As always, I am an equal opportunity political notice poster. If your campaign wants me to post notice of an event, it matters not whether I support you or your cause.

This Thursday, 9/15, at 5:15, there will be an official launch for Austin Allison’s campaign for Eureka City Council at Sequoia Park.

Please join us to meet Austin and kick start his campaign!

North Coast People’s Alliance is proud to endorse Austin’s candidacy. He is an optimistic, creative young man with a progressive vision for Eureka. This is the only contested race this year for Eureka City Council so it’s important that we show up and do the work to help Austin win.

It would also be a great help if you could visit the Facebook event and help spread the word, not only by sharing the event on your page, but also by inviting specific friends (hover over the ‘share’ button, then select ‘send to specific friends’ – OR tag as many friends as you can think of when you share the event on your own page). Use the hashtag #VoteAustinEureka if you like.

Thanks and we hope to see you on Thursday!

PS – Check out Austin’s website to volunteer, endorse, or make a donation!

Kym once again shows us why she deserves the Chamber honor the other night.

I mean, seriously, the “back to the land movement” was supposed to stand for something.  Yet we resist all environmental regulation we would impose on everyone else.  We create economies with no accountability and freak out when it brings in undesirable elements, on the street or in the homes.   And we’ve generated a culture of silence and isolation which has victimized women, and while the examples in the article are extreme, they are not new!  We cannot put all this on newcomers.  I’ve heard stories from credible sources dating back to the 1970s – occurrences which should just be so much more rare than they are given the stated community values.

I’ve had clients come in and ask for restraining orders because of threats from neighbors or land partners.  I’ve ask, “Have you contacted the Sheriff?”  They respond, “No, my neighbors don’t want law enforcement up on that hill.”

Then damn it, the neighbors need to step in!  If you’re going to deprive people of protection under the law, then you had better come up with a substitute.  Meanwhile, a restraining order has to be enforced by the Sheriff.  I can’t wave a magic wand in the courtroom for you.

And there is absolutely no excuse for allowing the women in the article to be victimized that way.  Yes, the community is accountable to them.

Addendum:  Thanks to John Chiv for pointing out the actual author: Shoshana Walter.  Thanks still to Kym for keeping these issues in the light.  Other brave local writers have covered these issues, most notably Linda Stansberry.  We really need this out into the open and seriously we need public meetings to discuss this and what is to be done.

Kym Kemp reports.

Don’t jump to any conclusions yet!  But this small town is reeling of late.

Thanks to Kym for a very difficult service she performs.  She really deserves the honor she will be receiving from the Chamber tonight.

Other than Lawrence O’Donnell is anyone in the mainstream media covering this?  I’m not always a Democracy Now fan, but they did their job here!

The Petaluma Argus confirms that the show has been cancelled.  I’ve also learned that the show in Seattle has been cancelled.  Pressure is being put on other venues as well.

But buried in the article:

Sizzla’s publicist, Olimetta Taal, acknowledged that Jamaican culture was more conservative than the United States in regard to LGBT individuals. She described his lyrics and on-stage messaging as cultural expression, and argued that it would be a mistake for fans to take them literally.

“What I can say is that his music is misinterpreted. His music is not to be taken at face value. It’s an expression of his cultural norms, his cultural background,” she said.

Now, that’s great coming from a PR person, but even better would be for Sizzla or any of the other “murder music” artists to say, “It’s just a song. Don’t take it literally.” I think Buju Banton has a particular responsibility since his song has been chanted during and/or after acts of homophobic violence in Jamaica.

It wouldn’t be enough to make me actually support the guy in any way, but it would be significant.  It might even get him off the “murder music” list.  And maybe it would save lives in Jamaica, where many of their fans take the lyrics quite literally.

My Promo:

What does it mean to be politically progressive?  Organizers of the newly formed North Coast Peoples Alliance, which arose out of the local Bernie Sanders campaign, will discuss their vision for Humboldt County and beyond on Thursday Night Talk at 7:00 pm on KHSU.


Thinking Clearly Show: Dr. Benjamin Shaeffer, Philosophy Professor at Humboldt State University, joins hosts Julia Minton and Bob Froehlich on “Thinking Clearly”, Thursday, September 1 at 7 pm. This month’s topics include: sources of knowledge, evaluating premises, what distinguishes justified belief from opinion and why critical thinking is important. Call-ins start around 7:30. Join our critical thinking community…tune to KMUD for “Thinking Clearly” at 7 pm on the first Thursday of every month.

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Hoodline reports.

I had to wonder. I mean, even with the gentrification there’s just no way a Folsom Street venue can afford to be associated with “murder music.”

There’s some push-back in Sonoma County as well.

I thought this had to be a joke, but yes, apparently Donald Trump is taking foreign policy advice from Michelle Bachman.

I don’t even know what to say.

Beginning with the Johnson/Goldwater blowout of 1964.  From the 60s through the 80s there were huge shifts back and forth, whereas since 2000, and maybe arguably since 1992, certain patterns have fallen into place.

Modern politics have become known as the “post-ideological” era, but these maps may indicate the opposite.  They point to a solidification of ideology along cultural divides which correlate with geographical patterns.  Some years ago someone noted that the election results, particularly of 2000 and 2004, correlate to the free state/slavery breakdown prior to the Civil War.  But demographics and cultural divides have shifted enough since then to conclude coincidence.  Some of the reddest states used to be bastions of union and socialist activity.  And California used to be almost a sure win for Republicans – the decline of military industry and ascent of high tech industry along with the growth of non-white voting blocs having reversed that pattern for the foreseeable future.

I think the map will look much the same in November, with the possible additions of Georgia and Arizona to the blue side, and curiously it’s conceivable that Iowa will go for Trump – for some reason he’s doing better in polling there than in Ohio, Florida, Virginia, and North Carolina.


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