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But as interesting as it is, I think the next great step is the GM Volt, which like the Aptera is a “true hybrid” in that the combustion component is used to charge the electrical system, the latter being the only means of actual propulsion.  Or as GM is marketing it, it’s merely an electric car with a combustion-based supplemental range booster.  According to Wikipedia, the purchase cost could be under 30 grand if you include the $7500 federal tax credit.

If there’s a future in American manufacturing, it’s in this kind of development.  I know I’m not always capitalism’s biggest fan.  But in the first five pages of the Communist Manifesto, Marx had nothing but good things to say about capitalism.  This is an illustrative example of what he spoke about.  Ironically, those five pages are the most insightful he wrote, excluding what have been entitled the Economic and Philosophic Manuscripts of 1868, and his endorsement of Abraham Lincoln for president.

The Times Standard reports on the money.

Heraldo reports.

Faust wants a deadline of 2012!

Found this video the other night.  Youtube has a plethora of these sort of things, but this one’s well-thought piece on the video-maker’s favorite giant movie monsters.  He’s obviously partial to stop-motion monsters, and I can understand that.  It was an intricate art, now lost on the CGI-spoiled crowd.  But personally, my top ten list would probably consist almost entirely of Toho Productions monsters.  I’m partial to the rubber suits.

I’d have to include a couple of CGI critters as well, including the Cloverfield monster (great movie!) and the Lord of the Rings’ Balrog.  And if I was going to emphasize stop-motion monsters I’d have to include the Blob and the It Came from Beneath the Sea monster, particularly in its iconic scene tearing down the Golden Gate Bridge with its tentacles.

And I’d have to include Darryl Hannah’s version of the 50 Foot Woman.

But this guy’s list is good.

Alright.  Have to get the kids’ dinner now.

16 to 12 with a defector from each party.

Republicans are wigging out and threatening everything possible to obstruct the bill.  But it’s looking good.

Addendum: Passed in the house – not even close.

And the Republican brain trust chimes in.

19 to 39 million gallon estimates.

Obama’s press conference on topic is underway.

Addendum: “Top kill” explained, and BP blames the employees.  All that and more.

Politics aside, I just really like Joe Biden!


A case in point tip for those running for office – if you bop someone on the side, don’t text message the person.


Mitch McConnell gives Rand Paul some sage advice – pretty much along the lines of “shut the f%#@ up!”


According to the CBO, this year’s stimulus spending has generated 1.2 to 2.8 million jobs and boosted GDP by as much 4 percent.


An official of the conservative American Family Association claims that Hitler employed homosexuals as his crack troops because there would be “no limits” to their brutality.  Yet another right winger in desperate need of a rudimentary history lesson.


It looks like Don’t Ask Don’t Tell may finally be headed for the trash bin.  Here’s how it happened.


James O’Keefe, who with his young female partner brought down ACORN, pled guilty to entering Sen. Mary Landrieu’s office under false pretenses.  He gets probation, a fine, and community service.


Eureka isn’t the only town fighting sign wars.  That is Republican Ron Johnson at the Republican Convention in Milwaukee ripping down his opponent’s signs.


Nate Silver discusses what has become conventional thought among Republicans, namely that once you have secured a primary you move right rather than towards the center to win the general election.  Didn’t work for McCain obviously, but there is some interesting data apparently.


Addendum: Barbara Boxer is unpopular.  She has a bit of cold comfort in that her opponents appear to be even less popular.  But approval ratings below 50 percent tend to be bad news for incumbents.  She’s got a tough race ahead of her.


Rand Paul may find himself opposed by the Libertarian Party.  Maybe that’s why he’s replaced his staff.


Second addendum: The right is really wigging out over the DADT repeal.  Now they’re arguing that it will promote rape.

They’ve been caught lying about how much oil is coming out of the well.  They’ve been lying about how much oil they’re cleaning up.  The situation is clearly out of control.

It’s not just me asking.  James Carville is asking as well, saying, “we’re dying down here!”

This may be turning into a Katrina moment for Obama.

On the upside, although the Republicans and conservative Democrats have successfully blocked two attempts to up the liability cap, BP could be facing stiff fines not subject to the cap.  $4,300 per barrel to be precise, which currently would bring the fines well over 10 billion.

Addendum: This Kos poster provides a little defense for Obama.  Point is, he should be shoving BP aside right now.

From her campaign:

Correctional Officers AFSCME Local 168 Endorse Jackson for DA

District Attorney candidate Allison Jackson added another key group to her list of supporters.

The Humboldt  County Correctional Peace Officers Association AFSCME Local 1684 voted recently to endorse Jackson in her bid to be the next Humboldt County District Attorney. HCCPOA President Terri Bittner said the organization’s approximately 90 members want a district attorney who is going to be tough on crime.

“Allison’s got integrity and she actually sentences people for the crimes they have committed,” Bittner said.

Bittner said the correctional officers currently see too many serious criminals who are plead down to lesser offences.

“We want our community back,” Bittner said. “We feel things are out of control.”
Jackson, a partner at the Eureka-based Harland Law Firm, received the endorsement of the Humboldt Deputy Sheriff’s Organization last month.

Jackson has worked since 2004 representing clients in civil litigation, land-use, employment, and other areas of law. Jackson has worked in the Humboldt, Santa Cruz and Santa Clara county district attorney offices.

This year.  Hot off of Heraldo’s press, who is presumably watching the BOS meeting in progress.  Heraldo has a jpg of the schedule up.

Just in time for the election.  It does mean, assuming they hold to schedule, that any change in the balance of power between the liberals and conservatives won’t impact the GPU.


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