Great opinion piece, and I concur.

Kind of amusing, in a dark way – the original ban was supposed to give Trump 90 days to “figure out what’s happening.”  He’s been in office two months so hopefully he’s thinking about it.  Or can he only start thinking about it when a ban is in place?  Can anybody explain it?

Also, wasn’t he going to order the generals to come up  with a plan to defeat ISIS within 30 days?  Do they have the plan yet?

The first 100 days is supposed to set the tone for your Presidency.  He’s accomplished… what exactly?  He wrote a bunch of executive orders, half of which don’t even make sense.  He’s firing lots of people, but not getting around to hiring many.  And while promising to reduce deficits he’s proposing the largest military build-up since Reagan to accomplish… what exactly?  Oh yeah – defeat ISIS.  I don’t know what the plan is, but obviously he needs 54 billion extra dollars to carry it out.

He bombed a mosque in Syria, killing 57 people.  Killed a bunch of kids (including an American citizen) and got an American soldier killed in an earlier action.

Buyer’s remorse yet?

Is government obsession with its own surveillance capability and its insistence that US software remain susceptible to it actually compromising national security? What does the recent Wikileaks CIA document dump reveal about these issues? Is there any privacy left for anyone who accesses the Internet? Julia Minton will join me tonight at 7:00 on All Things Reconsidered to discuss the state of digital privacy.


Addendum:  Archived recording.

Almost two weeks later and the President’s very serious accusations against a former President remain unsupported by evidence, such that even his allies are jumping ship.

This was a big deal.

Maybe he’s been too busy searching for 5 million undocumented voters.

How many lies before the press stops trying to normalize him?

And it must be really hard to work for him – having to clean up his twitter messes.  I think her job is to come across as even crazier than he.

Here’s how many i-phones you would have to not buy in order to afford health care.  

Way to poverty shame your way into another tax cut for the rich.

At first I thought it was about form – it really looks bad to have the District Attorney’s office and law enforcement even involved in the PD hiring decision making process let alone dominant in the advisory process.  The Board can protest that “we made the decision,” but the process is supposed to even avoid the appearance of a conflict of interest, and only in the old deep south and cold war era eastern bloc countries should you reasonable expect law enforcement to choose it’s own opposition.

But apparently there are other concerns about the man’s qualifications as well as the process, and the Jansen firm which is threatening the lawsuit is not made up of movement attorneys.  They’re not into playing Don Quixote.  They would not make the threat if there wasn’t serious merit to the case.

The Board can only say so much about what is essentially a personnel matter.  They can’t even tell us how the vote went.

I will say that I am less concerned about a PD’s ability/expertise with regard to particular types of cases, the concerns being raised about capital and juvenile cases.  His job is to run the office and he can hire the expertise for those cases.  I’m much more concerned about the possibility that the law enforcement side has chosen someone who will be more compliant with them.

I haven’t had the opportunity to look very closely at the issue.  But Griego’s words are of reasonable concern.

The Board’s press release omits the following facts: A Grand Jury found Mr. Marcus had an overly cozy relationship with the District Attorney’s Office during his last stint as Public Defender. Mr. Marcus then left the State and has not practiced criminal law in more than five years. During those five years, while living in Florida, he has not practiced law in the courts of California, as required by the Government Code. The Board was informed by a practicing Deputy Public Defender that Mr. Marcus has shown himself unqualified to practice criminal law while in the office this past week.

We hope to defend the rights of indigent citizens in our County to a qualified Public Defender as vigorously as the Board is defending the law enforcement panel it used as part of the hiring process. We have given the Board an opportunity to avoid litigation which, unfortunately, will be costly to all parties. They declined. We will file the writ against the Board and let the Court decide the matter.

Stay tuned!

The North Coast Journal has the story.

My promo for Thursday Night Talk this week.

They are your neighbors and co-workers. They do business with you. Their children attend school with your’s. They are undocumented immigrants and they have been the subject of election campaign hyperbole and large scale deportation efforts. And they and their allies are pushing back. Professor César G. Abarca (and a player to be named) of Centro del Pueblo will join Eric Kirk to discuss the activities of the Immigration Customs Enforcement on the North Coast and nationally and resistance to them on Thursday Night Talk at 7:00.

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I just don’t have anything to say.

I fully and unequivocally support the congressional investigation as to whether or not Trump was wiretapped. I think that will be really fun! Who’s on 4hat committee?

But this investigation would be more than fun. It would be productive. There is one of two possibilities. Either the President and Breitbart are delusional and willing to spend tax dollars indulging the delusion. Or there really was wiretapping and a FISA court issued the warrant. It will draw much media attention and analysis, and either revelation is worth the money spent.

Note that his handlers took over a day to generate a response to questions about his tweets. They chose this route because they had no choice. And now the Republican Congress is willing to investigate this having refused to investigate the Russian connection to the Trump campaign. This is damage control and nothing good for the administration can come out of the investigation, and I suspect it will be put on ice. Hopefully the media will be diligent in demanding reports of progress on the investigation.

No, we need this investigation. Bring it on!

Either way, if it happened within the WH, Trump doesn’t need a Congressional investigation. The President says he has the evidence and knows it happened. If he knows it happened, he has the reins. The President has plenary power to declassify and publicize anything under his jurisdiction. Anything. He can do it by the book or he can do it basically by fiat with no one involved at all. All the Congressional committee can do is accept his evidence. That he’s calling for an investigation means he’s stalling.

There is no other reasonable way to describe ICE’s horrific action here.  No, they aren’t “just doing their job.”  To do this in front of a 13 year old child is cynical and cruel, and anybody responsible for this action at the planning, ordering, approving, and implementation should be summarily fired with a personal apology to these children from the highest superior not actually involved.  But it won’t happen under the new order.

But hassle them anyway.

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