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Basically, he grew up.

Mark Lovelace will join me on KHSU tonight at 7:00 p.m.  to discuss the status of the General Plan Update.

Call in with your questions.

I did extend an invitation to all of the Supervisors.  All but one responded, and only Mark can join me.

Alleged by the ACLU is racial bias against African Americans and Native Americans – Ryan Burns reports.

The claims of assault and sexual assault (“titty-twisting Tuesdays” and and “slap-ass Fridays”) , are very disturbing, as are the claims of disproportionate discipline.

The lawsuit, which names as defendants the members of the Eureka City Schools District Board of Education and the district’s superintendent, among other school officials, charges that blatant racial harassment occurs regularly as white students frequently use racial slurs to refer to Black students and commit violence against Native American and Black students without ever being disciplined by school staff.

Native American and Black students are also disciplined differently and much more harshly than white students. According to school district data from the 2011-2012 school year, Black students were suspended from some Eureka schools at a rate as much as five times higher than their enrollment rate while Native American students were suspended from some schools at a rate three times higher than their enrollment rate. Comparatively, white students are suspended at or about their rate of enrollment in district schools. Additionally, Native American students are pushed out of mainstream schools and into county-run community schools designed for high-risk youth and which do not appropriately prepare students planning to attend college. The Native American population at the Eureka Community School was three times higher than their overall district enrollment rate in 2011-2012, district data shows.

District curriculum also ignores or actively affronts the racial and cultural history of Native American and Black students by utilizing materials that use the word “savage,” “negro,” and “nigger” without examining the offensiveness or historical context of those terms.

I would however, like to know more about the last paragraph there – some specific context.  Are we talking about Mark Twain?  I do think that some adults fail to give children and teenagers credit for being able to sort the historical issues out.  I assume that more information will be forthcoming after the districts try to get the suits dismissed and the depositions begin.

I had heard last spring that this lawsuit was underway, and as a parent of nonwhite children attending the city schools I am very concerned and I will be watching this story closely.  And I will discuss these issues with them tonight.

Addendum:  Lost Coast Outpost is also on the story.

KerriganRyan Burns reports that he’ll be running for Mayor of Eureka next year.

He’s run two election campaigns for city council and won both times, actually trouncing Rex Bohn the last time around despite the plastering of Bohn signs all over the city which had some Kerrigan supporters demoralized until election day – which is when I learned that the frequency of signs in Eureka aren’t a good measure of support given that more conservative landlords on the main arteries seem willing to impose their politics on their tenants by placing signs on the lawns.

Kerrigan won each time by walking every neighborhood in the city, and I hope he repeats that strategy, because we don’t just need progressive wins.  We need a discussion.

It bodes well not only for local progressive politics.   Kerrigan’s campaign could represent the last gasp of any efforts to prevent Humboldt County from defaulting to a retirement community.

Now we need some candidates for city council.  And we need to talk district election reform.

Photo comes from the NCJ, and they got it from Facebook.

Addendum:  He was interviewed on KHUM today.

Assessments and Real Education

Humboldt Builder’s Exchange is threatening a lawsuit if the Board of Supervisors doesn’t reboot the whole GPU.

It seems that we now have death squads.

A very succinct answer to a truther question about Building 7.  One of the things I most hate about public forums is the idiot with the sense of entitlement who gives a long speech as a “set up” to a question, and nobody has the sense or courage to tell him that there are people there to hear the speaker and if he wants to ramble on he should organize his own forum.   If you can’t ask your question in five sentences, you’re either being disingenuous and deliberately monopolizing everybody’s time, or you’re a moron.


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