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Chuck Rogers will join me on All Things Reconsidered tonight to discuss…well,… treason. 7:00 as always.


If Nixon had said “I am not a crook” this many times by now he would have been impeached within the first six months after the Watergate bust.

There will be no recount. 

Let’s realize that Putin, by being 30 minutes late, asserted his dominance.  Let’s realize that Trump’s refusal to have other Americans present in the discussion reveals it’s complete insignificance.  Putin admits, finally, that he wanted Trump to win.

So what was the point of all this?

TPM headlines of Republican responses – from the most indignant to the wimpy.

Russian President Vladimir Putin —…

McCain Rips Trump For ‘Disgraceful’ Putin Summit: ‘A Tragic Mistake’ about an hour ago

Sen. John McCain (R) issued a blistering statement condemning President Trump’s Monday summit and…

Gowdy To Trump: Recognizing Russian Meddling Won’t Delegitimize Your Win about an hour ago

House Oversight Committee Chairman Trey Gowdy (R-SC) on Monday released a blistering statement reiterating…

Corker: Trump Cares More About How Leaders Treat Him Than Defending US about 2 hours ago

Sen. Bob Corker (R-TN) expressed his “disappointment” after the Trump-Putin presser Monday, saying that…

Paul Ryan: Trump ‘Must Appreciate That Russia Is Not Our Ally’ about 2 hours ago

House Speaker Paul Ryan (R-WI) issued a statement on Monday forcefully combatting statements President…
And lastly, the five most bonkers moments of their joint presser.

Everybody at KHSU will continue to miss her, but North Coast PBS took advantage and claimed an incredible asset.  Kevin Hoover just broke the story on Monday Morning Magazine on KMUD – hot off the press!  Obviously the Mad River Union will have all the details available.

Addendum:  Click here if you want to hear the archived recording.

Second addendum:  Mad River Union article on subject.

I’ve been in the woods for the past week, but learned a few days ago that the Board had approved the measure for the ballot.  We collected over 5600 signatures, and about 4300 of them were valid (We needed about 3700).   We learned a great deal about collecting signatures including the importance of having the voter list so we can know if they are registered at their current address.  It was disheartening as so many names came up invalid, but any safe landing is a good landing.

In the meantime, much was said by officials at the hearing which will require some cleaning up.  I’m working on a letter to the editor right now.  But no, there is nothing in the measure which interferes with the Sheriff’s ability to inquire as to sex traffic or any other crime.

And the impact on the load of the Human Rights Commission should be pretty minimal.

And the fiscal impact will be minimal unless the county repeatedly violates it and opens itself up to lawsuits, and even then the ordinance would not create a basis for monetary damages.

As it happens, the provisions regarding parental preferences upon separation became timely over the past weeks.

Anyway, I’ll have much more to say about this.  If it passes, it may be the first sanctuary law in the nation to be passed by voters.  Can we pass the thing in a county where 80 percent of the voters are white?  We’ll find out in November.

Times Standard coverage.

Addendum:  LoCo coverage and for the record, the ordinance would not, and could not regulate ICE activity.  The provision about time, place, and manner of arrest applies only when the Sheriff must act on a court-ordered warrant.

And I just came across my letter of last year – on the Redheaded Blackbelt. I had high hopes of more BOS involvement.  They shouldn’t whine about the wording now.  They had their chance to work with us.


Thursday Night Talk tonight and I’m doing a kind of smorgasboard show focusing on the final Humboldt County election results released a couple of days ago, and the campaigns emerging for November. I’m inviting 2 or 3 special guests for brief interviews. As always, 7:00 p.m. and I will welcome calls on any topic.

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Orders have been made and production begun for Trump’s 2020 reelection campaign flags – in China.

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