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Through the link is an awesome video of the alteration  right near the Maze at Emeryville.  It’s a wonder they didn’t get busted, but probably the CHP driving by would have assumed they were just legit workers.



Really close though.  Just over a hundred votes.  Probably a recount is in the works.


Brenda Urueta and Jennifer Ventura of True North Organizing Committee will join me on All Things Reconsidered tonight to discuss the release (on bond) of Jennifer’s sister Claudia who was arrested by ICE when she drove to San Francisco for an annual meeting which had been routine for years prior. Claudia’s case represents one of many sharp turns in immigration policy with the new regime. We will discuss her case in the context of the national headlines on KMUD at 7:00 p.m. this evening.


I understand the negative reaction to this decision and others like it. But from what I’ve read I really do believe this case to be a just decision. I actually believe that criminal justice should be approached from a medical perspective in many cases. And if free will even exists at all, it plays a minimal role in all of us. We all react according to instinct, stimulus, conditioning, and synthesis primarily based on all three.
“But she tried to kill her daughter!”
I know. And apparently she really did believe it was the right thing to do. Punishment may make the rest of us feel better because we love to blame. But it’s not about our anger. It’s about how we make each of us safe from each other and the understanding required. Not about what somebody “deserves.”


Unfortunately, Trump’s Executive Order is a cynical political move. He isn’t ordering the cessation of blanket prosecutions which mandate the “release” of children from prison. He’s simply ordering the cessation of the separations, which means that the children are still in prison. Then somebody will file suit on behalf of the children (ostensibly) and the courts will order their “release” and then Trump will shrug his shoulders and say “it’s the deep state courts, what can you do?”

I thought maybe I was being too cynical myself, but TPM and others have seen the same thing.

Actually, the Executive Order is a bit cynical. I thought he was signing an order ceasing the blanket prosecutions. Let’s see where the courts go with this.

It was actually released by the government.

And the beat goes on.

Empathy should be a mandatory requirement.

The President is lying.

Lee Gelernt of the ACLU Immigrants’ Rights Project said Tuesday that “Children are begging and screaming not to be separated from their parents, as they’re hauled off to different cities. It’s a harrowing situation, one that the president himself called horrible. No law even remotely requires the separation of children, and we filed a recent lawsuit arguing, in fact, that the Constitution prohibits this policy.”

In an interview with NPR’s Morning Edition host Steve Inskeep Tuesday, former President Barack Obama’s domestic policy director, Cecilia Muñoz, stated unequivocally that separating children from their parents was not a policy the Obama administration followed.

“The Obama administration did not do that, no. We did not separate children from their parents,” Muñoz said. “This is a new decision, a policy decision put in place by the attorney general,” which Muñoz said “puts us in league with the most brutal regimes in the world’s history.”

I mean, whoa!

I wasn’t really expecting it just because he’s been given so many breaks.   This is huge!

“This is not middle school. I cannot take his cell phone,” she said.

Chuck Rogers and I will talk election aftermath, Trump negotiations with North Korea, the FBI report, the policy of family separation at the border, and whether attorney Cohen will flip. And any other news which might break before 7:00 tonight.


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