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There are a number of debate moments going viral this morning as both sides seek to spin the debate.  Trump did better than miserable, so pundits are saying he did what he needed to do.  I disagree however, because I think the takeaway is going to be what hasn’t left my head since he said it – and has been the basis for my opposition from the beginning.  He is, I believe, the first major party Presidential race nominee to threaten to imprison his opponent if he wins.  That is, as some have noted, “going all banana republic.”

NBC/Wall Street Journal has him down by 14 points one-on-on and 11 points with the third party votes considered.  The poll was conducted on Saturday and Sunday.

Meanwhile, this was probably HRC’s most effective moment.

And there was actually other substance, which gets lost in the mix.

Game on.  I’m going to “live blog” some of this.

Trump has some women present who alleged they were harassed by Bill C.

Candidates taking high road to first question – so far.

Ooops.  Donald went negative, but at least on issues.

Second question is about the tape.  Sexual assault words used.  Trump says it was “locker room talk” but not assault.  ISIS.  Wars.  Bad things.  Carnage all over the world.  ISIS doing so well against us.  Locker room talk.  I will defeat ISIS.  Bad judgment.  This is almost parody!

I have great respect for women.  I have never done those things.  People pouring in from the Middle East.  Make America safe and wealthy again. Other nations taking our jobs.

I’ve never questioned Republicans’ fitness to serve.  Donald is different.  What we all saw and heard was what he thinks about women and does to women.  It represents exactly who he is, because it’s what he’s done during the campaign.  He’s attacked women.  Machado.  But it’s not only women.  He has also targeted immigrants and list.  The question our country must answer – is this who we are?  America already is great because we are good.

Trump staying calm.  “It’s just words.”  HRC terrible for black people.

Trump complaining about the moderation.

Asked if he’s changed since 2005.  He attacks Bill Clinton.  HRC staying calm.  Brings up the woman present.  12 year old who was raped and Clinton laughed.  Paula Jones here tonight.  Clinton should be ashamed of herself.

HRC – he gets to run his campaign the way he chooses.  He doesn’t have to answer the questions.  Quoting Michelle Obama “When they go low, you go high”  If this was just about one video, maybe his points would be on.  He never apologizes.  Never apologized to Kahn family.  Never apologized to the Judge.  Never apologized to disabled reporter. Never apologized for birtherism.

Trump says HRC stared birtherism.  Michelle Obama attacked you.  Cites Wikileaks.  Debra Wasserman Shults.  Bernie Sanders made a deal with the devil.  Emails.  If I win I’m going to prosecute her.  Never so many lies.  Clinton laughing.

HRC said to fact check and said that we should be thankful Trump not in power.  Trump said, “You would be in jail.”

HRC – no evidence of hacking my server.  No evidence any classified materials made it into wrong hands.  Sorry I used private server.

Trump – 33 thousand emails deleted.  Disappointed in congressman for allowing this to happen.  Husband talked to attorney general.

Trump interrupting. Just attacked Anderson.  Complaining not enough discussion of emails.  Clinton brought up that Trump’s campaign is imploding with republicans jumping ship.

Question on Obamacare.  Clinton wonkish in details.  95percent coverage.  But needs fixing.

Trump – Obamacare is a disaster.  Too expensive for individuals and country.  Need to open up states to allow competition.  She wants single payer plan, like canada.

Sorry, have to break away for awhile.

I think Trump is doing better than last time.

Okay, I’m back.  They’re on vetting Muslims.  Trump has moved from ban to “extreme vetting.” Clinton brings up kids hurt in Syria.  Plays Russian card.  Trump is fidgeting now.

Trump keeps bringing Bernie up.  Probably a good strategy.

Wikileaks – she was talking about the movie Lincoln.  Plays Russia card again.

Tax returns.

Trump says she’s blaming her lies on Lincoln – doesn’t make sense.

“I know nothing about Russia.”  Ooops.

Taxes again.  He takes advantage of tax codes she won’t change. Carried interest to get rid of.  Bring tax rates from 35 percent to 15.  HRC raising your taxes.  I’m lowering them.  We have no growth.  Deregulate.

Clinton says Donald in alternative reality.  Says Donald will give corps tax breaks – massive gift.  Would raise taxes on millions of middle class families.  Nobody under 250 grand will have taxes raised.  Gives a wonkish answer – talks about loopholes she voted against.

Trump – yes I did.  I understand tax code.  HRC has friends who want these things – carried interest.  Buffet.  Soros.  He does pay taxes.  Write off for depreciation.  Doesn’t answer directly.  Anderson frustrated.  Clinton smile looks a little forced.

Trump interrupting again.  brought up 30 years, which opened up opportunity for her to list her accomplishments, something she didn’t really do in first debate.

Clinton really pushing the Russian card in discussion of Allepo.

Trump – Obama laughingstock globally.  We need new nuclear weapons.  She talks tough against Russia and Assad, but she doesn’t know who the rebels are.  Trump sniffing again.

Assad, Russia, and Iran killing ISIS.

Trump disagrees with Pence re facing down Russia and and all.  ISIS ISIS ISIS.

Allepo has fallen.

Complains about telling enemy where you’re going to attack.  Generals endorse me.

Clinton talks about arming the Kurds.

Trump complains that he isn’t given enough time to talk.

Repeats “what do you have to lose?”  Clinton would do me favors.

Clinton listing her history of accomplishments in public service to counter Trump’s claim – seems effective.

Trump fidgeting too much, but not interrupting as much.  Still interrupting, but not like the first debate.  Is he coming across as statesman?  Not to me, but I’m biased.

Clinton doesn’t answer deplorables question directly, says she erred in wording.  Attacked his rallies.  Trump says she has hatred in her heart.

Clinton talks about 08 recession and accomplishments since then.  Trump says economy growth is slow.

Supreme Court last question.  HRC brings up Roe v. Wade and marriage equality.  Rights of corporations.  Attacks Senate.

Trump wants another Scalia.  Attacks Clinton for not financing her own campaign.

Energy under siege by Obama.  Foreign companies buying our plants.  Save coal.  Natural gas.

So Trump didn’t come across as crazy.  That was important.  But he did throw his running mate under the bus and threaten to jail history, which really is something you expect in a banana republic.

Clinton didn’t really make any mistakes except maybe the Lincoln movie excuse.

Trump, by not being crazy, may have stopped the hemorrhaging.  But Clinton has been ahead for the whole race.  I think she’ll remain ahead.

And how did they hold a debate in St. Louis without a single question about policing?



The story now is about rape culture.

I was in the gym last night where I get my cable news fix and everybody was waiting for the recorded “apology.” I think what angers me most about the media coverage of this thing all the headlines and references to the 2005 video as “vulgar,” “lewd,” or “gross.” What he said isn’t “vulgar.” This isn’t about his choice of words, nor his infidelity. What he described is sexual assault. He is either a sexual predator or (at best) a bragging liar.

As I said, I think the race is effectively over. The money is going to dry up and the undecideds are going to move in Clinton’s direction. It may take a few days to set in, but people, even dogmatic people, will only take so much. Ryan is already effectively jumping ship. Others are running scared. It’s going to be a knife fight in the GOP.

I watched this happen on CNN last night. Ann Navarro is, by the way, a Republican. She’s been consistent throughout the campaign, but her indignation with the shameless hypocrisy of Scottie Nell Hughes is probably indicative of a discussion in which some principled Republicans will ask, “At long last have you no shame?”

Yes, I think it’s over. Not primarily because of the 2005 tape, but more because of the “apology.” This isn’t the primaries.

As it stands.

Click the map to create your own at

You can generate your own through this link.

Watching it last night, I actually thought Pence came over better just because Kaine was doing the interrupting, and came out too much on the attack rather than introducing himself to a public who really doesn’t know who he is.

But then the fact-checking came in and Pence’s denials are kind of falling apart – not that he could do much else.  The Clinton campaign is already releasing videos like this one which will probably “go viral.”


But I also want to say that my favorite part of the debate was when both candidates talked about their faith as it applies to politics, and it was probably the most heart-felt moment of either debate.

It doesn’t look like so many people watched it.

The prose is a little rough around the edges, but I think I have clarity in these 17 propositions.  Sorry about that, but I’m in a feverish trial preparation of late and I just can’t put the time into this that I would prefer.  Some of these propositions are kind of complicated. If you have questions or want more detailed explanations, please ask.  I may not get to it until trial is over next week, but that leaves plenty of time before the election.

I will give you my thoughts on candidates and the local measures later.

If you want a more readable version, please let me know and I will email it to you (the formatting is better, I can’t seem to separate the paragraphs when I cut and paste from my Word program).



Proposition 51 – K-12 and community college bonds for facilities – No


Authorizes 9 billion for construction and modernization of school buildings – 6 billion for K-12, 2 billion for community colleges, and a billion earmarked for charter schools and vocational schools (the latter probably to sweeten the bitter pill of the charter schools for many).

Also bars amendments to exiting bond authorities until these funds are spent – meaning local districts will have to come up with 40 percent of funding for any projects. A bars amending process for allocations as they apply to these funds, and appropriates money from the general fund to pay the bonds.

Normally I would vote for a bond measure for schools.  Despite a declining enrollment statewide, we do need more buildings and to upgrade existing ones.  And we need more Keynesian pumping of money into the economy.

And believe me, I don’t feel comfortable voting along with the tax posse offering the only organized opposition to this thing.  But even less I am impressed with the developers pouring money into this thing.  Why?  Because under the existing rules, which need reform and won’t be reformed for this fund by its terms, developers who would ordinarily be required to pay for infrastructure, including schools, will be freed of such obligation while this fund persists.  It’s basically a subsidy for them.

Additionally, the 40 percent local matching funds requirement is onerous on the poorer districts, so this money will go to the more affluent districts who can afford local bond measures.

So basically the state increases its bonded debt for facilities that developers would have otherwise have to pay anyway, and it mandates that we cover the debt from the general fund.

Reform the system.  Then as a fairly typical tax and spend liberal I can get behind it.

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No wonder Trump is running for President.  He needs a job.

I mean seriously, is there anyone who has watched Trump this week and his inability to control himself who truly feels that he is emotionally capable of withstanding the pressures of the Presidency?  Forget about ideologies and policies for the moment.  Do you really think he can handle the job?

I’m truly curious.  The polls have already shifted, but I wonder what adult human being can watch his behavior and think, “That’s healthy.”


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