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‘March Against Monsanto’ in Eureka, THIS SATURDAY, May 25.

FOR THE MARCH~~~Please meet at the corner of 2nd St. & I St. at promptly 11am in Eureka and be ready to March to the Court House on 5th and I St.
Please bring signs, costumes & positive vibes. Invite your friends and family too. This is a non-violent protest.
MARCH COLORS ARE BLACK & RED~ Please wear black and red!!

For more information contact event coordinators Isis Austin or Jesse Maynard.

On May 25, activists around the world will unite to March Against Monsanto!

Worldwide events here!>>

Mission statement:

In case you don’t know, this is a WORLDWIDE PROTEST against Monsanto and other GMO promoting corporations. As of now it is happening in 55 countries. And in the USA simultaneously (11AM PDT).
Below are ‘passive carpooling’ meeting places for people in outlying areas of Humboldt county. There are places where people can meet others and arrange rides together. Pass it on if you know someone who may be able to benefit from the info.

Carpooling from Southern Humboldt:
9 – 9:30AM – Garberville, park near and meet on Sprowel Creek Road, on the freeway overpass.
9 – 9:30AM – Redway – park near, and meet on sidewalk in front of Post Office, on Redwood Drive.
9:30AM – Miranda – Park and meet across from the freeway northbound onramp
10:15AM – Fortuna – Meet on 12th Street, in front of the high school.
Carpooling from Northern Humboldt:
9 – 9:30AM – Willow Creek – Meet in front of the playground
10 – 10:15AM – Trinidad – Meet on street by the Beachcomber, on Trinity Road.
10:15 – Blue Lake – Perigot Park, by skate park, on S. Railroad Ave.
10:15 – McKinleyville – location TBD
Trinidad to Eureka, North to South Saturday line link:
Willow Creek to Arcata (then change to above N-S line) link:
From Scotia, Fortuna, etc, to Eureka link:
No Saturday bus from Southern Humboldt
From the organizers.
There are a couple changes to ‘park and meet’ locations:

CHANGE OF LOCATION: Willow Creek- Park on street, meet in front of Riversong Market.

McKINLEYVILLE LOCATION: (Was a ‘TBD’) Meet near Azalea Hall by Pierson Park

ADD LOCATION: Arcata – in front of playground Healthsport Parking lot.

OUR MESSAGE IN GENERAL: Please respect private property; park in public areas.

I’m too tired to respond to the article, but I thought the link was worth posting for discussion. The author, Leonard Shumard, argues that protesters and activists are “tearing apart the very fabric which binds our society.”

He gives more credit to demonstrating than I.  I’ve attended far more marches/demos than I could hope to recount, and I tend to think they suffer from a sort of inflationary effect of diminishing returns.  I’ve argued in the past that demonstration should be organized only as part of a comprehensive political strategy, with clear goals in mind, but to many activists the demonstration is the end.  If it happens, it’s effective just because it is.

But the TS op ed piece suggests that activism is bad precisely because it is effective.  There is an ultra-libertarian argument that all altruistic behavior is bad for the economy because it undermines the beneficial greed which sets the parameters for an effective supply and demand system of economics.  Everyone acts in his/her material interests and we all float to the top under a Newtonian market force utopia.  When you act contrary to your material interests you upset the oh so delicate ecology of the free market.  And certainly if you frustrate those forces with any kind of intervention or “do gooderism” you set everything out of whack and tumbling towards social chaos where life is “nasty, brutish, and short.”

Life is simple.

But decided that the demonstrators were just a bunch of irrelevant 60s radicals.  At least that’s what he told the faux Koch when he got punked by a liberal blogger (whose blog appears to have been removed from the net).

He also revealed to “Koch” a plan to bring the Democrats back to talk under false pretenses to get them in session, apparently assuming that the Democrats would not realize that the quorum is good once the session begins so that if they walked out again the Republicans could vote as if they were there.  I don’t know, maybe it would have worked.  But it won’t work now.

Walker later held a lively press conference, which ended on a petty note.

You can listen to the prank phone conversation through the first link above.  And this Kos poster has some transcribed excerpts.

And this post may have the whole transcript.

So I won’t judge.  But the TS’s “Toasts and Roasts” editorial does not have kind words for those who showed up to oppose the pending naval military drills off the west coast.

To many of the people who showed up just to hear themselves talk at the U.S. Navy’s meeting last week to discuss its plans to increase training off the West Coast. While all viewpoints are welcome, the seeming lack of interest in learning about the project means that many didn’t get much out of the meeting. The theatrics didn’t help people understand the real concerns — and there are plenty of real concerns — over the Navy’s plans and likely made many wonder if the dissent was just a sounding board for radicals.

I received a much different report from a caller on my radio show last week, so I won’t assume the accuracy of the TS perception.  But I do think that progressive activists do have to rethink their methods.  Right or wrong, demonstrations and rhetoric without focus can be detrimental to a cause, and certainly to rational discourse.  It’s not enough to be loud.  We have to learn to persuade.  It requires engagement and a rational understanding of your opposition sans demonetization and oversimplification.  We aren’t heard if we don’t listen and don’t engage.

It’s true of other debates as well, including Richardson Grove.  Demonstrations, whether street or at planned attendance of public meetings, have to be thought out in terms of specific goals and overall strategy.  And as I’ve suggested, action should not be about personal gratification as some sort of therapy to feel important.  It must be about the issue at hand.


Kos coverage.

TPM coverage.

CNN coverage.

Fox News coverage (not bad actually).

Glen Beck’s pre-event commentary.

And here’s a right wing video showcasing all of the socialist groups present to the tune of the Internationale.

I’ll post more as I find it.

Addendum: Here’s another photo diary. So far no pictures of Sara Palin with a Hitler mustache.

It’s a national event to oppose offshore oil drilling.  There’s a map of all the planned events through the link, but Heraldo has already looked up three events in Humboldt County, including one near Garberville (to protest drilling in the river I guess).

  1. Westhaven at Moonstone Beach.
  2. Arcata at Mad River County Park.
  3. Garberville at Southern Humboldt Community Park-Tooby Memorial Park.

They want you to show up at 11:00 to be ready to hold hands at noon.

Please post reports. I’ll be out of town.

Here’s a clip from a February event in Florida, before the gusher.

So, last Friday afternoon I had to run an errand to the Paper Mill and as I’ve done so many times in the past I walked by the weekly anti-war demonstration which takes place at the sidewalk in front of the mini-mall.  The demonstration took place at the curb, but on the sidewalk behind them were a couple of very angry women trying to sell rocks and gems.  By the time I arrived the conflict had been well under way, and the rock sellers were screaming obscenities and such, and showing impressive stamina in a constant barrage of noise.

The dispute:  the demonstrators have been there for years.  They had been at a spot closer to All-Sport, but it was a small portion of the sidewalk between the driveway entrances to the mini-mall’s small parking lot.  Sometimes the demonstrators tended to wander into the driveways and so they were asked to move over to the stretch of sidewalk between the mall and the gas station, where they’ve been for some time.

Enter a couple of women who have been selling rocks at the same location on weekends, and decided to expand their time to Fridays.  They were there when the first demonstrators arrived, and the demonstrators set up right in front of them.

Dilemma:  The rock sellers were there first on Friday, but the demonstrators have been there for many years.  The rock sellers say that the demonstration is preventing them from doing business (although the yelling may have played a role, and I’d be curious to see if they sold rocks in its absence).  The demonstrators deny that they’re interfering in any way, and they are not blocking the foot traffic, which they argue is where the rock sellers will make their money anyway.  But really, it comes down to which takes precedence as an issue – who arrived first on the day in question, or who has been using the same space at the same day and time for years.

The Sheriff was called twice, the second time because one of the rock-selling women thought she saw one of the demonstrators smoking marijuana.  The second time around the Sheriff deputy was a little short with the rock seller, saying “I have better things to do with my time.”

Certainly either group could move, but it is the most visible spot in town from vehicles.  Who’s right and why?  Kind of like a real life Socratic ethics exercise of the sort we used to get in high school back in the 1970s (“you only have one spare heart and the potential donees are a pregnant mom, 14 year old talented musician, a brain surgeon at the dawn of his career, etc.”).

Either due to poor organizing (such as it is) or poor reporting, I have no idea what’s going on here.  But that dance goes on.  Windows were broken, but it looks like the assault on police officers was thankfully limited to plastic bottles and pizza.

We had the old left, we had the new left, and now we have the what’s left.”  – Pat Scott of KPFA talking about the Peoples Park protest sequels of the early 1990s.

There’s been a little bit of a stir over the tea bagger signs on the Capital steps yesterday comparing the anticipated victims of health care reform to Dachau victims, complete with photos of bodies found in the famed death camp.  Republican after Republican scrambled to speak in front of the crowd, but nobody bothered to comment on the sign until today, following pressure from Jewish groups.  Senator Eric Cantor has now deemed the sign “inappropriate” and even gone so far as to criticize Rush for inflaming the debate by comparing Obama to Hitler.

It’s in the Friday afternoon dump, but tea baggers don’t take kindly to criticism of their icons or the perceived weakness of apologies (to liberals).  Anybody want to start a pool on how long it will take Cantor to recant his anti-Rush heresy?

TPM has put together a list of the ritual apologies made to date, entitled “Forgive me Rush for I have sinned.”

Meanwhile, some Democrats are seizing the moment to make the wingnuttiness the story of the protest.  Fair game?  You decide.  Rep. Steve Israel:

“I can’t believe that Congresswoman Bachmann would stand where she stood, and see those images, and not have the common decency to say, ‘I disagree with the use of those images.’ I think that she owes the memory of those who perished in the Holocaust an apology. She owes us all an apology. And I’m waiting. We’re all waiting.

Don’t burst former Rep. Tancredo’s bubble!  “You bet it’s appropriate” he says.  And he blames anti-Bush demonstrators.  As previously noted, the right wing approach these days is:  Don’t apologize.  Always attack.  Don’t worry about how lame it sounds.  They’ll praise you for “straight talking.”

From someone who emailed it to me.

Oppose the Government’s ruinous foreign wars
U.S. Out of Afghanistan, Pakistan and Iraq

Rally at the Courthouse in Eureka
Saturday, October 17th at 1 PM


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