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EIR for a major expansion in Ukiah to do in what ever’s left of the old economy and add more sprawl to the suicide-inspiring landscape of the south side.

Also, a new courthouse in the works.  One thing I really like about the existing courthouse is that the courtrooms have natural light – unlike its Humboldt County counterpart.  I hope the new one does as well.  Many courthouses were built around the philosophy that you don’t want jurors staring out the window in their boredom during trial.  But they can just as easily stare at the wall, or one of the attorneys’ tacky ties.

From the Adams campaign:

Susan Adams to visit Humboldt County

County Supervisor and Nurse is a candidate for the new 2nd Congressional District


HUMBOLDT COUNTY, CA  —  Susan L. Adams, a registered nurse practitioner, a County Supervisor and candidate to be Humboldt’s next Congressional Representative will be in Northern Humboldt for a series of “meet and greet” events where you can hear from and ask questions of the candidate. California’s newly formed 2nd District, which includes Humboldt County, will run from the Golden Gate Bridge to the Oregon Border.

On Saturday Oct 29th from 1:30 pm – 2:30pm, Adams will address the Humboldt State University Democratic Club at Redwood Yogurt located at 1573 G Street in Northtown, Arcata.The general public is welcome to attend.

On Sunday Oct 30th from 1:30 pm – 2:30pm, Adams will host a public forum at Trinidad Town Hall (Civic Room) located at 409 Trinity St. in Trinidad.

To RSVP or for more information about Adams’ visit to Humboldt County from Oct 28th to the 30th, please call the campaign at (707) 376-8683 or visit

Susan Adams is running for Congress to fight for the priorities of communities here in Coastal Northern California. She will work hard to rebuild thriving economies, protect health and access to quality care, apply innovative solutions to public safety and implement clean renewable energy programs which will benefit communities for generations to come.

As a maternity clinical specialist and a women’s health nurse practitioner, Adams has dedicated her life to healthy families. As a public servant, she has worked to create health communities. Currently Adams serves as President of the Marin County Board of Supervisors, where she has earned a reputation for innovative solutions to local problems, including her work on green energy jobs and therapeutic justice programs.

Adams is a mother and grandmother. Her brother has served seven tours of duty overseas compelling her to work even harder to bring our men and women home and she will continue to make veterans’ affairs a top priority—including their post war after care. Her family has owned a ranch in Boonville, Mendocino for several generations.

Adams has served at the National Association of Counties on the Health Steering Committee, was appointed to the California Chief Justice’s Task Force on Mentally Ill Offenders and has served with county supervisors in all 58 California counties on the State Association and serves in a leadership position for the National Association of Counties Health Committee.

More information at

The Oakland Police go where the NYPD didn’t.

Recall petitions are being distributed in an effort to remove Mayor Jean Quan.

There were injuries.

More details.



Entertainment features Fishtank Ensemble, one of the most up-and-coming musical acts on the West Coast


Sempervirens Lifetime Achievement Award to be presented to musician, activist, and film producer Darryl Cherney.

The Environmental Protection Information Center (EPIC) is excited to invite our members and the general public to the 34th EPIC Annual Meeting and Fall Celebration from 6PM – midnight on Friday, November 4th, at the Mateel Community Center, located at 59 Rusk Lane in Redway.

 We are very pleased to announce that the musical entertainment for the night will feature the intoxicating sounds of Fishtank Ensemble. As one of the most exciting new groups to recently explode on the international music scene, Fishtank Ensemble will bring it’s unique blend of Romanian, Gypsy Jazz, Flamenco, Balkan, Turkish, and Tango rhythms and melodies to the Mateel stage for their only fall 2011 appearance in Humboldt County.  Music is scheduled to begin at 9 PM. This high energy set will be sure to get everyone dancing, and will provide a raucous soundtrack to round out a traditionally EPIC party.

The main stage festivities will be only a part of the evening’s activities. The evening will start at 6 PM with the annual EPIC membership meeting, which will include brief updates of EPIC’s work to advocate on behalf of the globally treasured landscapes of the redwood region, as well as the nomination and election of the following year’s Board of Directors. At 7 PM a mouth-watering dinner will be served, highlighting a Mediterranean themed gourmet meal prepared by Tryphena Lewis, punctuated by a variety of fine desserts, and accompanied by excellent locally produced beers and handcrafted wines.

Ongoing through the evening there will be a silent auction for products, artwork and services from the local business and artist community, providing attendees a chance to bid on and take home an engaging array of high-value items at potentially breathtakingly affordable prices.

As well, EPIC is pleased to announce that Darryl Cherney is this year’s winner of the EPIC Sempervirens Lifetime Achievement Award, joining a long list of community members whose efforts to protect and restore the environment of our bioregion merit distinction and recognition. Darryl is a renowned Earth First! troubadour who has recorded dozens of unforgettable songs that capture the life essence of redwood activists. Darryl has in the last several years demonstrated a spectacular diversity of talents in the process of making the film Who Bombed Judi Bari?, a soon-to-be-released work that will prove to be one of the definitive documentaries of the redwood region. We are very proud to present the Sempervirens Award to Darryl at this year’s annual meeting.

Advance tickets to the celebration will be available at local outlets such as Redway Liqour and Blue Moon Gift Shop in Southern Humboldt, as well as at the Works in Eureka and at the EPIC office in Arcata, located at145 G St, Suite A, by the Arcata Marsh. Tickets for Dinner, Music, and Dancing $40, Music and Dancing $20.

Do not miss this great show, and be sure to come join us for an EPIC time on Friday, November 4, at the Mateel Community Center in Redway. We hope you will be there to celebrate with us. For more information, contact EPIC at 707-822-7711.


You can watch the video.

Just so we’re clear, we’re talking about the guy who embraced Guatamala’s psychopathic former leader Rios Mont, who wiped out entire villages because they were run by Satan, as a force for democracy because he was “born again.”  The guy who wants to ban Halloween nationally.  Who blamed the 911 attacks on feminists.  Who blamed Haiti’s earthquake woes on a national deal with Satan.  Who warned the city of Orlando that flying gay and lesbian pride flags would result “earthquakes, tornadoes, and possibly a meteor.”  Who publicly prayed for the deaths of liberal Supreme Court Justices.

And my favorite quote of all:

“(T)he feminist agenda is not about equal rights for women. It is about a socialist, anti-family political movement that encourages women to leave their husbands, kill their children, practice witchcraft, destroy capitalism and become lesbians.”

Now he’s too liberal for the GOP!

Dr. Cornelia Wilbur was a sociopath – unfortunately undiagnosed.  There have now been two movies on the subject of “Sybil,” the abused girl with “dissociative identity disorder” (once MPD got trashed).  I would like to see Sally Field redeem herself by playing Dr. Wilbur in the inevitable movie about the movies.

How many lives were ruined by “repressed memory” diagnosis?  How many falsely accused of abuse by therapist-generated “memories?”  How many people who needed real help didn’t get it?

Nevertheless, Mason did at one point attempt to jump off Wilbur’s train, writing her doctor a long letter confessing that all the multiple-personality stuff — the lost time, the named “alters” and the grotesque tortures supposedly inflicted on Mason as a child by her supposedly psychotic mother — had all been made up. Wilbur briskly dismissed this as a “major defensive maneuver” designed to derail the “hard work” of therapy lying ahead. The pitiably vulnerable Mason soon caved.

Wilbur should have been jailed for life.


I wasn’t online much over the weekend and I neglected to post anything on Friday Night’s Meeting about the homeless/transient issues.  It didn’t go well, partly due to the presences of well-intentioned but emotionally-charged activists from the northern part of the County.  I don’t put full blame on them however.  There are still plenty of people who would rather scream than work towards productive solutions.

Basically, the crowd was larger than the first and a number of people who were not present at the first meeting seemed to fail to understand the goodwill which had arisen from the first meeting.  Most clearly gave up another Friday to work towards something productive.  Some reported negative progress on the ground.  Others reported positive progress, particularly in Redway.

I think much of the goodwill evaporated when one individual decided to tell the business owners to “eat s—.”   It angered many, including myself and I moved to nix the meeting right then and there before it got real ugly.  A number of people walked out, but Paul Encimer persuaded me to make an attempt to salvage the meeting, and the rest of the night was fairly productive.  What became clear to me however, is that while more meetings might be nice, there has to be some action.  In my view the homeless/transients and their advocates need to organize a formal clean-up “self-policing” crew with liazon to the business community.  The business community needs to respond positively with a pragmatic understanding that the problem is not going to simply disappear, but can only be mitigated with some engagement.  I would suggest a meeting of business owners to discuss the possibility of some sort of committee to address the issue.

In any case, the status quo is unacceptable, but inevitable if we don’t move forward somehow.  I’m all ears.

He’s running for Congress and will answer your call-in questions from 7:00 to 8:00 p.m.

I am in contact with other campaigns re future shows.

Killed in Sirte this morning.

The reported details are a bit sketchy, but this is what BBC is reporting.

And the battle begins for who in America gets credit.

Addendum:  Qaddafi in 1970.

It appears that he was alive when captured, but didn’t make it to the hospital.  Hmmmm.

The Revolution will be televised.


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