Brown must be feeling confident to be coming to a rural corner of the state on the home stretch.  Hopefully no false rumors about press bans this time.

I hope he’s going to try to boost some local progressive candidates.  Could make a difference in any photo finish on Tuesday.

From the Humboldt Democrats:

Join Jerry Brown at the Samoa Cookhouse Sunday morning

Huge rally will be open to the public

Eureka – The Humboldt County Democratic Central Committee is excited to announce that the next governor of California, Jerry Brown, will begin his final campaign swing in Humboldt County. Brown and his campaign will be at the Samoa Cookhouse this Sunday morning, Oct. 31, for a Get Out the Vote Rally, from 8 to 10 a.m.

The main event will be held inside the Cookhouse’s banquet room, which has seating for 175 people. The Humboldt County Democratic Central Committee and the Central Labor Council of Del Norte and Humboldt counties have asked the Brown campaign to not reserve all the seats in the room, so that there will be about 75 seats available for the general public on a first come-first serve basis Sunday morning. This will be strictly controlled via a number system. Line-cutting will not be tolerated.

The Cookhouse’s main dining room will serve as an overflow room. This room will accommodate another 150 people. It is right next to the banquet room where Jerry will be. It will be wired for sound and we will have at least three TVs in the room so the overflow crowd can watch and hear the action that is going right in the next room. The Humboldt County Democratic Central Committee is hosting Cookhouse biscuits and coffee in the overflow room, and for those outside participating in the rally.

At the same time, the Central Labor Council will stage a large rally for Jerry Brown in the Cookhouse parking lot, which will also be wired for sound so participants can hear Jerry speak. The Central Committee and the Brown campaign will supply Jerry Brown rally signs to anybody who wishes to join in.

In addition, those who want to participate in the Democratic Central Committee’s Get Out The Vote campaign on Saturday have an opportunity to get a reserved seat inside the banquet room with Jerry. This will require six hours of work on Saturday, and this opportunity is limited to 30 people.

For more information, please call the Humboldt County Democratic Central Committee office at 707 445-3366.