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LoCo has the details.

Since the campaign is in the past I can now air a show about the Sanctuary Movement consistent with station rules – so tonight I will have Renee Saucedo and Elizabeth Phillips of Centro del Pueblo talk about the campaign, the results, what it all means for Humboldt County, and we can build on top of this win. Tonight at 7:00 on KHSU.


Why do progressives always feel the need to apologize?  Although her apology does kind of remind me of Gore Vidal’s “apology” after that famous debate during the Chicago riots when he called William Buckley a “crypto-Nazi.”  He would later say that he only intended to say “crypto-fascist.”

Did you ever see the clip?  It’s priceless.  Buckley completely lost it.  I think it resulted in a law suit.

I just left the court building about a half hour ago and it was packed re the rezone issue! Apparently the BOS spent all morning discussing two parcels and much of the crowd left before public comment. But when I finished with my court appearance upstairs and came downstairs, the comment line extended out into the lobby.
The pitch forks are out!

If this is the case, Roe v. Wade is safe for the short run.

Although it’s possible that one of the “pragmatic” Justices got drunk and is wondering what he did on the morning after.

Consolidate power and make it harder for Democrats to vote.

Addendum:  It’s only a TRO, but that’s a pretty good sign the power grab in North Carolina will fail.  Hopefully it goes down in similar fashion in Wisconsin, where the Republicans aren’t even pretending to believe in democracy or republicanism.

Still analyzing them and I will look at the precinct results tonight.

Here is the the access to the unofficial final cumulative report.

Measure K passed with over 55 percent!

Desiree Davenport moved into second place in the Humboldt Community District race.  She had been in third place in every prior report.  Top two are on the Board.

G. Mario Fernandez inched out a win for Eureka School Board.  He had also been behind.  It came down to just over a hundred votes!

No other changes from previous reports that I can see.

Final Results

Addendum: According to LoCo, the progressive candidates won every single precinct in Eureka. I haven’t looked to confirm that, but if true that’s a powerful argument that conservatives can’t blame the ward election system for their losses.

This is what elections are about!

It’s funny, because when Trump set up the Voter Fraud Panel, I think the Commission came up with about a dozen incidents nationwide – the majority of illegal votes being cast by Republicans.

And now for all the screaming about election fraud from Republicans, it appears there are two cases from this last election – again perpetrated by Republicans.

One in New York.

One in North Carolina.

I think we have a pretty amazing Elections Department.  In my dealings with them they have always been helpful and the whole staff has a solidly positive view of democracy.  They err towards enfranchisement.  They are transparent.

But I have to ask why we are always among the slowest to get the results.  Are we missing something?  Some technology that the other counties have?

As of this posting, according to the S.O.S., only two counties – Riverside and San Diego – have more votes left to count.  Most of the counties are either done, or just confirming the validity of a few hundred votes  – mostly provisional, conditional, or otherwise complicated (damaged ballots, etc.) .  Humboldt County has by far the most straight-up mail ballots to count.

I would like to have some sort of discussion about how we can speed up results in the future.  Those of us who have worked hard on campaigns for the prior year or so – we really want to know what we’ve failed or accomplished.

I believe the deadline for certification is Friday.

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