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Great game!

France came back with a late goal by monster woman Wendy Renard. Look how tall she is!

Hanging with a despot whose people have killed over 20 journalists since he’s been in power.

She’s not my favorite pol by a long shot.  Her reactionary policies as prosecutor leave much to be desired.  But she was in control tonight, and if she was to win and Trump agreed to debate her she would tear him to shreds.

But she has to win the nomination first and she’s a long way from that.


Okay, I was in the kitchen and overheard one of the other candidates tell Mayor Pete – “The camera wasn’t on. If that’s the policy you should fire your chief. Period.”

Whoever that was just earned some points for me.

I later learned that was Senator Swallwell. I don’t know much about him, but he had a clever line about a 32 year old quote from Biden about passing on the torch.

Editing for the end of the debate. Harris went after Biden hard. Biden probably defended well for the general audience, though not to my personal satisfaction. Bernie laid out his agenda very well, and of course of all the candidates he’s most on point – but he does need to freshen up his talking points a bit. Kudos for him to hit Biden on the Iraq War vote.  Biden took a lot of flack tonight.  Also Bernie attacked Trump as a racist and a liar, which will probably earn him a tweet.

Mayor Pete did mostly well, but Swalwell is right – if there is no policy mandating putting the police cameras on then the Chief should be fired. Swalwell’s buy back plan sounds good, but I would like the details.

Harris apparently doesn’t feel compelled to honor the time limits for speaking, but she does come across strong and despite my issues with her I would love to see her debating Trump.

Gillibrand was fine.  She also hit hard on Biden’s prior support for the Hyde Amendment.  Not much else.

Senator Bennet was fine. But why are some of these guys running? What is there message?

Andrew Wang and Marianne Williams seem like nice people. I’m not sure why they’re there. I like Chang’s base wage plan.  Lancaster was fun to watch.  Moon landing?

Did I forget anybody?

Oh, Hickenlooper! Sorry Hickenlooper. He’s not a socialist. Got it.


Our government assisted in the violent overthrow of an elected government in Guatamala.

I wish I could say it was the beginning of decades of military, economic, and political intervention which has led to the current social crisis in Central American, but if was far from the beginning.


It’s pretty comical.

Apparently maintaining gerrymandering in a state evenly divided between Democrats and Republicans so that Republicans have 10 representatives and Democrats 3 wasn’t enough for them.  Making Latinos even more invisible was the priority.

Winners were Warren, Castro, and Booker.

Losers were Beto (probably done) and De Blasio.  Probably also Klobuchar.

There are scenarios in which Trump can win with 43 percent of the vote, but politics aside I look forward to the eventual return of adult political discourse.

His latest obsession is Megan Rapinoe.  He definitely has a phobia of strong women.

Apparently he got an owie.


Well, this is fun.  I was asked to comment about the Sheriff whining about having to type a one-sentence report. Just a little unnerved about the comment below – not unlike a couple of messages I received during the Measure K campaign. I’m sure it’s just an idiot shooting his or her mouth, but I do have kids and it’s really inappropriate.

Meanwhile, the Sheriff claimed during the campaign that having to make this report would cost up to $180,000 dollars. Maybe he can itemize that? Oh, it’s a biannual report – so I guess they’re 90 grand a piece.

Here’s the quote – next to what appears to be a burning cross.

“Eric Kirk is a traitorous poltroon, an old-fashioned left wing ambulance chaser who throws California to the cartels and other criminals. Sanctuary city and state supporters are pure evil. They are Marxists who simply wish to flood the state and the country with illegals who they hope will be able to vote Demonrat one day. Vicious, despicable reds determined to destroy America.”

And yeah, I did, in my conversation with Shomik, discuss the whole “concentration camps” controversy. I thought it was a side discussion and didn’t expect that to make it into the article. But it’s there and now I’m on record along with AOC.

Fun times.

TS article – comment below

It’s now a full blow humanitarian crisis.

Details on the kids camp.

On the Border Patrol’s lawyer who argued that kids don’t need toothbrushes, soap, or beds.

More children die of dehydration at the border, while the government tries to prosecute people who provide water and food.

The asylum hearings are a joke, barely meeting the requirements of formality.

Trump tries to rewrite history again.

And meanwhile, we debate whether anything other than Nazi camps should be referred to as “concentration camps.”  Surviving Japanese-American internees chime in about that.



So they basically hoarded 1.5 billion while raising tuition, cutting programs, and pressing the legislature for more money.



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