It’s (almost) official.

One at the Arcata Theater Lounge and one at Angelo’s in Eureka

Re the ATL:

Enjoy good food and drink, a great venue, and the live debate!

We’re asking that attendees be at least 14 yrs old.

If you would like to volunteer to help Northern Humboldt for Bernie win Humboldt County and California in June 2016 — please sign up at the Event.

Our last event was overflowing with Bernie supporters, so a lot of people who RSVP’d did not get in. We want to remedy that.

This time we will be granting admission only to folks who RSVP. We’ll have the names of everyone who does RSVP along with the number of guests you’ll be bringing. PLEASE LEAVE YOUR NAME. If we cannot find you on our list, you may not get in.

RSVP at and be sure to arrive by 6:00 to claim your reserved spot!

We will have a collection barrel at the event for Food For People – please bring a non-perishable food donation if you are able!

Re Angelo’s:

You also have to RSVP and, according to the page, 50 of the 60 capacity have already signed up.

Also Richard’s Goat Tavern will be screening the debate.

Thankfully I’ll be watching my daughter’s basketball game instead, as it looks like the “debate” will be reduced to a new level of stupid – and the overriding continuous theme will be “Who is the liberal media oppressing the most?

Meanwhile, you can bet this won’t be discussed tonight.

That shot of the refugee attacking German police with an Isis flag that your right wing uncle emailed to you this week – lie, possibly on both counts.  The man is not a refugee and the flag may not have anything to do with Isis.

Meanwhile, here are six easy ways to determine whether something being passed around is a hoax.


I have Larry Goldberg and Lisa Sundberg joining me to discuss North Coast Skill Share which is a project dedicated to exchanging and educating to strengthen community resilience and self-reliance in a time of rapid change. They put on the Sustainable Living Fair and other events focusing on teaching basic skills such as winter gardening, mushroom cultivation, home canning & preserving, composting and “vermiculture.” Join us Thursday Night at 7:00.

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Effective politics.

Addendum:  The whole thing may be backfiring on the GOP.

And Megyn Kelly isn’t helping them out.

The Harbor Commission is really important – there are contested races in Sohum (Second Division – same geography as the Second District) and in the Fifth Division.  Plus Arcata has Measure A.

To see if you’re supposed to vote today, here’s a list of items on the local ballots.  Alas, I have no opportunity to vote today.

I’ve missed only one election since I turned 18.  When I was in college in Santa Cruz I skipped an election for which the sole item on the ballot was Cabrillo College trustees.  I didn’t know anything about the candidates, and I felt guilty about that.

My feeling is that it’s a profound act of civic irresponsibility to blow an opportunity to vote off – no matter how cynical you are about the process.  Plus, my high school teacher told me that if I didn’t vote I forfeited my whining privileges.  And I do value my whining privileges.


Addendum: Myers Flat does have a fire district election.

Second addendum:  Result highlights across the country so far as reported by D Kos.  As usual, liberal candidates and causes don’t fare well in off year elections.  The biggest deal is the Democratic candidate loss in Kentucky which means potential repeal of Medicaid expansion and the loss of medical coverage for 400,000 people.

Here is a brief recap of where we stand on Election Night 2015:

The Good:

  • Democrats look poised to sweep to majority control of the Pennsylvania Supreme Court, a major victory.
  • Democrats, at present, are in leads that would give them a five-seat gain in the New Jersey state assembly.
  • Democrats have picked up the mayoralty of Indianapolis, as Joe Hogsett ran to a landslide 62-37 victory.

The Bad:

  • Every seat in the Virginia State Senate held firm, meaning the GOP will hold on until 2019 with a bare 21-19 majority.
  • Democrats also had a frustrating night in the Virginia House of Delegates. Though they look likely to gain a seat or two, they also had near misses on several other potentially competitive seats.
  • Democrats, pending a recount, appear to have come just 75 votes shy of unseating Manchester (NH) mayor Frank Gatsas.

The Ugly:

  • Despite polls showing Democrat Jack Conway staked to a small lead in the battle to be the next governor of Kentucky, he was instead easily defeated by Republican Matt Bevin 53-44-3.
  • Republicans, after a horrid 2011 in Kentucky, won four of six statewide offices, knocking out state auditor (and much-talked about 2016 Senate prospect) Adam Edelen in the process.
  • The HERO initiative in Houston has gone down to defeat.

Tue Nov 03, 2015 at 7:25 PM PT (Taniel): Maine Maine voters have adopted the “Promote Cleans Election” bill—the Bangor Daily News has called it. With 80 percent reporting, the “yes” is ahead 55 percent to 45 percent. In Portland, voters rejected a proposal to raise the minimum wage to $15, 57 percent to 43 percent.

Second addendum: 

Early results from the elections office – Dale winning handily but Higgins down! Early absentees tend to favor more conservative candidates and a lot of conservative money was spent against him, but this result surprises me. I think Higgins will come out ahead by the end of the night – maybe even by a large margin –  but as it’s a pretty low turnout we’ll see.

As I said in the thread below, I haven’t heard much of the debate.  I’ve now read a couple of reports.  Looks like Rubio “won,” Bush “lost” and the CNBC panel asked lame questions and lost control of the debate.

I’ll try to catch up and comment more later.

EstelleAt Persimmon’s in Red.way at 3:30 p.m. on November 5 she will announce her intent to run for re-election for the election scheduled for June 7, 2016.

As always, this is an equal opportunity blog when it comes to election campaign related notices.  Any candidate for any office need only contact me with campaign event notices and they will be published.

As well he should have been.

But again, if a video hadn’t been posted to the Internet, would he still be throwing kids around classrooms?

Unfortunately there are always idiots with access to airwaves who will justify against the obvious.  And probably she was acting like a punk, which deserves measures – you know, like detention?  Maybe suspension?  But “noncompliance” does not justify throwing a girl across the room.  Nothing short of the girl attacking him with a knife justifies throwing her across the room.

This from Marc Cooper of Nation Magazine:

“When I went to junior high school in mid-city Los Angeles in the early 1960’s there were NO police or security on a campus of 3200 students. One day for some great felony, like improperly putting a gym towel in its retainer, the SS Oberfuhrer gym teacher sentenced me to one swat from a paddle. When I was taken to the Vice-Principal’s office for my punishment, I refused it. The administrators got all bent out of shape and called my mom to campus. She came in from her bowling league puffing on a Viceroy and told the school in no uncertain terms that, policy or not, they were not to touch me unless they wished to test their policies in court. The school saved face by backing down and sending me home for the rest of the day which was great by me! And I did not come from some wealthy, entitled educated family. Just a civilized one that did not believe in inflicting violence on children. We now take it for granted with cops crawling over just about every campus. This joker in SC was really off the wall. I don’t care what the student did… apparently her biggest crime was not getting out of her seat. The entitled folks here are the rent-a-bozos in uniforms who act with impunity.”

There are defenses of this officer on the Internets – claiming he’s not a racist. Well, maybe not. Maybe he’s just an asshole. I don’t know what that mitigates.

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