will be a great start to a great campaign, and we couldn’t do it without his supporters. Please join us while Chris speaks to the public and the press about his candidacy.

Chris is currently a board member of the Boys and Girls Club and Keep Eureka Beautiful. As Eureka City Councilmember (2000-2008), Chris focused on economic development, public safety and planning to create a livable, walkable community. He plans to bring these values to the Board of Supervisors. Chris’s priorities are expansion of air service, development of short sea shipping and completion of trails from Arcata to King Salmon.

DATE: Friday, March 7th

TIME: 12:15 PM

LOCATION: Front stairs of the Humboldt County Elections Office, 3033 H Street Eureka, CA 95501 (Corner of H St & Harris St.)

Thank you and I hope to see you all there!

Mitra Abidi

Campaign Manager

Addendum:   LoCo’s report.

And video:

He’s running for Supervisor, not Mayor of Eureka.

And Ryan Sundberg has an opponent as well  in Rev. Sharon Latour.

Looks like we’re in for a real election campaign.

Addendum:  I’ve been informed that the Rev. Sharon Latour is connected to Sohum – formerly the pastor of the Presbyterian Church in Garberville.


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