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Mark’s announcement on Facebook.

Noah is an excellent choice, with Sohum roots, great environmentalist credentials, an excellent mind for building consensus (although like Faust, I fear he will be a voice in the wilderness with the current Commission makeup – but let’s see what he can do).  I will disclose that he is also a very good friend of mine, so I’m biased.

I think even some of the hardcore HumCPR-left crowd who sometimes visit this blog will be satisfied with the pick, and kudos to Mark for showing some leadership in the pick making what I hope isn’t a futile attempt to sew up some of the divisiveness in county politics.

It’s quite a commitment.  Noah has a beautiful family and he’s going to have to give up time which is very precious to him.  I hope the community at large, at least a significant portion of it, will appreciate the sacrifice.

In the meantime, we really owe thanks to Ralph Faust who fought hard in a rather thankless position.  Took a lot of flack for standing up for his convictions, and representing his district’s values well.

I thought he would live forever.

I wonder if this was his last live performance.


Haven’t been posting much lately.  Partly just not motivated, and partly just really distracted with other things.  Also partly just a little burned out with this whole media format.  People are not often in their higher selves mode, and I think part of it lies in the physical disconnect between people – the non-verbal communication and connections which humanize and complete interactions between people.  Not that we can’t be assholes in person – it’s just that absent the actual contact, the actual sensory interaction between breathing 98.6 degree organisms, it’s too easy to set aside the humanity involved.  Back in the day, even a letter exchange was better because it was spread over days or even weeks – requiring more deliberation and thought.  And if you wrote something angry, and even went so far as to put it into an envelope, you might wake up the next morning with it sitting on your dresser and decide, “You know, I don’t need to send that.”  And in person, even angry exchanges have more vitality – more potential for a comprehensive resolution.

Kind of overwhelmed by the apocalyptic events around me – from the eternal summer to people I have known losing their minds.

I’m not folding up the tent.  But I am putting more energy into other things.  After nearly 8 years of working this medium, I think I’m lacking inspiration right now.  Maybe I’ll get back into when another political campaign heats up, but right now we’ve got four District Attorney candidates and I don’t have strong feelings.  Any one of the four could win and I would be fine.  I’ll vote for one of them.  I’ll host each on a radio show.  But I don’t really have a passion for the race at this point.

Focusing on kids and work right now, and some other writing.  Trying to keep in shape and lose more weight.   Thinking about taking guitar lessons.  Watching cheesy South Korean television series taking place during various periods of the Josean Dynasty.

In an hour my son and his team have a big Futsal match against Fortuna.  Right now my kids are practicing their music.  It’s a nice afternoon – eerie weather though.  Hoping for rain tomorrow.


I’m certainly open to guest posts if anyone wants to make the effort.

Here’s a street musician in Warsaw playing The Four Seasons on the accordion.

DollisonAt this point I’m not endorsing anybody, though I will say that we can do much worse than Allan.  And as always, all campaigns have equal access if they send me their press releases.

His website.

Eureka, CA—Eureka Resident and former 6 ½ year Senior Prosecutor in the Humboldt County District Attorney’s office, Allan L. Dollison, will announce his campaign for the 2014 District Attorney’s Race on Saturday, January 18, 2014 at 12:00 pm at the Eureka Veteran’s Memorial Hall 1020 “H” Street; Eureka, CA.

The public is encouraged to come to this important event. They will get a chance to meet Allan and his family, hear Allan talk about his vision of how to improve the DA’s office, address serious issues of reform within our criminal justice system, and learn more about his impressive biography.

Allan is extremely honored to be introduced by a longtime 40+ year important resident of Humboldt County, John Grobey. Mr. Grobey is a former Navy Seal, and Chairman of the HSU Economics Department as well as the current President of the Humboldt/Del Norte Chapter of Military Officers Association of America. Allan and Mr. Grobey also serve together on the Mad River Honor Guard, performing military memorials for Veterans who have passed.

Mr. Dollison stated, ‘I will have many friends and supporters there, and I am genuinely interested in hearing a diverse set of opinions from a wide cross section of the community. I also want them to hear my ideas so we can get a conversation in this community going about what is wrong and how to fix it.”

He also said, “There is both empirical evidence as well as sad and tragic events over the last several years that indicate that criminal activity is getting out of control. I believe that the District Attorney’s office can and should play the vital role in addressing these issues. I plan to lay that out in my speech.”

Finally Mr. Dollison, added, “I will highlight my Quarter-Century (one half of my life) career serving in the United States Army. I believe there are very few higher callings in life then serving your country and your community. That is what I am about, and believe that is an important credential in holding this important office.”

The event is free and light refreshments will be available.

For more information on Allan and the Event, it can be found on the Campaign Website at or the Campaign FB page at



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