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KimGreat news for Eureka.   We now have the first progressive majority since the socialists were elected around World War 1.  And it’s an all-woman council now, excepting the Mayor.

Mostly, this is a great opportunity to turn some big problems around.

One note of caution – the margin is 46 votes.  A recount is within the realm of reasonable possibility.

Alleged by the ACLU is racial bias against African Americans and Native Americans – Ryan Burns reports.

The claims of assault and sexual assault (“titty-twisting Tuesdays” and and “slap-ass Fridays”) , are very disturbing, as are the claims of disproportionate discipline.

The lawsuit, which names as defendants the members of the Eureka City Schools District Board of Education and the district’s superintendent, among other school officials, charges that blatant racial harassment occurs regularly as white students frequently use racial slurs to refer to Black students and commit violence against Native American and Black students without ever being disciplined by school staff.

Native American and Black students are also disciplined differently and much more harshly than white students. According to school district data from the 2011-2012 school year, Black students were suspended from some Eureka schools at a rate as much as five times higher than their enrollment rate while Native American students were suspended from some schools at a rate three times higher than their enrollment rate. Comparatively, white students are suspended at or about their rate of enrollment in district schools. Additionally, Native American students are pushed out of mainstream schools and into county-run community schools designed for high-risk youth and which do not appropriately prepare students planning to attend college. The Native American population at the Eureka Community School was three times higher than their overall district enrollment rate in 2011-2012, district data shows.

District curriculum also ignores or actively affronts the racial and cultural history of Native American and Black students by utilizing materials that use the word “savage,” “negro,” and “nigger” without examining the offensiveness or historical context of those terms.

I would however, like to know more about the last paragraph there – some specific context.  Are we talking about Mark Twain?  I do think that some adults fail to give children and teenagers credit for being able to sort the historical issues out.  I assume that more information will be forthcoming after the districts try to get the suits dismissed and the depositions begin.

I had heard last spring that this lawsuit was underway, and as a parent of nonwhite children attending the city schools I am very concerned and I will be watching this story closely.  And I will discuss these issues with them tonight.

Addendum:  Lost Coast Outpost is also on the story.

KerriganRyan Burns reports that he’ll be running for Mayor of Eureka next year.

He’s run two election campaigns for city council and won both times, actually trouncing Rex Bohn the last time around despite the plastering of Bohn signs all over the city which had some Kerrigan supporters demoralized until election day – which is when I learned that the frequency of signs in Eureka aren’t a good measure of support given that more conservative landlords on the main arteries seem willing to impose their politics on their tenants by placing signs on the lawns.

Kerrigan won each time by walking every neighborhood in the city, and I hope he repeats that strategy, because we don’t just need progressive wins.  We need a discussion.

It bodes well not only for local progressive politics.   Kerrigan’s campaign could represent the last gasp of any efforts to prevent Humboldt County from defaulting to a retirement community.

Now we need some candidates for city council.  And we need to talk district election reform.

Photo comes from the NCJ, and they got it from Facebook.

Addendum:  He was interviewed on KHUM today.

Eureka Teachers Association is supporting Lisa Ollivier for the upcoming November School Board Election.

WHAT:  “Meet and Greet” our ETA, CLC, HCDCC endorsed school board candidate, Lisa Ollivier.

WHEN:  This Friday between 4 and 7:30.

WHERE:  The Labor Temple, 840 E St., Eureka

WHO:  All friends of Labor and Education are invited.

WHY:  Meet the candidate, free food/drinks!  Get a yard sign, sign-up to help!   Meet friends!

Peter Martin is championing a woman suing to enforce the Establishment Clause of the First Amendment and the California Constitution against what she says is the active government promotion of religion.

The Times Standard coverage.

According to Martin, Jager testified that city staff drafted a proclamation and prepared a letter promoting the 2012 prayer breakfast.

”These two documents were prepared by city staff during working hours,” Martin said. “He may not feel that is inappropriate, but I think we will leave that up to a court to decide.”

Jager confirmed Friday that he had asked Deputy City Clerk Suzanne Ziemer to type up a letter promoting the breakfast, but said he doesn’t see that as a misuse of city time.

”It maybe took her two minutes to type up,” he said. “I mean God Almighty, we are really splitting hairs here.”

As a matter of law, I’m not certain that the time is relevant, only that public resources were used to promote a religion.  It comes down to the details of the prayer breakfast.  Public prayers have been upheld at the Federal level, but Peter Martin is arguing that California law is tougher.

The complaint cites a Hindu prayer delivered last summer as in violation.  Is the City of Eureka really promoting Hinduism?  In the movie Slackers it was suggested that the cartoon Smurfs was part of a plot acclimating us all to blue people – so we can deal with the return of Govinda.



I’m just catching up with the story over the past day or so, but Police Chief Garr Nielsen’s unceremonious firing by City Manager Dave “Lightening Rod” Tyson has whipped up a bit of a storm and talks of recalls.  I don’t have the time right now to devote much to analysis, but Heraldo has all the links.  There are even some videos.

“Don’t blame me, I voted for Larry Glass.”

This is of course in response to what is being viewed as a sleezy move by the majority of the Eureka City Council which has made activists of a number of Westside residents.

The bumper sticker is probably intended as a play on a famous sticker distributed circa 1973 which read, “Don’t blame me, I’m from Massachusetts.”  Massachusetts was the only state to have delivered its electoral votes to McGovern in 1972.

Thanks to Matthew Owen for drawing my attention to this story.  Eureka was noted for its Victorian homes and redwood trees.

Sonoma also made the list.

You can vote for your favorite destination and win a stay in an old hotel.

This is a letter drafted by Tom Peters and forwarded to me by Richard Evans, former Sohummer now residing in Eureka these days.  Much of the history of the controversy has been posted and discussed at Heraldo’s, and people I trust say that the City of Eureka blew an excellent opportunity for the Northcoast Children’s Center’s purchase and conversion into a daycare center and multi-use project as an alternative to a CR project the neighborhood objected to. Since then an alternative plan is in the works involving the city’s purchase of the property.  The group backing the project say that some in the city government want to play games with the plan.  Richard asked me to post this letter.

Jefferson School Project needs your help!

It was a done deal. The Eureka Redevelopment Agency has the money. A plan is in place for finding funds to rehabilitate the building. Potential tenants are lined up. A 503c nonprofit is being created to manage the project and be a conduit for funding. Escrow was due to close this week. It is the very model about how a neighborhood can come together to make things happen.

Then newly elected Eureka Councilman Mike Newman, in an apparent Brown Act violation, told staff during Council Reports to postpone closing escrow until at least the next meeting so the council can “discuss it”.  Newman has expressed great doubts about the project and appears to be trying to revive College of the Redwoods earlier bid for the property.

We need your support to tell the Council in no uncertain terms that the agreed upon purchase by the redevelopment Agency, approved by a unanimous vote of the previous council, must be honored. It will take a ‘show of force before the council to be sure this will happen.

PLEASE Come to the Eureka City Council meeting Tuesday, Dec. 21 at 6pm . The meeting is on the 2nd floor at the  council chambers. You will NOT be required to speak unless you choose to, only to be there to show support.

The Jefferson Community Center Project is the definition of redevelopment. It will turn a potentially blighted site into a neighborhood park and a thriving center for businesses, nonprofits, and other potential tenants. And it is what the neighborhood wants. Don’t let Mike Newman or any other councilpersons circumvent the will of the very people they were elected to represent. Come to the meeting. Let them know where you stand. Wherever you live in Eureka, the Jefferson School Project sets a precedent for all of our neighborhoods. Please come and support this project.

From Redwood Progressive


What: Peter LaVallee for Mayor Reception & Fundraiser

When: Saturday, October 9, from 5 to 7 pm

Where: Main Lobby of The Eureka Inn

Cost: $25 Suggested Donation

Further Info:

Locally made hors d’oeuvres, local wines, local microbrews
Jazz piano by Darius Brotman
$25 per person

more info:


Friends of Larry Glass will be hosting an event on

Saturday, October 16th

The Eureka Women’s Club at 1531 J St.

The fun will begin at 6:00 pm, we will have a wide array of local foods, beer, wine, and a silent auction with some great items. There will be music, so bring your dancing shoes! Show your support for Larry and help us to raise the funds we need to finish off our campaign and get Larry Re-Elected!

Tickets are on sale at The Works in Old Town Eureka.
$10 donation in advance or a $12 donation at the door.

If you have any questions about this event, or would like to volunteer to help out please contact campaign manager Julie Frink at 707-498-1464 or at See you there!

Ron Kuhnel, candidate for Eureka City Council 3rd Ward, will hold a fundraiser

The Eureka Theater

Friday, October 15 from 5:30 to 9 pm .

The evening will include food by Mity Nice Bakery, beer and wine, entertainment and a silent auction with items from many local businesses.

A $25 donation is suggested.

Come out and support Ron and his vision for a better Eureka!

For more information contact:
Silvia Mazzone-Clementi
(707) 268-8753



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