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Nobody told me!

What: The Mateel welcomes back the exuberant and transformational music of Nahko & Medicine for the People!

When: Wednesday, December 30th, 2015 / Doors at 7:30pm with opening act TBA at 8:30pm

Where: Mateel Community Center

Tickets: $25 Advanced / $30 at the Door

Some sample videos:

Aloha from ROTR 2015

Warrior People from ROTR 2015 which has a really fun medley of west coast hiphop covers and includes a local-ish indigenous musician also named Nahko (aka Mista Chief) (starts at about 12:40)

Full set from Summer Arts and Music Festival 2014
More details can be found here.
(taken by Agnes Potak)
I believe

About youth and age.

Fox News audience “literally” dying.  I think it’s true of televised news, and television in general, but Fox News is particularly susceptible to the changes.  It’s on fixed/declining income right now – ironically dependent on Social Security for money to buy its sponsors’ products – those products the advertisers con the elderly into purchasing.
That’s totally condescending for me to say, but it’s also partly true.
“Fox’s problems mirror those of the Republican Party. As Frank Rich pointed out in New York Magazine nearly a year ago, “Hard as it may be to fathom, Fox Nation is even more monochromatically white than the GOP is, let alone the American nation. Two percent of Mitt Romney’s voters were black. According to new Nielsen data, only 1.1 percent of Fox News’s prime-time viewership is (as opposed to 25 percent for MSNBC, 14 percent for CNN, and an average of roughly 12 percent for the three broadcast networks’ evening news programs).”

Fox News isn’t a television network. It is a retirement home/echo chamber for old white conservatives.”

Full story here.

The second story is one of youth.

Some parents managed to get a book banned from the school library.  Then teenagers with the help of a local bookstore raise money to buy some of the books to distribute free.  The parents then called the police!  Of course the police could do nothing even if they wanted to.

“The book was entitled The Absolutely True Diary and it won a A National Book Award.  It tells the tale of a Native American teenager who decides to attend an all-white high school outside of his reservation and has themes such as making sense of race, and sexual discovery.”

Full story here.

Actually, I’m really appreciative of the patience of these young man.  Almost Christ-like until they reached their threshold.

Merry Christmas!

I was sympathetic until I got to the part where she gave a cookie to another kid. The woman’s obviously a menace!

Addendum:  I’m told by a friend who has worked school cafeterias that a bunch of the lunches get thrown out daily.


Here’s a chart of the major pols truth record since 2007 as far as Politifact fact checking is concerned. Do conservatives lie more often, or does is Politifact harder on them?  The right wing US News and World Report cites a right wing study which suggests liberal bias in the fact-checking, though the article itself makes a poor case (unless you really believe that there’s a substantial difference between describing an event as “an act of terror” or a “terrorist act”).

Note that Bernie Sanders is credited with the most truth and no “pants-on-fire” lies. O’Malley also has no P.O.F. lies, but also hasn’t told the whole truth on anything Politifact deemed worthy of checking.

Couldn’t bring the names over with the graph, so you’ll just have to hit the above link to see who lies the most.

Lie Track Graph

And this story is hardly exceptional, but the stories don’t get enough coverage.

No, not about the recruiting video thing.  About his supporters, and the hate he’s whipping up.

I’m already burned out on it.  Even before I’m burned out on Christmas.


I saw Star Wars tonight. It was fun enough. What the NPR reviewer called, “brilliantly unoriginal.” I don’t want to spoil anything so I’m limiting myself to a revelation, a comment, and a question.

Revelation: Max Van Sydow is still alive!

Comment: “Light Speed” is 186,000 miles per second. Just saying.

Question: How much did Mark Hamill get paid for that?

I have another All Things Reconsidered show tomorrow night on KMUD. Joining me will be Holly Carter​ to follow up on our prior discussion about the politics of abortion rights with a focus on the recent violence and the Congressional efforts to defund. Previously we explored the motivations of anti-abortionism. This time around we want to examine the lack of a sense of urgency about the violent opposition on the part of authorities and media, as well as how the verbal opposition plays into the violent.

7:00 p.m. Thursday night. Please call in.



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