Is anybody heartbroken over the demise of Hostess?  Yes, some jobs will be lost.  But maybe youth obesity will be mitigated just a little bit.  Probably not.  Plenty of crap being cranked out by other companies.

Still, I do have fond memories of Twinkies in the Sixth Grade when I was reading The Lord of the Rings and imagined that my Twinkie was actually the golden Elven cake Lembas.

I also remember when my mother switched over from white bread to wheat bread.  I wasn’t happy with the switch at first, and one of the annoying kids at school would tease me about my “dirty bread” sandwiches.  But it wasn’t long before I couldn’t go back.  Seeing that nutritionist on TV squeeze a loaf of Wonder Bread into the size of a softball probably helped.


I was watching television last night and noticed writing at the bottom of a McDonald’s commercial saying, “Owned and operated locally in Humboldt County.”  Is economic localism having an actual impact that large companies feel compelled to explain their franchizing systems?

Addendum:  I haven’t verified whether the information is accurate, but if so, then blaming the unions for the company’s demise would seem erroneous at minimum.