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Short and sweet – and basically proclaims Solomon and Huffman the top two contenders.

And while I was there reading the endorsements, I noticed this announcement.  What I’ve always appreciated about the SFBG is its fierce independence.  Should I be worried?

From Clif’s campaign:

May 2         7-8 pm        KEET/League of Women Voters Candidates Forum  Televised on Channel 13

May 4         7 pm           Candidates Forum in Shelter Cove Community Club House, 1555 Upper Pacific Road , Sponsored by Shelter Cove Pioneers

May 6         3-5 pm       Come Talk with Clif  – Fortuna Veteran’s Hall  – Join us for music, local burgers & hot dogs, cider and a chance to talk to Clif in an informal setting.


May 7         7 pm           Civil Liberties Monitoring Project Candidates Forum, Garberville Veteran’s Hall

May 9         5:00 pm      Humboldt Association of Realtors Candidates Forum River Lodge, Fortuna

May 12       3-5 pm       Join Us at the Briceland Winery for Wine Tasting and Paella, Join hosts Maggie Carey and Joe Collins – Help support Clif’s re-election; $50 donation
May 19       10-11 am    Candidates Forum – Fortuna Senior Services, 922 N Street Fortuna

But “no telling about the real southern part of the county.”

Hank reports as “Denise” of Fortuna speaks with Rush.

Addendum: Here’s a preview gallery on Facebook.

Not much else to say.

Because they’re doing just fine with a very enjoyable production of Evita which plays on weekends until May 13.  I saw it on Saturday night, and they did a great job with a very difficult musical play.

I have fond memories of the musical from my youth.  Not that I really think it’s all that thought provoking or brilliant.  It just passed in front of me at a formative moment in my senior year of high school.  I saw it at the Orpheum with a young woman friend who also liked the dancing and music even though it was, in her words, “a Broadway glorification of fascism.”  I do miss dating young radical women, as annoying and dogmatic as some of them were.

Of course, until my generation passes, you’ll have to hear lots of “it’ll never be the same without Mandy Patinkin and Patti Lupone in the lead parts,” and everything will always be compared to their production – which began on Broadway in 1979.  I saw it on one of the later tours in 1982 in front of a liberal San Francisco audience, during the Falklands War, so that when LuPone uttered her line, “if the King of England can do without the lady of Argentina, then Argentina can do without England,” the whole audience cheered despite the faulty context. (more below the fold)

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Here are some quotes from conversations I’ve had or overheard about the June election which I think are amusing, and perhaps mildly educational.  I’m leaving names out, even for those who said they wouldn’t mind.


“Who is she (Karen Brooks) kidding?  Those signs trying to appeal to hippies look more like a graphic from the Partridge Family.  If we were mostly a black community would she be trying to sing hip hop?  It’s almost insulting!”


85-year-old Fortuna woman on Clif:  “I like Clif, but he doesn’t want a Wal-Mart.  Some of us are on fixed incomes and I want to see a Wal-Mart in Fortuna.  I will probably vote for him but he better behave himself until June!”


“I’m being disenfranchised here.  My house used to be in the First District, so I didn’t get to vote in the Fourth District election last time.  Now I’ve been moved into the Fourth District, so I don’t get to vote this time either!”


“Is Rex running for Baseball Commissioner?”  (in reference to his signs)


“I have nothing against Clif.  I like him.  But maybe we finally have a chance to have direct Southern Humboldt representation for the first time ever.  I don’t want to pass up on a chance like that.  But Clif grows the best mutsu apples I’ve ever had!”


“I was listening to KGOE the other morning.  A Stacey Lawson commercial came up and I switched over to KHUM only to hear the second half of the commercial right where I had left it.  It was like I had changed to the same station.  Synchronicity.  Maybe this has something to do with her New Age spirituality.  A harmonic convergence or something?”


“If everybody who supports Norman Solomon would vote for Norman Solomon, Norman Solomon would win.  Haven’t we heard this before?”


“The debates are going to be boring.  Now, I would like to see a debate between Mark Lovelace and Rex Bohn.  Why don’t they set that one up?”


“Can you tell me what position any of the First District candidates are taking on the Shell wind project?  It’s a mystery to me.”


“From a distance it’s hard to tell the difference between Mark’s (Lovelace) signs and Jared Huffman’s.”


“There’s an election in June??!”

John Chiv writes about all things Humboldt.  Very thoughtful entries.  Moderately conservative politics (even if he doesn’t like labels), but also thoughts about business and culture in the county.

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