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Another sad moment in national politics. 

And no, this isn’t a bipartisan problem.  This is about the nutjobs who’ve taken over the Republican Party and pretty much killed what statesmanship they had.


Eureka Teachers Association is supporting Lisa Ollivier for the upcoming November School Board Election.

WHAT:  “Meet and Greet” our ETA, CLC, HCDCC endorsed school board candidate, Lisa Ollivier.

WHEN:  This Friday between 4 and 7:30.

WHERE:  The Labor Temple, 840 E St., Eureka

WHO:  All friends of Labor and Education are invited.

WHY:  Meet the candidate, free food/drinks!  Get a yard sign, sign-up to help!   Meet friends!

Walk in the Park 2

I have a show planned, but I do not know if my guest will be able to make it.

My backup plan is to discuss the Willits bypass.  It took me nearly an hour to get through Willits yesterday, due to a protest, or rather what appeared to be the CHP’s overkill response to it with cars parked in the northbound lane outnumbering the protestors.

More later.

Show is on KMUD, 7:00.

Daniel Mintz asks the question.

Democratic Jon who posts here frequently, just started one up.

SiskiyouShould we let them go?

Yreka Bakery spelled backwards is Yreka Bakery.  Just thought I’d throw that in.

It’s a pretty conservative county outside the town of Mt. Shasta where all the hippies live who were drawn to the place by the Harmonic Convergence, although their policy of development of TPZ parcels is too liberal for Humboldt County.  They require the filing of a timber management plan before any building permit is granted.

The image is from the Redding Record-Searchlight where it accompanies the above-linked article.


Addendum:  KIEM coverage of the “issue.”

At least not unless President Obama gets a leash onto the US Attorney for the Northern California District.  In a very cryptic statement, it doesn’t look like she intends to slow down in the least.

Part of the problem is the omissions on the part of California’s state government to set up a regulatory scheme.  Still, there is no excuse for cracking down in Mendocino where the county had enacted a scheme that could actually have brought some control to the situation.  The “enforcement” seems borderline obsessive, and will actually generate the opposite of the intended results.


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