15I was hoping for an upset in Texas and I’m really disappointed that Gillum lost in Florida, but Democrats won over Kobach and Walker.  Will take inventory of governors and state legislatures later, but it does look like some of the more extreme gerrymandering will come to an end.  And on the upside, most of the Democrats who lost were the jellyfish anyway – particularly in Indiana and Missouri.

And I wish Kevin de Leon had another week.

But a clean sweep in Eureka! It turns out that Natalie Arroyo didn’t need the conservatives to split her vote.  Everybody is wondering if she will challenge Supervisor Bass in four years, but come on that’s four years from now!

And I predict that when all of the votes are counted Leslie Castello will pass 50 percent.  In a crowded four candidate race I would call that a mandate.

And speaking of mandates – Kim Bergel crushed it!

And the first ever Sanctuary measure to be passed by voters!  That’s a big deal.