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A very succinct answer to a truther question about Building 7.  One of the things I most hate about public forums is the idiot with the sense of entitlement who gives a long speech as a “set up” to a question, and nobody has the sense or courage to tell him that there are people there to hear the speaker and if he wants to ramble on he should organize his own forum.   If you can’t ask your question in five sentences, you’re either being disingenuous and deliberately monopolizing everybody’s time, or you’re a moron.

The truth is out there!

Boy, I missed this as it was happening.  It’s Paul Krugman vs. Don Rumsfeld vs. Michelle Malkin vs. Glenn Greenwald and more!

Links and more in this post by a D-Kos blogger apparently young enough to think that Pearl Jam wrote Masters of War.

The outcome?  Rumsfeld cancelled his NY Times subscription, the paper apparently having exhausted the Judith Miller capital it had accumulated back in the day.

I thought all day yesterday about what I would post to “commemorate” the 10th anniversary of the attack on New York City.  Last night I surfed around a little bit to find some nice graphics, to pretty up whatever profound words I could put together, with maybe just a little bit of politics folded in. But I was thoroughly uninspired last night, and when I got up this morning.  What can be said which hasn’t been said – which I haven’t said, over the past 10 years.

If you want a great listen, find the This American Life episode being aired on NPR today.  Lots of interviews with family relations of 911 victims tired of reporters calling them with every anniversary for some profound words to put under their bylines.  In particular, listen to the story of one 911 widow whose 15 year old son came home early from school on the day after the Bin Laden killing was reported because he got sick of other students and a couple of teachers “congratulating” him and celebrating another death.

I’ll leave it at that.  Let the rest of the media hype this thing.

And please spare me the truther crap today if you can help it.  Thanks.

I’ve been avoiding the story, just because I think it indulges one of the last acceptable forms of bigotry and because it’s stupid.  But apparently Tea Partiers get to decide what’s stupid and what isn’t in national political discourse.  Pundits are suggesting that the phrase “Ground Zero Mosque” is going to be this year’s “death panels.”  Republicans are all over it and Democrats are already retreating.  There is one voice of sanity in the Republican Party this time, though his blaming “both sides” for the controversy seems a little disingenuous.

So does anyone really believe that the Federal Government has any right to tell a religious organization where it can buy property and build a place of worship?  Jon Stewart asks whether it’s appropriate to build a Catholic Church next to a playground.

Obtained by ABC from the NYC Police through the Freedom of Information Act.  There are more through the link.

A fairly brutal moment in history.  Allende’s Popular Unity Party having won three elections in a row (two presidential and one parliamentary) and fended off one coup attempt had faced an economy in free-fall largely due to a trucker’s strike which paralyzed the country – possibly the only corporate financed labor strike in history.

Not that the Popular Unity government was angelic or perfect.  There were some pretty doctrinaire elements in the party which did engage in some undemocratic and legally questionable policies with regard to dissenting press, though nothing that warranted a military coup – as well as some radical policies arguably justified by the circumstances and a political mandate.  When companies had shut down factories in protest of land reform and other socialist policies, Allende’s government seized them and turned them over to worker’s councils, citing laws passed under the quasi-socialist government of Marmaduke Grove during the 1920s.  This freaked some very powerful people, domestic and American, out.

The numbers of dead are disputed, estimates ranging from 3000 to 20,000, though it’s hard to know because many of those reported as “disappeared” were in hiding or even managed to leave the country and probably weren’t going to advertise the fact.  But it was brutal, as was the repressive aftermath in which many captured by the military were tortured and beaten, and soldiers ruled the streets of Chile like a high powered street gang for years while Milton Friedman’s acolytes came to Chile and ruined the economy for a decade.

There are extensive accounts of the US involvement, as well as financial commitment from metal companies like Alcoa (Chile produces one third of the world’s copper, essential for electronics) and others like ITT.  Later when escaped P.U. Minister of Foreign Affairs Orlando Letelier was assassinated by bombing in Washington DC mere blocks from the White House, the apathy from US officials was astounding, though several people including one former CIA agent were arrested and prosecuted.  There are plenty of accounts of our own shameful involvement, and a rather unapologetic Henry Kissinger, who when asked about the wisdom of overthrowing a properly elected government responded:  “I don’t see why we should have to stand by and let a country go Communist due to the irresponsibility of its own people.”

Salvador Allende died after a battle culminating in the surrender  of the Santiago Police to the army.  The Pinochet regime claimed he committed suicide, which is in dispute.  An essay entitled “The Death of Salvador Allende” by Gabriel Garcia Marquez, which is in an anthology entitled “Introduction to the Sociology of Developing Societies,” edited by Hamza Alavi and Teador Shanin, Monthly Review Press, 1982, contains the following account. Read the rest of this entry »

And don’t forget to bring your own tin foil

Blueprint for Truth: The Architecture of Destruction

Richard Gage, (American Institute of Architects, Architects and Engineers for 911 Truth – will present at the Jolly Giant Commons (355 Granite Ave, Arcata) at Humboldt State University Friday March 7th at 6pm. A 20-year veteran architect, Gage’s extensive research in multi-media form focuses on the collapse of all 3 World Trade Center buildings. The two main towers, WTC1 & 2, were destroyed including WTC7, a 47-story skyscraper that fell at nearly free fall speed into its on footprint without being hit by a plane. Did you know 118 first responders saw explosions and flashes, molten iron under the buildings and Thermate, an incendiary used to cut steel, was found in the WTC beams and dust of the ruins? Attend to see for yourself, ask questions and demand answers! Presented by HSU 911Truth (707-826-5415, A second presentation will be hosted by Humboldt County 911 Truth (707-832-3916) at the Eureka Labor Temple (840 E street, Eureka) Saturday, March 8th at 3pm. Free with suggested donation of $10 general or $5 for students or Vets for Peace.

What do I know? I’m a lizard person.

Resistance is futile!

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I discovered this by accident. Some days ago somebody e-mailed this video of 911 conspiracy theorists trying to make some sort of point on the Bill Maher show. Pat Scott, former manager of KPFA, once remarked, “you had the old left, we were the new left, and now we’re stuck with the what’s left.” I won’t go on, but between the video I posted below and the “truthers” yelling at Maher, Scott’s comment popped into my head after a decade.

Is the left intellectually dying on the vine? I mean, what are we offering of late in terms of new ideas? Original thoughts? There are a few outlets, but anybody who even deviates from the line on major points is slammed as a “neo-con.”

I decided I’ve been riding the left a little too hard in recent months, and the Truther/Maher video was too easy a shot. I drafted up a piece, but never posted it.

So then somebody sent me a chess video link which I’m not going to bother to post because it might interest the two or three bloggers here who play chess. The way Youtube works is you watch your video and then in a column near the mini-screen is a list of “similar” videos that might interest the viewer. I found one entitled “Gary Kasparov explains the political nature of oil.” All of the sudden I’m back on the Bill Maher show and immediately there’s a reference to the downside of live TV. I thought “how many times are the truthers going to be able to pull this?”

You’re then treated to a very refreshing interview with Kasparov who is running for president of Russia. He’s already been arrested in pro-democracy demonstrations, and has written a book which blends chess and politics. Granted his constituency won’t see this video, not many of them anyway. But he actually listens to the questions, thinks about them, and responds – sometimes with clever humor. Very articulate despite a mild language barrier, and an interesting take on the impact of oil politics on his situation. I mean, it’s about as deep as you can get in a five minute television interview, and unlike most pols and activists he was critically examining the questions and thinking about answers that aren’t necessarily tailored to his agenda. As I said: refreshing.

After the interview the camera moves to the in-studio guests and what do you know? It’s the Chris Matthews panel from the first video. What a better basis for comparison and contrast? And it concludes with Maher giving Matthews a dig. Of course, Matthews is used to interviews where his subjects challenge him to duels and whatnot.

Susan Polgar discusses the interview on her blog.

Photo source.

Other than the Public Eye pages, this new site is the only overtly left wing source I’m aware of dedicated to debunking some of the conspiracy theories hampering the peace movement.

The intro paragraph:

The awful events of 9/11/01 in the USA have had a deep and pernicious effect on the body politic in the US, and elsewhere, especially the UK. We oppose the calamitous invasions of Iraq, Afghanistan & the ongoing ‘War on Terror’ from an anti-imperialist (and anti-capitalist) position. Be that as it may, our remit here is not specifically those matters–many activists are already on the case internationally, and we commend them for that. Our efforts are complementary, not competitive.
Five years on the ‘9/11 Truth cult’ (our term) is growing in the UK, a development that troubles us. Not because we dislike uncomfortable questions being asked of the powerful. On the contrary, we at Notes From the Borderland (NFB) magazine have been doing cutting edge parapolitical research since 1997, and individually before that. Our record of evidence-based research into covert state/ruling class activity plus an expertise in fringe politics qualifies us, we feel, to sound the alarm now. Those interested can peruse our sister-site, which outlines NFB research themes, methods and publications available. Precisely because we are committed to rigorous analytical research and related political intervention NFB is speaking out. Below, the ‘issues’ we have with the UK ‘9/11 Truth Movement’ are summarised. Constructive feedback welcome. If you scroll down past that, we explain the various features on the site and how to use it in summary outline. Enjoy!!


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