From Ed:

Voting for California Supreme Court and Appellate judges is somewhat an exercise in futility. Absent some massive campaign against them they usually get elected or reelected. Nevertheless thanks to some excellent research by my assistant we have been able to create a list of recommendations. A word about method: I was going to skip the judges, but my assistant (who prefers not to be named) went online and found a very well researched conservative guide to the judges with a good deal of factual information about them. After that it was simple, take their “NO’ recommendations and vote “YES”. THeir “YES” recomendations were a bit trickier and in one or two cases we agreed with them.

My criteria were fairly simple (as were theirs). I prefer “activist judges” (they prefer “strict constructionalists” on constitutional issues, and we both prefered well qualified judges. But what a treature trove of information. One judge was on Obama’s short list for the US Supreme court, that’s a “YES.” Another quit the boy scouts because they were anti-gay. That’s a “YES” . One wears jeans when he can. That a “Whaaaa?” One voted to allow Oakland to seize vehicles during certain crime raids (seize John’s cars when soliticting hookers?) That’s a “NO”. So you see where I’m at.

Here’s the recommendations.

1. Vote YES for every judge not on the list below.

2. Vote NO for

Wasn’t that simple?

ED Denson

PS Eric I’m sending this to you in case you care to post it. I haven’t got a bit list of people to get it but I noticed you didn’t make recommendations in the judicial field, however judicial your recommendations were.