But as interesting as it is, I think the next great step is the GM Volt, which like the Aptera is a “true hybrid” in that the combustion component is used to charge the electrical system, the latter being the only means of actual propulsion.  Or as GM is marketing it, it’s merely an electric car with a combustion-based supplemental range booster.  According to Wikipedia, the purchase cost could be under 30 grand if you include the $7500 federal tax credit.

If there’s a future in American manufacturing, it’s in this kind of development.  I know I’m not always capitalism’s biggest fan.  But in the first five pages of the Communist Manifesto, Marx had nothing but good things to say about capitalism.  This is an illustrative example of what he spoke about.  Ironically, those five pages are the most insightful he wrote, excluding what have been entitled the Economic and Philosophic Manuscripts of 1868, and his endorsement of Abraham Lincoln for president.