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The Auditor-Controller says that she is being denied access to county payroll records in “a level of obstruction I’ve never seen.”

How many of you have read any portion of the report?  Not somebody else’s summary with passages, but the report itself.

Second question – if the report exonerates Trump, then why are his lawyers preparing a “rebuttal?”

There may or may not have been “criminal conspiracy.”  But make no mistake – Trump and his cohorts betrayed their country.

The first sign of resistance within the GOP.

Earlier in the morning Attorney General Barr revealed himself as a partisan hack whose primary job in the matter is to protect the President.  Apparently the defense of obstruction is that the President was “frustrated.”

The report has been released.  Lots of discussion about the redactions on NPR.

The full redacted report can be read here.

Local attorney and writer Andy Stunich will join me to discuss the growing New Apostolic Reformation and will argue that it is a form of dominion theology intent upon transforming the US into a Christian state. Do they present a danger to the secular republic? Will the movement change what it means to be Christian? Join the discussion on All Things Reconsidered at 7:00 p.m.

He’s written a book on the subject.

Not about the KHSU mess.  They wanted me to respond to Trump’s threat do dump all of the border immigrants into sanctuary cities.

Update: Well, they only took a few sentences out of a 10 minute interview and I would have chosen some other points, but they did a nice job. You can watch it through this link.

During a break of a law school night class I left the room to grab a cup of vending machine bad coffee and returned to a debate in my corner of the classroom. One of my classmates looked up and said, “Okay Kirk, John or Paul?”

I responded, “John or Paul? George!”

Classmate: “Oh please, you’re just being a contrarian as usual.”

Me: “Nope. Harrison was the soul of the Beatles, and today he’s the soul of the Traveling Wilburys.”

Classmate: “Orbison is the soul of the Wilburys.”

Me: “Sorry dude. It’s George.”

I remember watching this video when it was “live” (or three hours later). It remains one of my favorite musical moments of all time from two of my favorite artists of my childhood.

KHSU is down to one employee.

Immediately after this morning’s classical show – the last local show which we can expect to hear on the station for a long time – the station broadcast programming from a station in Chico.  Confused and angry Humboldt County listeners were calling their 800 number all afternoon and according to one of the Chico phone volunteers it was disrupting.

Kym has more details about KHSU’s demise – some of them provided by someone very close to me.

I received this message this morning.  If I read it correctly, all of the volunteer-based local programming has been cancelled.  It doesn’t provide an effective date.  The graph referenced was not functional in the email I received.

Update:  The media is on it.  LoCo has a preliminary post up.

Second update:  The Mad River Union took the following photo.  Apparently the police were present as the staff was marched out of the station.


Third update:  Phil Ricord is pissed!


Wildberries has canceled all KHSU programming effective immediately. As KHSU’s largest local underwriter, Wildberries is shocked and saddened by this unilateral and ill conceived action.Our hearts go out to all volunteers and staff who have contributed to what used to be a community radio station. This is a dark day.

Phil Ricord
President and founder


Dear KHSU Volunteers,

Humboldt State University issued the following information just now. 

Organizational Changes at KHSU

Humboldt State University is reorganizing and streamlining operations at its public radio station, KHSU, with the goal of preserving quality programming for the North Coast.

Station employees were told of the changes earlier today. Because the reorganization and budget reductions include the elimination of positions, a number of individuals have been laid off. The University is working to provide clear information to them, and to ensure they receive any benefits they are entitled to.

The steps taken today include:

  • Elimination of HSU’s direct payroll support, including the General Manager position and Chief Engineer position, saving the University more than $250,000 annually.
  • Elimination of five other staff positions, generating significant savings in the portion of KHSU’s budget that comes from government support, underwriting, and listener contributions.
  • Appointment of an Interim Station Director, to be supported through non-HSU funding.
  • Moving all KHSU operations to Feuerwerker House, reducing the inefficiency of having two separate spaces.
  • Indefinite suspension of volunteer-run programs. The University will evaluate how students can return to a more substantial on-air role at KHSU.
  • Actively pursuing collaboration with other public stations in California and seeking CPB funding to support this effort.

The decision to realign the station reflects a comprehensive assessment. Factors included the station’s cost to the University; KHSU’s limited capacity for additional fundraising and underwriting; challenges identified by the CSU Office of Audit and Advisory Services; feedback from listeners and volunteers; the University’s commitment to public service; and the appropriate role of student involvement in station operations and programming.

Even with the changes at KHSU, listeners will continue to have access to high quality national programming and news. The most recent audience data reaffirm this is, by far, the station’s most popular programming. 


The following graph shows a typical 24-hour KHSU on-line listening cycle, accurately measured in real-time.

To volunteers producing public affairs and news programming under the auspices of other non-profits (EcoNews, Humboldt County Extension Services, etc.), we welcome your continued programming work during this transition time. If your organization has questions, please contact David Reed. 

To all our volunteers – thank you for your hard work and your years of commitment to our community.  David Reed will be in touch with you regarding any personal music or other personal items you have at KHSU.  

Thank you,

Peter Fretwell


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