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It’s about much more than schooling Geraldo or Fox News.

Love the line, “Talk to me!  A black man can raise his voice and you don’t have to be intimidated!”

Bernie SandersThis will make the primaries worth paying attention to.  There may not be any additional Democratic Party candidates.  Sanders is, of course, going to have to join the Democratic Party in order to run.

Sanders is the first official challenger for the Democratic nomination to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, who announced her candidacy earlier this month.

Sanders, a self-described “democratic socialist,” has been hinting that he would seek the White House for nearly two years.

The senator, who has been in the upper chamber since 2007, previously served as Vermont’s at-large congressman and as mayor of Burlington. He caucuses with the Democratic Party in the Senate and is categorized as a Democrat for the purpose of committee assignments.

Actually the Republican clown car is going to be pretty entertaining as well.

After all, we didn’t see sprinkler rainbows when we were kids!

Thursday Night Talk on KHSU this week – Liana Simpson will be my guest. She is a bit more conservative than I on most issues, and we’ll discuss everything from Richardson Grove to water rationing politics. Join us at 7:00 p.m. for an hour of respectful dialogue.

All Things Reconsidered again this Thursday evening at 7:00 p.m. Bob Froehlich and Julia Minton will join me again for our ongoing series on critical thinking. This time we’ll discuss the nature and effects of political propaganda and whether it is ever conducive to critical thinking. Obviously we have to define the term, which is problematic by itself. It’s a call-in show and we’d love any input.


Some long overdue attention to a long overdue effort – Linda Stansberry, who really deserves some sort of award for her writing and reporting over the past couple of years, reports on the efforts of the growing local Latino population to organize and be heard.  These developments could change the complexion of local politics, figuratively and literally.

I’m glad that despite the loss of some crucial talent in recent years, the North Coast Journal is retaining its much-need vitality.

Or “Saturday of Light” according to the Coptic Christians

Bridge in Sequoia Park


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