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In addition to the NYT map, and the John Hopkins site, this site tracks national information through a variety of credible sources and provides links to key articles and sources.

Meanwhile, we have 6 new cases in Humboldt, bringing our total to 27 with 3 confirmed as “community spread” and others under investigation.

This is what the President said on Fox and Friends yesterday in response to proposals to increase the number of polling locations and fund the development of mail-in ballot election systems to mitigate the pandemic.

Much like Sara Palin, Trump is one of those politicians who makes the mistake of voicing what his fellow Republicans are quietly thinking.

Meanwhile, Biden is well out in front in the polls although to hear the media say it the ABC poll is the only one worth covering and having only a 2 percent lead is bad news for Biden.

Republican friends keep asking me why I’m blaming Trump for something that is the fault of (China, WHO, the media, New Yorkers, etc.) and out of his control, this article lays out “the Missing Six Weeks” pretty clearly.

Looks like the state came up with the right model, though it’s still early.

You can read the redlined changes here.


  1.  The order is extended from April 9 to “until rescinded.”
  2.  Hotels, Air B&B, and the like are prohibited from renting to out-of-county tourists – beginning tomorrow at midnight.
  3. All areas and trails in parks which do not allow for 6 feet between people are closed/barred for use; all play structures are closed; no team sports; use of picnic benches, gazebos, or any communal equipment.
  4. “High risk people” is extended beyond the CDC guidelines to include people over 65, nursing home residents, people with severe lung disease or asthma, people who are severely obese, diabetic, heart conditions, undergoing cancer treatment, and anything which compromises the immunity system.
  5. Quality of life businesses are now non-essential (that would include vape stores).
  6. Some businesses are added to “essential,” such as any business providing care and shelter to animals; construction related to essential services; and a few other items.
  7. No self-service food involving common utensils for food items which cannot be washed (bakery, salad, soups, etc. – no indication that this applies to gravity feed bulk bins).

Three more positive tests bringing the local total to 21 – contraction source “under investigation”

Be safe everyone!

So California’s response is a mixed bag.  As noted in a post below we are doing excellently in suppressing human movement, particularly in the urban areas.  But we are doing poorly in testing per capita – second to last in fact.

This article explains some of the problems with California’s testing – a decentralized privatized system which make coordination for a pandemic problematic along with difficulty in obtaining the kits and materials.  Newsom is being kind of evasive about it, probably because the governors are forced into a position where they have to stroke Trump’s ego to get any help.  It’s kind of a banana republic right now with Trump explicitly saying he wants governors to be nice to him and his personal attorney out there arguing the same.  So for the public good, governors are basically genuflecting.  So if Newsom makes public any frustration over the inadequacy of supplies from the federal government, he risks the same treatment Trump has given to the governors of Washington State and Michigan.

But we need the tests.  It seems clear that it is not enough to tell people that they should assume that the virus is spreading in their community.  That’s like telling people that smoking is bad for you and eating too many sweets can make you diabetic.  Everyone knows it, but it takes something to wake most people up.  It seems that the data is showing that it becomes more “real” to people when test positives in their community are reported, and probably even more so when they are “community spread” rather than travelers.  Authorities can lament this, but it’s human nature.

As it happens, this organization is studying and grading the reduction of movement in counties across the country.  California is doing well in the urban areas and less well in rural.  San Francisco is getting an “A” despite the beach issue last weekend.  Rural counties – notably those which Trump won – are getting Ds and Fs.  Humboldt County has a C.  If state and county officials want better cooperation they had better find a way to obtain enough testing materials to expand their criteria, obtain the data, and report it to the public.


This article is about blue states vs. red states in terms of C19 and one of the points made is that blue states are testing more people.  But California is at the bottom in a sea of red states which are in denial.  Just above Oklahoma.

Yes, we’re the most populated state, but there is absolutely no excuse for this.

We’re also on the low end of the curve height, as I noted in a previous post, but maybe we just haven’t tested enough people to know that.

Biden with a wide lead in the latest Fox News poll.

But it’s a long way to November.  I wonder on occasion if the election will even happen.


By this account, San Francisco seems to have been extremely successful– so far.  They actually began a voluntary stay-at-home a week before it became mandatory and already there were much fewer cars and people downtown.

And this is how well California has been doing compared to other urbanized hot spots.  Someone argued that it’s probably inaccurate for lack of testing, but I think the testing for being dead is pretty simple.


This is my old neighborhood! You have to admire the precision of the flying.

As of March 20 there had been 241 COVID 19 deaths in the U.S.  As of today March 26 there are 1,222 reported deaths according to the NYT tally.

In one week our deaths of quadrupled.  That is one steep curve!  And it’s more than 1 percent of confirmed cases.

Scared yet?  Don’t effing panic.  Stay home and/or take the precautions!  Yes, you will probably survive it.  But even the surviving isn’t much fun and you don’t want to kill someone else, so please just be empathetic.

Update:  The above figures were a few hours ago.  It’s now up to 1270.


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