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Mark Lovelace will join me on KHSU tonight at 7:00 p.m.  to discuss the status of the General Plan Update.

Call in with your questions.

I did extend an invitation to all of the Supervisors.  All but one responded, and only Mark can join me.

Lost Coast Outpost is holding a vote.  Currently Supervisor Mark Lovelace is well out in front, but that’s probably because progressives around the county are going to vote for him while the conservatives and whatever you want to call the Sohum supporters of the majority faction are going to split their votes among the other supervisors.  Also I think Lost Coast Outpost draws more liberal readers, and the GPU issues are fresh on some minds.

Still, it is quite impressive.  At last count Mark has about as many votes as the others combined.   Maybe this notice will alter the results some.

Klamath Basin hearing where Mark and others are testifying. 

Lots of frustration and lots of hope for a resolution.  I don’t know what it’ll look like, but at least everyone’s still talking.

To discuss the emails between Rob Arkley and certain BOS members.  7:00 p.m. this evening on KMUD (91.1 in the southland, 88.3 up north).

Hank has posted a new batch of emails between Rob and Mark Lovelace.  As Hank describes, it reads very much like a blog flame war, and in fact he sounds very much like a few of the anonymous posters here – complete with demands for Mark to waste his time to “prove” items of minutiae.  Mark did make an overture at one point, which Rob received well.

Hopefully, by tonight, Hank will have posted the remainder of the County’s production in response to Hank’s public records request.

Heraldo has the story and a link to the petition.

As much as I respect Estelle on many levels, this is one of those times I’m really glad we have Clif in office as Estelle had stated opposition to IZ during the campaign.  It passed 3-2, with Clif, Mark Lovelace, and Bonnie Neeley voting for, Jill Duffy and Jimmy Smith against.  One vote.  Elections matter.

There’s no mention of it on the Times Standard website today.  Lot’s of burglaries, car crashes, and murder trials, but no mention of this major aspect of the housing element of the GPU.  Fortunately, Heraldo is on it.

I don’t know precisely in what form it was passed, but here are some links which describe and evaluate IZ around the country.

Center for Housing Policy analysis

A general description


Smart Growth toolkit

Thanks to Heraldo for bringing my attention to the first video.  Youtube had a few more.

And here’s a video of the Humboldt delegation to DC to nab some transportation money.

All three videos were posted on Youtube by someone going by the handle coastoak.

Dan Faulk will be sitting in for David Cobb on Thursday Night Talk tonight at 7:30.  They’ll be talking about the economic crisis, but I wonder if some local issues will come up, especially after the last Board of Supervisors meeting where Supervisor Mark Lovelace reported that he had met with Arkley’s Humboldt Economic and Land Plan (HELP) to discuss the General Plan.

Has he been on KHSU before?  Could be lively.  Unfortunately, I’ll be out of range.

Now that Estelle is heading up HumCPR, I’m wondering how the group will interface with HELP.

Addendum: Heraldo has a summary and discussion of the Thursday night interview.  No mention of the Marina Center.  Apparently Schwarzenegger and Arkley aren’t on good terms anymore.

I couldn’t see it because I got there late (I had to park and I’d completely forgotten about the new security screening) and the room was packed, however, my wife and kids managed to get in before me.  By the time I got there Lilith was already in Clif’s arms getting the grand tour of the room.  Mark Lovelace was also sworn in, and Jimmy Smith was sworn in for yet another term.

It was very uplifting, and probably a much different crowd from previous ceremonies.  There was a decent sized contingent from Southern Humboldt.  Also lots of well-dressed jubilant environmental activists.

Tomorrow morning they get down to work.

Addendum: Heraldo was there as well, incognito of course.

Second addendum: The Times Standard reports that the transition this morning was “quick and uncontested.”  What did they imagine was going to happen?  Jimmy Smith is the new chair.  Clif is vice-chair.

Wow! This year’s campaign could be fascinating!


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