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Great quote from Josh Marshall:

“It’s not the country’s or the Democrats’ or Obama’s problem to solve the GOP’s Grover Norquist problem for them. I see everyone else thinking they need to help pledgers square this circle. They don’t. Not their problem.”

She was a woman born in Illinois somewhere who went to Paris and made it famous as a dancer, known mostly for her spinning flower-like dresses. I saw a couple of the films in a

 display in the Milwaukee Museum of Art this last summer – as part of the “Posters of Paris” display, which of course primarily emphasized Toulouse-Lautrec and his contemporaries. Fuller mostly danced at the Folies Bergère. She was part of the exhibit because her dances were covered by the art of Toulouse-Lautrec, Jean de Paléologue and Jules Cheret.This film, taken in 1896, was not colorized later by Ted Turner. According to the display explanation, each frame of the film was painted individually.

Read a little of her biography at the museum. When is someone going to make a film about her?

This first film was done in 1902.

This was done in 1896.  It wasn’t colorized by Ted Turner.  Each frame was individually painted.

Sometimes you can see the results.

From the Friends of the Eel River:

Van Arsdale Fish Count Station

November 19, 2012
A total of 1,271 Chinook salmon entered the station this past week.  The season total stands at 1,904: (1,013 male, 578 female, 313 jacks). On November 18, the single day record was broken: 765 fish were counted.

Is anybody heartbroken over the demise of Hostess?  Yes, some jobs will be lost.  But maybe youth obesity will be mitigated just a little bit.  Probably not.  Plenty of crap being cranked out by other companies.

Still, I do have fond memories of Twinkies in the Sixth Grade when I was reading The Lord of the Rings and imagined that my Twinkie was actually the golden Elven cake Lembas.

I also remember when my mother switched over from white bread to wheat bread.  I wasn’t happy with the switch at first, and one of the annoying kids at school would tease me about my “dirty bread” sandwiches.  But it wasn’t long before I couldn’t go back.  Seeing that nutritionist on TV squeeze a loaf of Wonder Bread into the size of a softball probably helped.


I was watching television last night and noticed writing at the bottom of a McDonald’s commercial saying, “Owned and operated locally in Humboldt County.”  Is economic localism having an actual impact that large companies feel compelled to explain their franchizing systems?

Addendum:  I haven’t verified whether the information is accurate, but if so, then blaming the unions for the company’s demise would seem erroneous at minimum.

To wrap up election talk – local to national.  Thursday, 7:00 p.m.

Liz, Ed, and myself on election eve, with Terri’s head in the foreground and Cinnamon just out of the photo on the right.   It was a lot of fun.  I was only there for the first hour, but I listened to the coverage all night with Charley, Dennis, Jimmy and others.  Great job KMUD!  Terri, Simon, and others did a lot of work to put it all together.

We are officially a center-left nation.

On this date was born the greatest American political candidate who never won an election.

He ran for President 5 times, once taking six percent of the vote nationally (almost exactly 100 years ago that happened).  He was sentenced to 10 years of prison for speaking against World War I.  As he said in that speech:

“Your Honor,years ago I recognized my kinship with all living beings, and I made up my mind that I was not one bit better than the meanest on earth. I said then, and I say now, that while there is a lower class, I am in it, and while there is a criminal element I am of it, and while there is a soul in prison, I am not free.”

He ran for office while in prison.  Again, he never held office, but he and the movement behind him brought to national political discourse the framework for reforms which would eventually be implemented, and for which many of us now take for granted.

A little bit of his history.  I don’t know why they’re using the Entertainer as a theme song.

Whether Politico is a right wing hack organization I don’t know, but this whining about how Obama has every demographic locked except one jut really hits me as fitting the stereotype of the white male grandiose sense of entitlement and virtue.

“If President Barack Obama wins, he will be the popular choice of Hispanics, African-Americans, single women and highly educated urban whites. That’s what the polling has consistently shown in the final days of the campaign. It looks more likely than not that he will lose independents, and it’s possible he will get a lower percentage of white voters than George W. Bush got of Hispanic voters in 2000.

A broad mandate this is not.”

Really!  You earn all of the demographic groupings except for cranky rural white people and you don’t have a mandate!  It explains why President Bush came away with fewer votes than his opponent in 2000 and ruled like he had the mandate of centuries.


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