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According to the Wall Street Journal.


I’ve only watched parts of it, but I want to watch the whole thing through.

KEET Debate

AFSCME Local 1684 – Public Employees Union – endorses Stephen Madrone

Deputy Sheriffs endorse Virginia Bass and Ryan Sundberg.

And the NCJ has a fundraising report.  After being well behind at the last report, Stephen Madrone has raised a bunch of money and essentially caught up.  Virginia Bass is as  far out in front in fundraising as she is in yard signs.

The science is in.

And once again, crime rates among immigrants, both documented and undocumented, are lower than that for citizens.

Forget that the panic-induced tweets undermined Giuliani’s defense.  The point is not whether campaign funds – that is money from an actual campaign account – were spent to silence the woman.  The point is that the money was spent to benefit the campaign, and therefore by definition it was “campaign money” and should have been accounted for with the F.E.C.

Yes, a crime was committed.  And does anybody really believe that 130 grand was spent to silence someone and Trump wasn’t even informed about it?   Yes, I take care of things for my clients who are “busy.”  But to settle a matter like that without your client’s knowledge and consent?  Please!

Addendum:  It looks like some of the media is catching up.


“Trump says we don’t have to let you in.”

It’s deadly.  People will die.

The Correspondents Dinner keynote comedian is supposed to be offensive.  Most of us were introduced to the dinner about a decade and a half ago when Stephen Colbert also offended.  Michelle Wolf’s routines are offensive.  She was invited to be offensive.  And then when she met expectations, all of the sudden there’s a controversy.

My biggest problem with her performance is that it wasn’t that funny.  She had some good lines, but some of the jokes were kind of lame.

Of note, she also attacked the media.  As did Colbert.  This probably has something to do with the media sensibilities over it.

And she was …. vulgar?  Please.  Plenty of the keynotes before her have been vulgar, and when they were less political it was barely mentioned.  Maybe it’s just that women aren’t supposed to talk that way?

The funniest part of the whole controversy to me is when so many ultra-wealthy Republicans chalk it up to the arrogance of the “cultural elite.”

My favorite line was, “You should have done more research on me before you asked me to do this.”  The moment I read it, I knew she had delivered a major culture f—.


Might be the reason North Korea has abandoned nuclear tests.

Not a super majority, but a solid one.

Also, even more evidence that Sanctuary policies lower rather than increase crime.

Stephen Madrone and Ryan Sundberg squared off in a debate this last Monday.  Actually, the League of Women Voters format leaves much to be desired.  Each candidate is given one minute to answer a question and there is no direct rebuttal/exchange between the candidates which basically renders the event two simultaneous press  conferences and the whole thing is really just one canned statement after another.  I don’t blame the candidates.  I blame the format which has frustrated me and others who want substantive discussions during the campaigns.

You can watch the “debate” at Access Humboldt.   The North Coast Journal covered it.   I haven’t found any other coverage.

I did get to the question about the Sanctuary Measure  (Madrone supports it, but Sundberg does not) and as expected I find Supervisor Sundberg’s response disappointing and off point.  Like some other local pols, he’s hiding behind the Sheriff who has taken the position that SB 54 is adequate enough and that he “needs” ICE to deal with hardcore criminals.  Again, ICE agents aren’t trained in criminal investigation and there is no reason to conflate criminal and immigration enforcement.  Sundberg quoted the Sheriff as saying that he had contacted ICE on two occasions recently – one for a large scale drug dealer and another for a child pornographer.  I’m not clear as to whether they had previously been convicted of these crimes, or whether they were under investigation for such crimes.   Supervisor Sundberg gave no indication that he has even read the measure.

If they were under investigation, then the proper federal agencies to contact would have been the D.E.A. and the Child Exploitation and Obscenity sections of the Department of Justice.  If they had been convicted, then they had done their time.  It’s not up to the Sheriff to impose further punishment once a debt has been paid.  There is no reason to conflate immigration enforcement with criminal justice.

Supervisor Sundberg threw into the mix the Sheriff’s claim that if they don’t open the local jails to ICE that ICE will show up at homes and arrest everybody in sight – the fear based upon threats recently made by the President and ICE which hinted that recent raids with 1400 agents brought to California were punitive for the passage of SB 54.  Again, this begs the question.  ICE won’t come to the jail if the Sheriff doesn’t notify them.  If they come for a specific person they aren’t going to wait for the person to be arrested.  They will show up wherever they have a tip of finding the individual, as they apparently did last week.

As of the last forum on the subject at the Latino Forum Sheriff Honsal admitted that he hadn’t read the proposed measure very closely.  I hope that when he does he will reconsider his position.  And then maybe the local pols, including Sundberg, who are relying on him to do their thinking for them, might follow his lead.

Again, there is nothing of local interest to be gained from participation in the “voluntary joint task forces” which the President is attempting to make compulsory.  The federal statute authorizes them specifically states that local authorities shall not be reimbursed for doing ICE’s work for it.

The photo is from the North Coast Journal, taken by Thadeus Greenson.



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