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The third in the series of four interviews with the DA candidates on KHSU – 7:00 p.m. tonight.  Will be a call-in format as usual.

I’ve already interviewed Elan Firpo and Arnie Klein.  You can listen to those interviews and last week’s candidate forum at the Arcata Community Center on the KHSU archives.  I will be interviewing Maggie Fleming on April 24.

I was in Sohum on Tuesday evening and didn’t see any D.A. candidate signs anywhere.  They’ve plastered Eureka.  Usually by now there would be Paul Gallegos signs all over the place in Sohum where he has always been very popular, even to ignore the endorsements of local leaders for other candidates (Estelle, for example, voted for a Democratic Party Central Committee endorsement of Allison Jackson – Sohum overwhelmingly voted for her, but didn’t follow her example).  But as of yet none of the new candidates has claimed the Sohum candidate mantle.  Sohum has been a factor in close elections before.  Will it adopt a candidate this time?

It does seem that the Gallegos model of priorities is now fixed – the mantra of all four candidates being, “Go after the cartel mega-grows, leave the ‘mom & pop’ grows alone when possible.”  Paul G. has apparently altered the political landscape on that issue.  Permanently.

So are there other issues of particular importance to Sohum?  Half the callers in my Arnie Klein interview were from Sohum.  What are your questions?  Post them here, and if you can’t call in tonight I’ll ask them for you.



DollisonAt this point I’m not endorsing anybody, though I will say that we can do much worse than Allan.  And as always, all campaigns have equal access if they send me their press releases.

His website.

Eureka, CA—Eureka Resident and former 6 ½ year Senior Prosecutor in the Humboldt County District Attorney’s office, Allan L. Dollison, will announce his campaign for the 2014 District Attorney’s Race on Saturday, January 18, 2014 at 12:00 pm at the Eureka Veteran’s Memorial Hall 1020 “H” Street; Eureka, CA.

The public is encouraged to come to this important event. They will get a chance to meet Allan and his family, hear Allan talk about his vision of how to improve the DA’s office, address serious issues of reform within our criminal justice system, and learn more about his impressive biography.

Allan is extremely honored to be introduced by a longtime 40+ year important resident of Humboldt County, John Grobey. Mr. Grobey is a former Navy Seal, and Chairman of the HSU Economics Department as well as the current President of the Humboldt/Del Norte Chapter of Military Officers Association of America. Allan and Mr. Grobey also serve together on the Mad River Honor Guard, performing military memorials for Veterans who have passed.

Mr. Dollison stated, ‘I will have many friends and supporters there, and I am genuinely interested in hearing a diverse set of opinions from a wide cross section of the community. I also want them to hear my ideas so we can get a conversation in this community going about what is wrong and how to fix it.”

He also said, “There is both empirical evidence as well as sad and tragic events over the last several years that indicate that criminal activity is getting out of control. I believe that the District Attorney’s office can and should play the vital role in addressing these issues. I plan to lay that out in my speech.”

Finally Mr. Dollison, added, “I will highlight my Quarter-Century (one half of my life) career serving in the United States Army. I believe there are very few higher callings in life then serving your country and your community. That is what I am about, and believe that is an important credential in holding this important office.”

The event is free and light refreshments will be available.

For more information on Allan and the Event, it can be found on the Campaign Website at or the Campaign FB page at


It seems like we just reelected Paul.  Was it three years ago already?

My good friend John is already posting news of a potential new candidate.

Rose is still talking about “how bad it is” – the sky perpetually falling.  She’s not quite predicting Paul’s demise at this point, but considering “how bad it is,” his only chance is if nobody wants the position because – it’s all so bad.  She’s been writing his political epitaph for years now, and maybe it’ll apply this time.  Or the next time.  Or the next.

Allison Jackson submitted her op ed piece.

Paul Gallegos has his up.

Jeff Schwarz then wrote a piece encouraging Hagen voters to support Paul G.

Paul Hagen then chimed in in response to Schwarz’ letter.  He does not endorse Allison Jackson, but he slams Paul G.  He definitely held back last spring!

You can comment in response to the articles online.

Also on the Eye site – a slew of letters, many of them about the D.A. race.  It does seem that next to the NCJ the Eye does receive the best letters, or is willing to publish them.  It reminds me of the AVA in the golden years.

From the EPOA:

The Eureka Police Officers Association (EPOA) represents the rank and file employees of the Eureka Police Department. We are privileged to serve the City of Eureka and all of  its citizens.

The Eureka Police Officers Association is proud to announce that it will endorse Allison Jackson for Humboldt County District Attorney.

The Eureka Police Officers Association believes this election will have a significant impact on the City of Eureka. Quality of life, community safety and victim’s rights are all at stake in this election.

The Eureka Police Officers Association believes change is needed in how criminal cases are dealt with within our community.

The Eureka Police Officers Association cites the following cases:

A case in which a suspect, already on probation and with a prior DUI conviction, hits and kills a pedestrian crossing the roadway in a crosswalk in downtown Eureka.  The suspect faced a potential prison term of 2 – 6 years; however, a plea agreement was reached resulting in a 1 – year jail term and additional count of felony probation.

A case in which a suspect, on parole, brandished a firearm at a citizen. Officers subsequently located the suspect parolee who was still in possession of the firearm and ammunition. The suspect received a plea agreement of 16 months in prison versus the 6 – 9 years he could have received upon a jury conviction.

The Eureka Police Officers Association firmly believes that District Attorney Candidate Allison Jackson will bring much needed professional change to the District Attorney’s Office if elected.

The Eureka Police Officers Association strongly urges citizens to vote for Allison Jackson for Humboldt County District Attorney.

From the Jackson campaign:

The Arcata Police Association represents the rank and file employees of the Arcata Police Department. We are privileged to serve the city of Arcata and all of it’s citizens.

The Arcata Police Association is proud to announce that it will endorse Allison Jackson for Humboldt County District Attorney.

The Arcata Police Association believes this election will have a significant impact on the City of Arcata. Quality of life, community safety and victim’s rights are all at stake in this election.

The Arcata Police Association cites the following cases:

  • A case in which a suspect embezzled $139,000 from a local credit union, pled guilty and received probation.
  • A case in which a suspect, along with two other suspects, bound and gagged three victims, assaulted them and stole their property. The suspect pled guilty to the theft and received probation.
  • A case in which a burglar was caught by residents in the act of committing his third burglary at this particular apartment complex. The burglar, still wearing a mask, gloves and carrying a pry bar, also possessed a stolen gun. The burglar pled guilty and was offered probation.

The Arcata Police Association strongly urges citizens to vote for Allison Jackson for Humboldt County District Attorney.


Rose is suggesting it may be an “official” blog of some sort, but it’s been opened by Michael Evanson, who is a Gallegos supporter and not formally associated with the office.  Thanks to Rose, however, for bringing it to my attention.

From the Hagen campaign:

District Attorney candidate Paul Hagen invites members of the public to a reception at his campaign headquarters during Saturday’s Arts! Alive. This is an opportunity to meet Paul face to face, ask him questions and get direct answers, discuss with him your concerns about Humboldt County’s future, and learn about his beliefs and values.

The meet and greet reception will feature photos and paintings from several local artists, including Matthew Filar, Rick Greene, Cecelia Ricci, Sara Starr, and Wylie Landry.
The reception will take place on Saturday, June 5 from 6 to 9 p.m. at Paul Hagen Campaign Headquarters at 416 2nd Street in Old Town Eureka across from the Gazebo. Refreshments will be served.

For more information about Paul Hagen’s campaign for District Attorney, please visit the website or call 832-8056.

Find out which in today’s Time Standard.

From the Jackson campaign:

Humboldt Builders Exchange Endorses Allison Jackson for DA

The Board of Directors of the Humboldt Builders Exchange has unanimously endorsed Allison Jackson for Humboldt County District Attorney.

“The board believes that Allison’s proven record as a prosecutor, along with her work as an award-winning child protective advocate uniquely qualifies Allison to bring about the needed changes to the DA’s Office,” said Humboldt Builders Executive Director Charlene McCombs.

“We’re confident that Allison can take on and be a strong administrator to manage the DA’s Office.”

The Humboldt Builders Exchange represents more than 300 local businesses and more than 4,000 employees.

The Humboldt Builders Exchange endorsement is the latest of several key endorsements, which include the Humboldt Deputy Sheriffs’ Organization, the Humboldt County Correctional Peace Officers Association AFSCME Local 1684 and the Fortuna Police Officer’s Association. Jackson, a partner at the Eureka-based Harland Law Firm, has worked since 2004 representing clients in civil litigation, land-use, employment and other areas of law. Jackson has worked in the Humboldt, Santa Cruz and Santa Clara county district attorney offices.

For more information about DA candidate Allison Jackson, visit her Web site at


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