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Did I type those words?

However fleeting it may be.  

I like Warren. She’s my second favorite of the bunch and if I was a betting person I would put money on her winning the nomination at this point. And it actually ups her stature that the was the object of so many attacks in last night’s debate.

But she’s going to have to take a lesson from Bernie and answer the damn question. I remember her evasiveness with Chris Matthews after one of the earlier debates and he was visibly frustrated. “Will your Medicare for all proposal require a raise in middle class taxes?” Matthews even made clear that he understood that the overall costs on the middle class would be saved – that the tax increase would be more than compensated for in the elimination of premiums, deductibles, etc. But she is obsessively trying to avoid the headline about the taxes because she knows that for many Americans there is an irrational dislike of paying a dollar in tax over paying a dollar to anyone else. Yes, it would take a temporary toll as the Buttigiegs, Klobuchars, and Bidens will hit her with it sans full context.

Even Bernie was on her case about it last night. From the article:

“As someone who wrote the damn bill,” the Vermont senator cut in, “I do think it is appropriate to acknowledge that taxes will go up. They will go up significantly for the wealthy and for virtually everybody, the tax increase will be substantially less.”

Warren still couldn’t admit it in those words and defaulted to her favorite phrase: “costs will go down for hard working middle-class families.” Next to her Buttiegieg just stood there shaking his head and Klobuchar summed up the bizarro world moment with, “At least Bernie is being honest here.”

She’s getting some very bad advice. If she wants to win, she had better come clean before the next debate.

Hopefully temporarily.

I can’t say I blame them.  It’s about survival.

Sound familiar?


Can you whine a little bit louder Rubio?

“Out of the Ashes”

It’s really kind of fun being part of something built from scratch.  It’s only going to get bigger and better, but for now enjoy the raw aspect of really basic community radio.

Chuck Rogers and I just recorded our second show last night.

Also great to hear Brenda on the air again.

The Deutsche Bank (one of the sleazier banks in existence) may have destroyed all of Trump’s records.  This should result in an immediate police invasion seizing all records, computers, and servers.  But it won’t happen, and even if someone gets busted expect Trump to say “I don’t know the gentlemen.”

Thing is, after all these court battles, the destruction of evidence could be more damning than the evidence.  I still maintain that the real reason Trump won’t disclose his records is that it will reveal that he’s a lousy businessman.

Snap denial.

From news media all over the place right now:


Note that the last areas of Humboldt County to have power restored are the areas where Native Americans make up the majority of residences.

Yeah, yeah, “race card.”  There are always practical explanations.


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