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This is the best Onion video I’ve seen in a long time.

The truth is out there!

Have we reached Fourth Wave feminism?  Is nothing ideologically sacred?

This Onion piece is funny, but what’s even funnier is the people who took it seriously.

And this is Jon Stewarts seminal skewering of the “non-opinion zone” of Fox News, aired last night.  At his best!

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Addendum: So, Juan Williams is slammed in this satire. I don’t know if he’s the token liberal on Fox or the token conservative on NPR (maybe both), but what I have noticed is that he talks differently for each audience.  Even his conservative friends on the Fox panel thought he was overboard in slamming Obama’s DNC speech, and he’s more recently referred to Michelle Obama as Stokely Carmichael in drag (not as a compliment).

In any case, the conservatives are eating him up.

Bipartisanship is dead.


Stewart rips into Obama, less for the withholding of the torture videos than his betrayal on don’t ask don’t tell.  Once the video has run, a “related videos” box comes up.  You might want to check out the “Choi is Gay” vid.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Addendum: Check this out. Jim Cramer’s still mad at Stewart, and some day he’s going to get even!

A youtube series by the Brooklyn Comedy Company, hosted by Elon James White. Don’t worry. You’ll be offended.


Tom Lehrer according to this blogger. Lehrer who “gave up satire the day Kissinger won the Nobel Peace Prize.”

Lehrer had given up folk singing by the time I arrived at UC Santa Cruz in 1982. He was teaching some sort of musical theater class, having retired from math professorship (anybody remember his song for the quotient formula? Low d high less high d low and under the line square low must go…”). The blogger mentions that he’s a private person, which comports with my one recollection of him. As the sun was going down some friends and I were walking the streets of Santa Cruz. He sat on the steps of the Louden Nelson Center staring into the sky to the west. We waved to him and he politely waved back with a “yes-it’s-me-but-can’t-I-just-enjoy-the-sunset-for-a-moment” kind of slightly pained half-smile. We obliged.

Some youtubes for you young-uns who might not know him but for an occasional play on the Dr. Demento Show.…………

Oh, I forgot the most important part:

Lehrer, who has become more private in his later years, was quoted by Weingarten in his blog, “I asked Lehrer if there was anything he’d like to add, in this chat, about the current president. After a bit of pause he said, ‘Just tell the people that I am voting for Obama.'”

Now the people have been told.

The photo comes from his website.


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