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It would look like this.

What the FBI notes tell me is that they were afraid to prosecute the crime because Trump might get mad at them. That doesn’t put him, or Flynn, in any kind of positive light.

Thanks to Hank for putting these together.

So Bernie took just about every precinct with a few exceptions.  Bloomberg won two low population precincts, taking the only vote in a Mckinleyville area district and winning one at the Bay’s edge with 3 votes.  Warren took a precinct just outside of Arcata.  Klobuchar took a couple of precincts just outside of Fortuna.  And with 3 votes Biden took a precinct out in the hills next to the Trinity County border.

As Hank notes, Michelle Bushnell took more acreage than Estelle, but obviously losing big in Fortuna.  And Cliff lost big, winning only two precincts, one in Eureka and the Petrolia and surrounding areas (I think losing Honeydew – I believe the first time Rex has won that one).   But again, Cliff wasn’t all that far behind in acreage.  That Petrolia precinct is huge!

The maps for Measures R and T are also interesting as they show an “urban” (as urban as it gets around here) and rural divide.

Dr Elisa Granato is one of two human beings participating in the trial of a C19 vaccine.  There was a false online article claiming she died of complications from the vaccine.
“Following the article about her “death”, she tweeted about the news before making her Twitter account private. She wrote: “Nothing like waking up to a fake article on your death … I’m doing fine everyone.””

There will be an “easing up” on some restrictions.  Not sure what that means.

I hope that’s based on sound medical expertise, because it’s really going to cause hardship.

After a local businessman was doxxed on social media for showing up to bid a job wearing a white power t-shirt, he’s basically been pilloried with derision and death threats.

On the one hand, it’s not innocuous.  Some people might actually be scared if he shows up at their home and he learns that they are in group of humanity he despises.  And while I don’t experience schadenfreude over his loss of business, he is a grown man who should understand that his shirt is not innocuous and that wearing it publicly carries negative consequences.  He clearly lacks the filters which lead most Klansmen to wear hoods.

But the t-shirt is no excuse for death threats.

See, this is the problem with the discussion. So many people think about racism in terms of good and evil. We have these few bad racists and if we nail them to the wall, then the rest of us are all just fine. The fact is that racism permeates everything about our society. A white power t-shirt is just an overt manifestation of it, but you won’t see that on everyone who discriminates against someone for employment or housing; or finds a legal excuse to refuse service; or harasses someone in public while avoiding the more obvious terms; or otherwise quietly dismisses someone’s humanity behind the facade of a smile and polite behavior.

Do I sympathize with him? I don’t know. I sympathize with his kids.

I do however empathize with him because by virtue of a different upbringing, life experiences, lack of exposure to peoples’ humanity, and a lot of fear in my life, I might not be much better. Racism isn’t about individual character or virtue. It’s what we call “systemic.” And in the rush to punish him, we might ask whether we do it to feel superior and deny our own bigotries based on color, ethnicity, religion, gender, or sexuality. There is no human being who walks the planet Earth who is entirely free of it.

And we can be grown-ups in how we deal with it.  We can do better.


I missed this yesterday. 

That could be a problem.

One more in Humboldt today.

Three more in Round Valley.

His comments today sent everything over the rails.  Even worse than the Las Vegas mayor last night.

50,000 in just under two months since the first confirmed U.S. death, although there is some indication that people may have been dying of this even before that.

Unless we have a slow day, then certainly by tomorrow morning.  We haven’t increased much in our death rates over the past couple of weeks, but we haven’t decreased.

I stare at those numbers and graphs everyday, and I think that each one is a soul gone, with family, friends, and community devastated.  I’ve only lost one casual acquaintance to the thing, but I expect that someone I know will die from it at some point.

Some good news however – Britain has opened up human trials of a vaccine and the E.U. is prepping for industrial capacity to mass produce it if and when it’s ready – possibly as early as September!  That’s probably optimistic, but this is light.

Estelle has a pretty big lead. Michelle will have to appeal to the “left” represented by the candidates who didn’t make it to the second round to win, although left and right concepts have less applicability to the Supervisor position than Congress or something.  But it’s not entirely irrelevant in local issues either.


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