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It’s already looking pathetic.  Is it about the oil or the arms deals?

Or private dealings?

Youth vote may actually turn out this midterm.

And another good sign.

And actually I completely agree with the decision.

Avenatti is more of a showman than an attorney, or this case never would have been filed.

He was on at 8:30 so about half way through this video, and I think he pretty much captured the essence of the campaigns to date – biggest focus on Eureka.


Based upon family lore, Senator Elizabeth Warren has identified herself as part Native American on various occasions.  When she was challenged on it, her certainty seemed to waiver and she was accused of lying (that’s the climate of today’s politics – you can’t simply be mistaken due to stories which had survived generations of a family’s history – you have to be lying if you’re in politics).

Every family has it’s lore.  I’m told that I’m a direct descendant of Leif Erikson.  It’s been told in my Danish family dating back as far as any living relative can recall their great grandparents, uncles, aunts, etc. speaking about it.

I have no idea if it’s true.

I’m also told that the Kirks in my family moved to Denmark because they chose the Catholic side of the Rose Wars in Scotland and ended up fleeing.  There is more evidence to support this, given that Kirk is in fact a Scottish name, there are three strands of Kirks in Denmark (unfortunately I’m not from the strand which invented Leggos) and they all date back pretty much to that time period.   I suspect the story is true, but one thing is clear – the Catholicism did not endure for very long in Denmark.  By the latter part of the 19th century the family had become part of a millenialist religion (by the timing I suspect they were Moodyites) and when the rapture didn’t happen, as the story goes the adults all because alcoholics and the kids grew up to be communists.

This is supported by the fact that my first cousin twice removed Hans Kirk who wrote The Fishermen, the most popular 20th century novel in Denmark, was in fact a communist along with many of the fishermen who participated in helping 7000 Jews over to Sweden with the Nazi invasion.

It is also kind of embodied in my own family line – my grandfather Kris Kirk’s family ran out of money following the 1929 crash and so he could not attend school.  Not wanting to stay on the farm he took a shipping job and liked San Francisco so much he jumped ship into the Bay, swam to the Fort Point shore as the Golden Gate Bridge was being constructed and made his entry as an illegal immigrant.  He would obtain his citizenship by participating in the invasion of Italy during World War II and only after he was confirmed did he reveal his communism.

These are all stories I have been told.  I have not taken steps to verify them.  But I assume them to be mostly true because there is no reason to lie about them.

Senator Warren was repeating a story in the same spirit.  And when took up political causes and received attention from the right wing noise machine she found herself in a tough spot defending a story she had always heard, but for which she had no hard evidence.  She simply assumed them to be true, or mostly true.

She has underwent a DNA test which in fact verifies not just her ancestry, but the timing of it according to her family’s lore.   She called Trump’s bluff.  He had promised to pay a million dollars to her favorite charity if she did the test.  Now he’s lying to get out of it.

Leslie Castellano‘s event at Jefferson yesrdeay was a blast. Jefferson Community Center itself is a miracle, so just being present at a place restored and transformed as an indication of what a community can do when it pulls together was a great backdrop. The event itself brought out the best in the community and the music came together as an eclectic concert reminiscent of the Bread and Roses festivals of Berkeley circa early 1980s. Seriously, we had poetry readings, a blues/folk fusion group, gospel music and closed out with this mariachi band!

The opposition would have you believe that Eureka has become a dystopian hellhole due to needle exchanges and bike lanes. But for all of our problems, this is a beautiful place to live on so many levels.

I’m voting for Natalie Arroyo in my own ward, but I hope Leslie gets elected in the First.


So 15 men traveled from Saudi Arabia to Turkey, murdered Khashoggi in cold blood while he was in the Saudi Embassy, and then dismembered his body in order to smuggle the parts out. All because he wrote opinion pieces critical of his government on women’s rights and some other issues. We are talking about a regime which is easily in the top 20 most repressive left on the planet, if not in the top 5. But the President doesn’t want to jeopardize arms sales. And now, the blue bloods don’t want to miss a party.

Glad we have our priorities straight.

It’s how a cost analysis should be structured.  Rather than surveying various departments with an imaginary “baseline” you go through each item the measure actually requires of government and you detail what would be involved.  ALC isn’t a neutral organization.  They do support Sanctuary policies.  But one has to wonder what the County would come up with if it had to actually break down the projected costs rather than just dump a big rounded number next to something labelled “training” or “tracking and reporting.”

ALC Analysis

The North Coast Journal has a round-up of local measures including K, and although a revision may be in the works the Sheriff is doubling down on the prior estimate with really vague claims about needs for “training.”  I don’t know what happened to the “tracking and reporting,” but at least he’s not repeating his assertion that the Measure would require him to track ICE activities within the County.

And his other arguments are contradictory.  On the one hand he criticizes K as redundant because of SB54.  On the other hand he talks about all this training to deal with the once-a-year cases in which he contacts ICE, and I’m not quite sure what he thinks K requires in terms of such “training.”  But he’s sticking to the $85,000 to $130,000 estimate.  It would be nice if he could break it down.

For the record, here are the costs as analyzed by Angela Chan, Policy Director and Senior Staff Attorney of the Asian Law Caucus.  This is how a legislative analysis should be structured.

Okay, I have to figure out how I can format it.  Will repost later.


According to LOCO, the City may be sending a letter to the Attorney General – article complete with a leaked draft letter.

“Some have already invested tens of thousands of dollars in this unregulated ‘opportunity’ because of the promises made by its proponents suggesting it is a worthy investment, playing on the emotions of [a] community that has seen dramatic economic and cultural shifts away from its industrialized working class past,” the draft letter notes.

Certain local pols also seem to be playing on those same emotions.

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