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The photo was posted by a friend on Facebook.  It represented as having been taken in Germany in 1931 – from the window of a German Rabbi looking across the street at a local Nazi headquarters.  I don’t know the town.  I would like to know more about the photograph.  Does anybody have any information?

Happy Hanukkah.

Germany, 1931

All weekend strange and irresponsible posts have popped up on the local blogosphere, including a couple of attempted posts here – which by all accounts greatly exaggerated the incident.  The Times Standard has it covered, and I’ll let the people involved speak for themselves.

Already the thread below the article has veered off into the politics of it.  I’m sure the thread here won’t be any better.  How you look at the event is probably going to be colored by your politics.

For what it’s worth, what Mark has described of his own behavior is extremely inappropriate and he did right to apologize.  Beyond that, I have no idea about the chairmanship issue, or whether it was appropriate to replace him.  But right or wrong on the politics, you have to keep your cool.

As to how they should move forward, I’ll leave that to the Supervisors involved.

This was a great scene from Amazon Women of the Moon, a great satire back in the 1980s which now seems prophetic.  Seemed like every heterosexual guy’s nightmare, but it could never happenm right?



And now, it’s a reality!

So watch it guys!  The women are taking notes!  And once it’s on your Internet record – it’s there forever!

That should help ease your performance anxiety…..

And oh yeah, I’m sure there will be an equivalent for female dates.  But if she’s hot will you really care how many stars out of five is marked on her web page?

This could be the downfall!

Huge news at the NCJ Blogthing!

It looks like Dana Silvernale pulled it out after all.


Interesting thing about the numbers – although enrollment in private plans is low nationally, about 1/3 of those who did enroll did so in California.  The enrollment appears to be on track in the states which participated – including Kentucky.  And 400,000 enrolled in Medicaid in states which expanded their programs.

Some other numbers available through the link.

One thing is clear, we’re going to have a clear basis for a scientific evaluation of the effectiveness of Obamacare.  There is already a clear deliniation between participating states and boycotting states.  If you didn’t have to rely on the federal webpage, you most likely got enrolled.

I’ll have more to say about this, but I’m betting in six months or so we won’t be hearing much about the glitchy website.  The question is whether the exchanges will actually reduce premiums and whether the mandatory 80 percent of premiums going to health care generates better coverage.

We’ll know the answers to a lot of these questions by the end of 2014 because the Republican governors have given us a bright line basis for comparison.

She’s being released today after a complicated bout of food poisoning.

And let’s try to stay human in this thread please.

This is a PDF, and hopefully you can access it.  I’ve never tried to post one here.  This is kind of last minute, but I just found my “fact sheet” which was distributed by the union last spring during the administration/union negotiations.  It is obviously relevant to the election tomorrow (see previous discussion), and posting it at this late date is unlikely to reach enough voters to make a difference one way or another.  But perhaps it can serve as a springboard for discussions following the election as well.

Just the Facts – Salaries (2)

Lost Coast Outpost is holding a vote.  Currently Supervisor Mark Lovelace is well out in front, but that’s probably because progressives around the county are going to vote for him while the conservatives and whatever you want to call the Sohum supporters of the majority faction are going to split their votes among the other supervisors.  Also I think Lost Coast Outpost draws more liberal readers, and the GPU issues are fresh on some minds.

Still, it is quite impressive.  At last count Mark has about as many votes as the others combined.   Maybe this notice will alter the results some.


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