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Got this chart from this Kos blog post.  Make of it what you will.

At least the first Terra origin spacecraft.

TPM has a slideshow of shots from NASA.

It occurs to me.  I think maybe Mercury is the only planet in the Solar System which has not warranted some science fiction story about aliens therefrom.  Guess that would be too far-fetched.

I just received a telephone call from a reputable source telling me that 101 is closed north of Dean Creek.  Any information would be helpful.

Addendum: Kym has confirmed with the CHP

Second addendum:
Thanks to Kym


Eureka  – Caltrans has announced that Route 101 in Southern Humboldt County
is  closed  due  to  a  large mudslide approximately one mile north of Dean
Creek.  Caltrans crews are currently onsite and assessing the situation.

No estimated time of opening is currently available.  Caltrans will issue
another update by 2:00 PM today.

Motorists are advised to use an alternate route.  For the most current road
information   on   all   State   highways,   please   call   1-800-427-7623
(1-800-GAS-ROAD) or visit

Also, KMUD has photos, as does Kym through the link above (including an aerial photo provided by Mark Lovelace).

Third addendum: Thanks to Matthew Owen for forwarding to me some of the photographs which have been posted on other blogs.  This one from the CHP says it all.  Click on it to enlarge.

Fourth addendum: Hank Sims has maps and analysis of the alternate routes.  Thanks to Sohum Awareness for the link.

Fifth addendum: The latest information I’m getting of one-way traffic on 101 is Monday morning.


Sixth addendum: Kym reports that they’ve punched through an emergency road.

Eric Cantor says “no more emergency measures.”

President Bartlett says, “Shut it down.”

What will President Obama say?

Add Hank Sims to the blog list!

Driving home from Eureka this afternoon I listened to the speech.  At first I listened through KGOE, but the liberal talk show host Karel kept injecting his sarcastic commentary (he is among the portion of the left which opposes the intervention) and it was hard to hear the speech itself.  So I switched to one of the right wing stations until I couldn’t get it anymore, and then I realized it would probably be on NPR (quick note – NPR is obviously trying to play for Republican sympathy – two out of the three post-game analysis came from Republicans who said pretty much the same thing).  The speech did in fact formally outline the Obama Doctrine – a revival of JFK of sorts.  I break the doctrine (as it differs from the Bush doctrine) into three points.

1.  Multi-lateralism

2.  Humanitarian based intervention (“values” he referenced several times in addition to interests)

3.  Military engagement which is only a subset of the overall policy objectives and not totally ultimate goals based (nuance).

This is a very liberal doctrine of interventionism.  Basically, Obama deliberated with his advisers, and opted for what the warrior women pushed, and through some remarkable diplomacy obtained the right combo of support and abstentions from other countries (getting Russia and China to abstain at the UN Security Council, getting the Arab League behind it, and the ultimate coup of getting Ankara behind NATO involvement).  Yes, Russia and Turkey will trot out obligatory objections, but it’s for constituency cover.  Clinton and team put together something no Republican administration could have accomplished.  Qater and the United Arab Emirates are participating in the enforcement of UN resolution.  There are no mass demonstrations, domestically nor abroad.  The left is divided and tentative.  So is the right.

The concept of humanitarian intervention is revived from the Kennedy doctrine.  Since then we’ve always spoken in terms of “vital US interests” and the like.  But Obama’s people saw a unique opportunity here to prevent carnage of a city numbered at 700,000 residents, and they got some help from Gaddafy himself who promised “no mercy, no pity” going “house to house, door to door.”  It may secretly be about oil or whatever.  But the stated objective is the prevention of genocide, and the difficulty opponents have from both left and right is that there is little doubt that the attacks which began a week ago last Saturday prevented a massacre of unthinkable scale.

On NPR tonight, the House Armed Services Committee Chair (I think his name is Mike Rogers or Mike Jones – I’ll look it up later) lamented that Obama focused on the humanitarian basis and left out the WMDs in Gaddafy’s arsenal.  Go figure!  This is an anomaly in that the whole humanitarian military intervention basis sub-doctrine is opposed by many conservatives – not just the isolationist culture-war quasi-libertarian Tea Party folk, but even some of the military industrial complex elite spokespeople who want to emphasize military and economic interests.  They don’t like Obama’s frame.  They hate it in fact.

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After a heart-breaking one-goal loss in Futsal in Samoa (but my son did score three fantastic goals including his first header on a corner kick), my kids went with friends to the movies and some friends, my wife, and I enjoyed a great meal at Annie’s Cambodian Cuisine in Eureka last night.  We ordered several items recommended in the Journal review, and I recommend all of them, especially the sweet and sour talapia.  Also try the taro smoothie, which is a pretty purple and delish – kind of an exotic tapioca/vanilla flavor, but I say it just tastes like purple.

And the review is right about the pleah – very intricate flavors and unlike anything I’ve tasted before.

Great warm service too.  It was packed last night, so the five of us waited at the bar.  The waitresses were apologetic (like it’s their fault they’re so popular?), and took our orders so we wouldn’t have to wait very long once they had a table for us.  I got to watch them mix up my taro smoothie.  It was quite the operation.

Oh, and five of us filled up for about 60 bucks (not including the tip).  I’m looking forward to trying their lunch specials.

Tucked right between the Sizzler’s and the omelet place at the north end of 5th – give them a try!

It’s been on a few blogs, and it’s being discussed everywhere.  It’s very well written.  I’m posting this link for the few of you who may be out of the loop.

At Whitmore Grove from 7 p.m. to 7 a.m. in theory, but they reportedly did not open until after 8:00 this morning.

Old Briceland Road is of course the alternative, but I would advise residents to the west of Redway to try to get their business done by daylight.

Addendum: Briceland Road closed indefinitely.

Second addendum: Kym has photos.

I so spend a lot of time slamming right wing sliming, and I don’t believe that at least currently there is equivalency between left and right as to nasty campaign tactics.  I do believe that the right is quicker to go negative.  But the left has its own moments, and this ad against Wisconsin Supreme Court Justice David Prosser (made famous for calling the Chief Justice a “bitch”).  It is out of context, and without due concern for one of the victims himself who doesn’t want his name used this way despite his criticism of Prosser – who is a cromag, make no mistake.


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