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This headline is a lie.



1Right now most Americans (and much of Congress) doesn’t actually know what’s in the report.  Barr and Trump’s people got out in front of it to claim that it exonerates Trump.  Nobody who actually reads the thing with even a modicum of objectivity can draw that conclusion.  But few have or will actually read the report so they will accept that there is some kind of dispute as to what it says and either take their party line or just chalk up the “dispute” to “politics.”

The Democrats want Mueller to testify, even though he won’t say anything new.  They want him to testify for the same reason the Republicans don’t – because what is in the report will be recorded on live television and reframe the whole discussion away from a “dispute” about what it says to a “holy sh–, the Russians tipped the election in Trump’s favor and Trump did everything to keep me from knowing that!”

Mueller really doesn’t want to testify so he hoped that his statement would lead more people to actually read his report.  That was the gist of his message:  “Read the report.” He just wants to be done with it.  He want the Democrats to push impeachment, but the leadership is hesitant because it can backfire if nobody actually reads the report and the sections with indict Trump ethically if not criminally don’t make the headlines.  Mueller was hoping that the statement would satisfy the Democrats, but everything is stated in such an equivocal double-negative way that it’s subject to dispute and even though Trump himself is slamming Mueller in his tweets his people are all over the media saying that the statement itself exonerates Trump even though the statement itself is that Trump is not exonerated.  And the media’s idea of “balance” is to simply report each side’s interpretation of the statement rather than actually report what the report and the statement say.

I think the Democrats will continue to press for Mueller to testify on live television to repeat the following portions of the report as reported in The Atlantic which will only be read by educated liberals (and you, maybe).

“The Russian government interfered in the 2016 presidential election in sweeping and systematic fashion,” Mueller wrote. This help “favored presidential candidate Donald J. Trump and disparaged presidential candidate Hillary Clinton.”

These contacts were covered up by a series of lies, both to the special counsel and to Congress. Lying by the Trump campaign successfully obscured much of what happened in 2016. The special counsel in some cases “was not able to corroborate witness statements through comparison to contemporaneous communications or fully question witnesses about statements that appeared inconsistent with other known facts.” In particular, the investigation never did determine what happened to proprietary Trump-campaign polling data shared with the Russians.

Within hours of the appointment of a special counsel to investigate 2016 events, Trump began defaming him. Trump had already fired the FBI director who investigated these events. His first order to fire the special counsel appointed in the director’s place was issued on June 17, 2017, a month after Mueller’s appointment. That order would be followed by many more. Trump directed his staff to lie about these orders.

Over and above his efforts to fire the special counsel, “the President engaged in a second phase of conduct, involving public attacks on the investigation, non-public efforts to control it, and efforts in both public and private to encourage witnesses not to cooperate with the investigation.”

The subversion of the investigation was brazen. “Many of the President’s acts directed at witnesses, including discouragement of cooperation with the government and suggestions of possible future pardons, occurred in public view.”

The Trump administration’s rhetorical tactics have been skillful (even if his tweets undermine the strategy, but everybody knows his tweets are batsh– crazy so they accept the words of his handlers.

Mueller testimony will cut straight through that.  If it happens.

Harrison appears to be a very effective candidate, but South Carolina is what it is.  Seems like a long shot.  But Graham has pretty much sold his soul over the past couple of years.   Are there principled white Republican voters who don’t suffer from cognitive dissonance?

Time will tell.

It’s almost like he just wants to stir the pot.

Yes, the DOJ position is that you cannot charge a President with a crime.  But that doesn’t preclude anybody from stating that the President DID commit a crime.

Meanwhile, some Republicans are changing their spin.  Others are just flipping out.

Update:  TPM’s five takeaways from the statement.  The fifth is really the most significant, which the media has really been avoiding.

Young people are staying liberal as they age (contrary to most of the other generations excepting the baby boomers who are actually more liberal than gen-x) and older conservatives are dying off.   This is about the third study to confirm as much plus a great deal of additional data.

But how much damage and how many people get hurt in the meantime?

I know times are tough, but the Healy Center is one of the essential institutions of Southern Humboldt.

KMUD has the news.

Along with cuts to education and other essential services, we’ve got to find every penny we can to support bloated military budgets, tax cuts for the one percent and a pointless wall.

Of much more importance than his giving Barr the power to declassify documents sans context – that all will backfire.  But this will kill people.

Including Mista Maja P.  Will he ever be invited to a Mateel event?  Or will that alienate other artists they want to attract?

Update:  Cancelled

And once again the LGBTQ community is forced to have to attempt to educate the clueless.

Maybe Sizzla can be pressured to follow Buju Banton’s lead.

And here’s one of his more charming performances.

From Queer Humboldt:


To: The Mateel Community Center Board of Directors & Staff

Re: Sizzla at Reggae on the River

It is with deep disappointment that we write this letter from the Board of Queer Humboldt, Humboldt County’s resource for the queer community.

We learned of the Mateel Community Center’s choice of having Sizzla at Reggae on the River yesterday.  

Queer Humboldt has been helping businesses in Humboldt County learn about performers that are in the Murder Music genre ( since 2010.  We’ve helped educate promoters, venues, and booking agents about the worldwide concerns over a small group of performers that call for the death of gays and lesbians.  This area of concern came up in 2009 and 2010 with local scheduled performances of Capleton, Bounty Killer and Buju Banton.  We helped inform our local community of the issues of performers calling for the brutal killing of gay people.  Once people understood the significance of Murder Music, three local concerts by Murder Music performers were cancelled by the venues. Worldwide, there have been multiple calls to action to help prevent the support of any person that would incite violence against any one group of people.

Some local history: Current articles:

Why would the Mateel Community Center sponsor a performer that is known worldwide and banned from music festivals around the world because of his calls for murdering gay people? (

The Mateel Community Center Board already knows about the controversy surrounding Sizzla from last year’s Board decision to cancel his appearance from public outcry.  The Mateel needs to stop supporting performers that earn money off lyrics that call for the killing of gays.  

In February 2010, Queer Humboldt sponsored a community presentation with Q&A on Murder Music.  The Mateel management was invited but did not attend our community meeting.  We followed up by emailing the Mateel the information so that the organization would be up to date with the Murder Music performance issue. The information provided covered Murder Music performers like Sizzla and others. 

We are shocked that the Mateel Community Center Board has chosen again to have the Mateel host Sizzla, an artist that has been previously banned from entering the United States.  What does that say about the values of the Mateel Community Center?

We doubt that the Mateel Community Center would hire a racist performer who calls for the death of African Americans. Why should the call for killing of gays be any different?

Humboldt County has been a progressive place that rejects hate.  The County voted 60% against Proposition 8, the anti-gay marriage amendment on the statewide ballot in November, 2008.  Historically, Humboldt County has been a progressive place to live.  The Mateel Community Center Board has positioned the Mateel Community Center as not only accepting, but actively inviting performers that are on a worldwide watch list for calling for the murder of gays.

It is appalling that the entire Mateel Community Center Board thought it was a good idea to invite Sizzla to perform and following through in the face of these facts to make his performance happen.

We hope the Board of the Mateel Community Center will re-think their actions, update their policies, procedures and bylaws for vetting performance artists to avoid bringing Murder Music artists to Humboldt, and support artists whose values do not contradict those of our vibrant community.


Todd Larsen, Founder

Michael Weiss, Founder

Queer Humboldt


And a factsheet:

Sizzla Fact Sheet






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