Found this video the other night.  Youtube has a plethora of these sort of things, but this one’s well-thought piece on the video-maker’s favorite giant movie monsters.  He’s obviously partial to stop-motion monsters, and I can understand that.  It was an intricate art, now lost on the CGI-spoiled crowd.  But personally, my top ten list would probably consist almost entirely of Toho Productions monsters.  I’m partial to the rubber suits.

I’d have to include a couple of CGI critters as well, including the Cloverfield monster (great movie!) and the Lord of the Rings’ Balrog.  And if I was going to emphasize stop-motion monsters I’d have to include the Blob and the It Came from Beneath the Sea monster, particularly in its iconic scene tearing down the Golden Gate Bridge with its tentacles.

And I’d have to include Darryl Hannah’s version of the 50 Foot Woman.

But this guy’s list is good.

Alright.  Have to get the kids’ dinner now.